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Mura 2012-09-20 09:49

Getsuei Academy
Japanese game developer Arc System Works announced at Tokyo Game Show 2012 on Thursday that it is making a video game of Getsuei Gakuen (Getsuei Academy), the dōjin (self-published) novel and game written by voice actor Tomokazu Sugita (Gintamas Gintoki, Tales of Xillia's Alvin).

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The story follows Eiri Mizuki, a high school girl who came to Getsuei Academy to find her missing brother. There, she encounters abnormal beings called "Hazard" which the students fight against. Eiri seeks to find the truth at the end of the battle.

The original novel was released at Comic Market 79 in 2010, and it was later remade as a dōjin game for Comic Market 81 in 2011. The scenarios, characters, music, and other elements are being revamped from the earlier dōjin game for Arc System Works' new version.

Sugita collaborated with scenario writer Dan Mitachi, while Ryo Kanai, Kohaku Sumeragi, and Yomi Sarachi are the illustrators. Kenji ItŁE(Haganai's in-anime game music composition, Akiko Hasegawa's single CD composition) is in charge of the soundtrack.

Arc System Works will release the new video game version next spring on a hardware system or systems to be announced later.

Well, I'm psyched about this news. Pretty cool that Sugita had a novel, heck I didn't even know that he wrote.:heh:

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