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Soliloquy 2012-09-28 07:46

Soliloquy's Art & Craft
I thought it's about time I make one of these threads. I'm not exactly good at Graphic Design, but I do make various sketches but I hardly make any anime sketches. Well I can't call myself a beginner yet I'm not that good either.

I guess this thread is going to be a blog whenever I draw something related to anime or games. If I get my assignments out of the way, I'll eventually start colouring and make everything nice. For now I wanted to make a sketch.

Soliloquy 2012-11-07 00:23

I haven't been able to make update here because I've been doing some assignments but here are some images I've done pretty much illustrator style. And now I'm working on the other types of images like avatars.

Nobody knows this but I'm very enthusiastic about the game called SMT: Nocturne. I drew two fiends that you encounter once or twice in the game.

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