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Sakome 2012-09-25 12:57

F2P Anime MMO? Or Strategy RPG.
I'm looking for a new MMO to try. Haven't had a chance to try any niche anime MMO's but for years I have played WoW, SWTOR, FFXI and EQ to try out so I'm very familiar with the genre. I really like more crisp 2d sprite based artstyle or a 3d look that can emulate it but if the gameplay is great then I'll try out anything. Couple MMOs I was thinking of trying are Elsword and Rusty Hearts. That seems to be more combat heavy yet still an mmo? Any other recommendations?

Also I haven't found any good Strategy RPG's to play lately. Its hard enough to even find regular RPGs for PS3. I have already played Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea and older classics. I really like Strategy RPGs where every NPC is important for your party and they have depth to them. Heard Fire Emblem is like that but unfortunately they rarely get a U.S release and its for the Nintendo systems.

Divini 2012-09-25 14:23

I'd recommend Ragnarok Online. However, it's waaay past its prime and its player-base has dwindled down considerably. (and separated into private servers and the like). It is THE classic Eastern MMO though, complete with its slow, level-based grindfest.

A little newer (but still old) MMO is Mabinogi, which in my opinion had the most fun and strategic combat system ever for a MMO in its time.

Can't really say how it is now since I've been out of the MMO scene for years, but in the last decade these two were extremely successful anime/eastern MMOs due to the strength of its gameplay/community and were updated often and frequently. Much like FFXI.

spikexp 2012-09-25 19:47

Didn't played a lot of it, but Atlantica Online seem like it could fit what you want.

theazn 2012-09-27 20:05

I would stray away from Elsword as the laggers in pvp are just ridiculous. You'll be comboing them and it doesn't affect them at all. Don't know if this is still the case at I quit a couple on months ago because of that reason. If you're not much of a pvp person, go for it.

barcode120x 2012-09-27 21:23

For an anime-like MMO I would DEFINITELY second Ragnarok Online. The grind fest is HORRIBLE but that's what MMOs were like back then and definitely gives the 2D/3D anime-feel to it (tbh, reminds me more of playing an RPG on a hand-held console haha). I loved RO back then, I played it when international was beta (stopped when it went P2P) but stuck around on private servers for probably 2 years or so. I would stay away from Ragnarok Online 2, I heard it was a total fail and that the first one is better.

I would also recommend Pristontale. Also a very old MMO too, but it's just another typical grind fest. The graphics are pretty good on it for such an old MMO and I've always loved the skill animations for each class and how armor/weapons were always "glowy". Though, it doesn't really look anime-like. International is F2P as well

There actually is also an MMO that is based on anime. I totally forgot the name but I remember trying it out at one point a year or two ago (didn't like it of course).

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