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MEGADANANIMEFAN 2012-09-26 12:55

Any anime like buso renkin?
action but with romance drama in mix.

MisaoFan 2012-09-26 13:20

Not usually mentionned, but I can recommend Ayakashi (not to be confused with a Toei anime of the same name). If you want something similar to this, try 11Eyes and [C] -The Money of Soul and Possibility Control-.

MEGADANANIMEFAN 2012-09-26 15:36

seen all 3

Ermes Marana 2012-09-26 18:24

I always think of it together with Kaze no Stigma.

MEGADANANIMEFAN 2012-09-26 19:41

seen it already

SirAidan 2012-09-29 05:59

I have these...
- Darker than Black
- Eureka 7
- this ugly yet beautiful world
- Elemental Gelade

if you have seen them already, I will post more. ;)

jedinat 2012-09-29 06:23

Rurouni Kenshin? It's by the same mangaka and what he's most known for...

wolfbankai 2012-09-29 07:33

all i could think of it is - Durarara
there's similar thread you know :D

Siphine 2012-09-30 03:10

Check my list, most are that type

MEGADANANIMEFAN 2012-09-30 12:21

seen all. got Durarara downloaded but haavent watched yet

luniz 2012-09-30 23:29

Now and Then, Here and There (not really romance, but drama)
Maybe...Stelvia of the Universe

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