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asdamp 2012-09-23 11:28

Not very specific
I got 2 requests first one is :

something similar to Gosick and Spice and wolf .
what I liked with these animes was :
*the intelligence of the main characters.
*the kind of romance subplot that was there ( not to kiddy )
*And that both was set before the technological revolution :)
*that there was some kind of action in both but not to much x)

Second one is something like kurenai and Aishiteruze Baby
* mentally strong male lead who has to protect a little sister or something of that sort.
* romance preferred ( not with the little sister)

and what I meant with not so specific is that i want you guys to suggest anything you think i might like based on what I wrote here or based on the 4 animes i wrote down , and i know it is not much to go on but try :)

Spoiler for what i have watched:

jedinat 2012-09-23 13:24

Check out Kino no Tabi and Usagi Drop.

asdamp 2012-09-23 13:29

thanks I will try them out :)

SeijiSensei 2012-09-23 19:57

I'm going to suggest Oh! Edo Rocket, a science-fiction political satire set in 1843-44. The main couple are both intelligent though both of have their issues. The character models are quite unusual, but they grow on you over time. Here's a group picture of many of them:

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Also you can browse my signature; you'll see Murasaki-chan in the gallery. Usagi Drop is an excellent choice if you like Kurenai. You might also give Ikoku Meiro no Croisee a try. It's set in Paris at the end of the nineteeth century. A Japanese girl of sixteen becomes a shop girl for an ironmonger. He has a romantic backstory with a young French woman whose sister befriends the Japanese girl. It's a tough choice which girl is cuter between Yune in this show and Rin in Usagi Drop.

Kurohane 2012-09-23 20:52

For request number one, I would try Pandora Hearts. It takes place before the technological era. The male lead is clever and smart, though the female leads kind of a Tsundere. There is romance subtext between the male and female lead.

Also, try Dantalion no Shoka, only 12 episodes with a recent OVA and leaves you wanting more, but it has a good story. This story takes place in England after WWI. The main leads Huey and Dalian go on adventures to solve mysteries related to supernatural Phantom Books.

For request number two, I have Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero for it has a strong male lead protecting a little sister (sort of). The story takes place at a training organization called Babel, which protects young people returning from another world. The hero Akatsuki comes back after defeating a Demon King, and upon request, with the demon's daughter, who masqurades as his little sister. Downside maybe the possible moe element. I don't know I haven't watched it yet.

Also, try Oreimo. It's a good brother-sister story of two siblings who were distant becoming closer.

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