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NinjaRealist 2012-10-02 19:24

The Music of Sherman (Pop/Soul/Chiptune/Salsa/Ghost Ship)
Hey guys, in addition to being an anime fan and a comics writer, I'm also an amateur recording artist. The best way to describe my music is chiptunes crossed with black and latino rhythms. But rather than describe it here are all of my albums for your listening pleasure:

404: Not Found (Released Today)

This is my most polished work so far and the one with the strongest video game and anime influences.

Effervescent Soul(Released July 2012)

This one is the rawest and the darkest album I've recorded yet. If you don't like lo-fi or experimental you'll probably find this album to be unbearable.

Friend EP (Released Spring 2012)

My first album. Very Lo-fi.

Thanks for listening and all comments and criticisms are welcome!

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