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Roots 2004-04-12 02:33

Most *rare* anime you've ever seen?
By rare, I mean what anime have you watched that you think has the least number of other people here who have watched it (or even heard about it). Of course rare anime includes both good and bad, but luckly all the rare anime I've seen is good. Here are my top 3 (that I can remember):

Photon, a short 4-6 episode series about a boy who is incredibly strong and saves a very :naughty: intergalactic female warrior/princess (and man did she have boobs!) :heh: It was absolutely hilarious.

Infinite Ryvius could be my favorite anime of all time. Think of the novel "Lord of the Flies", but make the characters more interesting, the plot more outstanding, and the setting in outer-space. I absolutely ate this series up

Blue Seed was alright, but nothing special. Definitely worth the $40 I shelled out for the whole series :) Plus the omake theater at the end was hilarious

These are just series that I THINK are rare. I don't know, they could be totally popular, but I've never heard anyone mention them in the last 15+ or so months since I registered here. (I do know, however, that all 3 of those series are licensed)

NoSanninWa 2004-04-12 02:53

Windaria: One of the best anime I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunately Carl Macek hacked it into a piece of garbage called "Once Upon a Time." As a result almost no one has seen the original masterpiece.

Luna Varuga: Very funny. Very weird. Very poorly known.

Dirty Pair TV: Lots of people have seen the movies, but almost noone has seen the original TV series. I was lucky to see this subbed on VHS.

Dragon Century: Only 2 OVAs were made and then the company went bankrupt. It is a shame because I really liked the first 2 OVAs.

Kensuke 2004-04-12 03:14

Chocchan's Story - Movie made in 1997, it tells semi-biographical story of Cho Kuroyanagi during WWII in Japan. Almost as gripping as the famous Grave of the Fireflies. There is no information about this in Animenewsnetwork or Animenfo, but maybe it has another title.
I bought finnsh subbed VHS-tape, so I quess that there are some finnish anime-fans who have seen this.

Kaizoku Luffy 2004-04-12 03:45

I've seen everything there is in the Macross-universe and I've seen all Ghibli-films.
I've also seen 14 Lupin III films by now, and I suppose most people have only seen some of them.

Ashita no Joe Movie 1: Haven't seen anything from the series, but as the movie was supposedly a recap of the first series, I decided to just go and watch it.

GoShogun – The Time Étranger: Even though it's out on DVD in the US, I don't think a lot of people have seen this one.

Marine Express: A movie containing several characters made by the Astro Boy-man, including Astro Boy himself and Black Jack.

Mazinger Z Movie 2 - Mazinger Z vs The Great General of Darkness: Found this one on Direct Connect after having just seen both MazinKaiser OVA's. Decided to download it, only to found out that the second MazinKaiser OVA I had just seen was somewhat of a remake of this movie.

Mermaid's Scar: Not many people have seen this, as it isn't available with subs. I watched it raw, and it was pretty easy to follow.

Queen Emeraldes: A not so well known Leiji Matsumoto OVA, which wasn't all that good, actually.

Robot Carnival: Somewhat of a predecessor to Memories, where all the shorts are related to, well, robots.

Rumic World: I've seen three of the four OVA's. Ofcourse Mermaid's Forest, but also Fire Tripper and Maris the Chojo. Now only if I could find The Laughing Target.

ColdFire1985 2004-04-12 03:54

Well I'm not sure about these but compared to others like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, these have better chances of being "rare".
I would say the rarest would be Excel Saga, Macross Zero, Shineman and Sol Bianca.

emessen 2004-04-12 04:07

i dont know anyone who's seen or who has the entire urusei yatsura series...

zalas 2004-04-12 04:11

I've seen something called Shinesman. At least the anime was a parody on sentai anime/shows and featured voice actors representing slightly altered versions of themselves >.>

Black Jaggan 2004-04-12 04:39

Hmmm, I saw this anime called Mermaids Forest. Found it on the backshelf at the videostore all covered in dust. It was quite good. It's about people that can get immortal if they eat mermaids flesh, well, they get immortal or die. It was kinda weird, but good.

srb 2004-04-12 07:01

Don't think Sei Jyushi Bismarck or however you spell it is very "rare" since it was brought over to the US as the fantastic Saber Rider in the 1980's, but I don't know if many of the people on this forum have seen it. It's bloody fantastic.

Also, what about Galaxy Express? Anyone have seen this classic series?

Fronzel 2004-04-12 08:25

Wouldn't any fansub be more rare than any liscenced series?

Dr. Slump.

Superchop 2004-04-12 08:36

Iria - my favorite anime out of all of them ^_^ it was hell trying to find the vhs in any store...and one day i lucked out and found 1 copy of a dvd

Tekkaman Blade - the person in Slade xTekno's Ava

8-Man - gave only a couple of times on the Sci-Fi channel (available on dvd...but i think it comes bundled with the live not many people might know the anime is available)

Dominion Tank Police/Venus Wars - a couple more that gave on the Sci-Fi channel

and along with Blue Seed/Blue Seed 2 and Robot Carnival there are a few other older ones that some people might never see...just cause of the rarity of finding them on dvd etc etc...

roguenoir 2004-04-12 08:36

Cat Soup - Highly abstract and original, almost no dialogue
Bobobo-bo - Very bizzare in an annoying way.. one of my least favorite Animes

Longinus 2004-04-12 08:51

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru
Mado King Granzort
Kinniku Man

SimplyEd 2004-04-12 09:13

Sennen Jyoou (Queen Milennia) : I'm still looking around for this phenomenal Tv-show from 1981 by Matsumoto Leiji. Every now and then i can find some stray episodes, but they are all of lousy quality..*sigh*

Master Ran 2004-04-12 09:33

X-men made by japanese animators.

It was just a preview really, shown to me by a fan who came to our anime meetings years back. Cyclops was there along with the other x-men. I think it was less than 30 seconds but was certainly japanese made...anime style.
It was impressive at that way near X-men (US).
Alas, i never able to copy it. :(

Master Ran

dreamless 2004-04-12 09:38

I don't know whether Boogiepop Phantom is rare or not, but I think it's fantastic and few people knows about it around my place.

Knuckles 2004-04-12 09:45

Of what has been listed here before, I have seen:
Goshogun: Time Etranger
Infinite Ryvius
Robot Carnival

Other I have seen are:
Kokoro Library (well I think it is rare to finish it ;))
I wish you were here (Gonzo TV 4 eps)
Spring and Chaos (movie)

Black Jaggan 2004-04-12 09:52


Originally Posted by Fronzel

Dr. Slump.

Hmm, yeah I saw that was on RTL2 if I remember right... But it's true...I never heard anyone about it.

Just remembered > Blue Submarine..or something like that....It was on Canal Blue?...Don't know if it's rare...

And of course the kiddy animes, off which at the time, I didn't even know it was anime....

Mr_Paper 2004-04-12 10:08

Although I disagree with calling a licensed series 'rare' there are some cases where it could be considered rare, such as a copy of AnimEigo's Spirit of Wonder DVDs.

Now, for the rare series I've seen:

Space Cat Full House: An interesting series, think Love Hina in space with a large amount of singing.

Eatman: Both '98 and '99. Both are liscensed but with Bandai ceasing distribution of Eatman '98 and never having had released Eatman '99, it's one of the few licensed series I consider 'rare.'

Maya the Honey Bee: This is actually licensed, by whom I don't know but Dic did an English adaptation, but they ceased airing it on television here around 1989.

Good Series. :D


Originally Posted by emessen
i don’t know anyone who's seen or who has the entire urusei yatsura series...

I have. I own the entire series (Movies, OVAs and Television Series) on VHS and am currently buying the DVD versions as they are released.


Originally Posted by srb
Also, what about Galaxy Express? Anyone have seen this classic series?

Once again, I have. I was tempted not too long ago to buy the Limited Edition DVD release of the series. However, six boxsets at about $200 each was too expensive for me and the first boxset is out of print. ;_;

cindialai 2004-04-12 11:39

rare.. i guess most of the stuff I have
all my shounen-ai stuff are rare... not many people collect them..

Suddenly Princess: funny anime about some dimwitted princess..

Yu gi oh first series.. not releases in US..

but most rare anime are licensed and not available on Bittorrent..

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