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Candaceaboo 2012-10-03 18:37

The General Ecchi Topic
Since I couldn't find one, may as well make one. Talk and discuss about different ecchi animes, and share thoughts on any of them, you may also post pictures of gifs from your favorite moments in these ecchi animes. No NSFW material, hentai, or lolicon. Happy posting!

Archon_Wing 2012-10-18 14:18

In general, I feel that ecchi is far better than hentai. It's most likely the fact that leaving things to the imagination is generally way more interesting then just flat out showing it. It is why half nudity is often sexier than just having naked people all the time.

Although some people would argue the tease is useless without the main course, however given that anime often has some rather strange depictions of body proportions (name: ginormous boobs/loli flat chest dichotomy in hentai) I think it is better for my sanity. Then again, hentai tends to invoke feelings of comedy or disgust and arousal is pretty much the last thing that comes to mind. :heh: And of course, them genitalia, which is usually a big no-no. We have rare exceptions like Kanojo x kanojo x Kanojo's Mafyuu that do not grossly represent the human body, but this goes beyond the scope of this thread. ;) And let's not forget cases where good designs are ruined by something really nasty like scat.

However, I'm actually not that big of a fan of hardcore porn either so nor am I fan of just blatant pr0n being thrown on the screen... even something like Kiss x Sis works fine. Because as we all know asses > boobs in anime. :heh:

I think To love Ru did a fairly good job, especially when it comes to season 2. The nudity wasn't explicit (never saw the blurays) but it appropriately timed and placed at a good beat which allows for many diffrent situations that lead to the imagination. Darkness Manga of course...

So I'm not really an elitist when it comes to these things. I think that quite a few people will seek sexuality in every media form, and there's nothing wrong with it, as sexual repression is a terrible, terrible thing. My country is incredibly f'd up in this area, and has some rather unhealthy views. So naturally animu allows me time away from it.

And yes, I'm a terrible person.

monir 2012-10-18 14:41

I won't dwell on too much on how terrible Archon_Wing is.... (:D) but I do agree that ecchi anime can be fun when it leaves things to the imagination. Alas! I haven't seen any good ones in such a long time. The last one that I enjoyed a whole lot was Okusama wa Joshikosei. Some other ones that I also enjoyed (whom I can't recall the names of anymore) mainly due to the fact that those shows didn't pretend to have a story. It knew what it wanted to do and why. High School of the Dead was pretty good also, but it had a major emphasis on the story rather than trying to attract its audience for its ecchi theme. I still laugh at the interview of the director of that show who boldly stated they were working very hard to animate lots and lots of boobs and ass in the upcoming episodes. In today's ecchi anime, I feel, the line that supposed to separate ecchi and porn is becoming less distinct.

Kanon 2012-10-19 12:07

Best ecchi anime of the season: To love-ru Darkness.... or it would be if it wasn't censored to hell and back.

So I nominate Onii-chan dakedo ai sae areba kankeinai yo ne (Jesus, that title...) instead. It's been pretty fun so far. The designs and personality of the girls are varied so there is a little something for everybody to enjoy.

MisaoFan 2012-10-19 13:16

I generally like ecchi, since I'm open-minded. I find it to be much better than hentai, which doesn't appears to be too disgusting if it wasn't for the revealing genitals. I don't mind any amount it showcases as long as it remains tastefully raunchy and sexy. Like Archon_Wing said, once you watch an ecchi anime, it's better to leave sexual fantasies that the viewers can imagine it (let alone the adult-oriented doujins) rather than showing them. Qwaser of Stigmata is one of the first ecchi-driven shows I watched, and I find it surprising. I'm currently enjoying OniAi this fall, in which the sexual fanservice was rather done nicely. Recently, while the amount of ecchiness keeps looking gratuitous, it still looks delectable to be honest. If I had to choose between softcore and hardcore porn, I'll easily choose the former since I found it to be somewhat healthy and adorably glamorous.

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