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7thMethuselah 2004-04-12 06:41

Tweeny Witches - Mahou Shoujotai
New promo so new thread :)

An anime about withes and witchcraft, woohoo, it looked so cool ! Did you see the town, all the houses were awesome, and then all those mechanical monsters and dragons and the little fairy in the tree ....

This episodes are only 9 minutes long and there will be 40 episodes, I'm really looking forward to it !

official site

Stofzuiger 2004-04-12 08:10

hmm... yeah well, it looks ok. However, it does have a very high "harry potter" feeling to it ;).

Ah well, if the eps are only 9 minutes long, they can be downloaded it a very short time. So i guess i'll check it out :)

dreamless 2004-04-12 08:28

For the first episode not much can be told but the animation is very stylish, the water color paint feel with those CG effects are simply stunning.

Sonhex 2004-04-12 09:13

Yeah, this does look different - I like the look of the characters and the painterly CG backgrounds. I detect some Miyazaki and Burton influences here. One to keep an eye on...


Za Paper 2004-04-12 10:54

Studio 4C has some really unique looking animation. The way they blended everything in Teeny Witches looks really great. Have they ever done anything longer than 10 minutes?

jennwenn 2004-04-12 11:03

Thank you AF-F! I was afraid no one would sub this series and its going to be one of the best this entire season. Its being produced by Studio 4C who did the Animatrix, Spriggan, Memories, Comedy, Noiseman Sound Insect, and lot of experimental anime shorts (like Uraroji Diamond). Stuido 4C=Top Quality.

The music reminded me of Final Fantasy, great song.

40 Nine-minute episodes? I thought they were going to do a regular 20-minute episode format. Oh well, I'm sure they will do great things with that unconventional length.

I'm trying to download the raw, I can't wait!

Sonhex 2004-04-12 13:59

Does anyone know when the first episode is being aired?


Lina 2004-04-12 15:05

It looks simply wonderful! I'm only disappointed that the episodes will be 9 minutes long but I guess that explains the high-budget animation.

mayukhers112 2004-04-12 15:40


Originally Posted by Sonhex
Does anyone know when the first episode is being aired?


It was aired Friday April 9, and will continued to be shown on Fridays on NHK at 16:20.

rentabigdog 2004-04-12 15:44

I agree with some of the references, but for some reason i saw the landscape and it reminded me of a Tim Burton film. It has a very surreal look to it in my humble opinion, yeah another good looking series this year brings my total to 13 that i'm downloading..

TDKNL 2004-04-12 15:55

Can't really say what I think about it. But it looks promising in a strange way. I like the magic and dragons stuff so I will probably watch this serie. :)

mayukhers112 2004-04-12 16:04

Woah...I was just looking at some shoujo manga magazine pages and there's a Tweeny Witches A R S manga running in Ciao by Minarai Majo Kouza. Apparently, it was just a short comic strip gag thingy.

Sonhex 2004-04-12 16:07


Originally posted by mayukhers112
It was aired Friday April 9, and will continued to be shown on Fridays on NHK at 16:20.

ah cool, thanks

*waits patiently for the raws*


mayukhers112 2004-04-12 18:38


Originally Posted by Sonhex
ah cool, thanks

*waits patiently for the raws*


No problem

box-chan 2004-04-13 00:51

nightmare before christmas?
-first thing that came to mind for me...

just curious, how many other "shorts" from studio 4c are in circulation? I'd certainly like to see more of this caliber of animation; its not the usual fodder. or at the very least hit up netflix for some goodness...

Xie 2004-04-13 02:26

This one I'm really looking forward to! It seems to have a fun gothy type feel to it and I love that style. Plus like others have said it's Studio 4C so really, there isn't any going wrong.

Whoever asked if there were more shorts out there, there is a thread on here somewhere about the Studio 4C short Comedy, which I thought was just beautiful. It's on animesuki listed under Studio4C on the series page. I believe the thread on comedy also has links where to find other Studio4C shorts and Memories was just recently released in the US and I love that as well.

box-chan 2004-04-13 04:01

sorry about that, I should have performed a search first, mybad.

Hao Asakura 2004-04-13 04:09


Originally Posted by jennwenn
Thank you AF-F! I was afraid no one would sub this series and its going to be one of the best this entire season.

Oh man....AF-F yet to pick this new series??? I hope they can keep up their releases. It seems like they have been lagging too much in all of their projects. It is better to fansub few titles which they can handle well than too many titles which all left behind.
Btw, this Mahou Shoujotai looks promising especially the graphics. Look forward to its first episode.

Dagger 2004-04-13 07:08

Mahou Shoujotai seems pretty cool and different, although I could have done without some of the CG.

kajic 2004-04-13 07:54

Yay, that looked really nice!

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