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Secca 2004-04-12 22:14

Dan Doh!!
Another new series? What this one about?

Uska 2004-04-12 23:54

Yep, new series. Sports anime, more specifically Golf. It's really good you should see it for yourself ^^

JustAnotherFan 2004-04-13 00:01

You know, when you click on the icon then you get to the series info, and that series info has links to a lot of sites explaining what a series is about ("More info"). I have linked the button to the series page for Dan Doh!!, why don't you give it a try?

If there is a JASCII link available (which is in your case), that one is most likely the best one to get an idea about a series: some screenshots together with a long review about the (usually) first episode.

In addition I recommend to read The Ultimate Guide to AnimeSuki :p

box-chan 2004-04-13 00:55

"So in their attempt to make golf more exciting, they've made the anime totally ridiculous and stupid. The characters are all uninteresting and have crappy designs, the music and songs are bleh, and really, the only good thing about this anime is how Dandoh's golf ball has a big smiling face on it, and his two friends' balls have faces too."

ouch! so I notice that I diverge from this person in what I like anime-wise but he has painted a pretty unflattering picture. worth the download or not?

LynnieS 2004-04-13 01:25

I actually liked "Dan Doh!", but a couple of disclaimers:

1. I have only seen the second episode, and

2. in Japanese only.

It rather reminded me of "Hikaru no Go" except with golf instead of go and without Sai.

box-chan 2004-04-13 01:45

I'm usually onboard with anything that has a simley face on it (like these golf balls)...but with all the other series premieres I can't help but think this may be something lower down on the list for me.

is there some sort of appeal from the characters that JASCII just brushes over? It was made out to be pretty cliche.

LynnieS 2004-04-13 05:20

It's basically fluff, but a fairly cute fluff. Nothing deep and philosophical so far. Kid playing golf with hints of a rivalry with another golf "genius" appearing in the show. A bit of backstabbing by one of his fellows and a girl who looks to be the "love interest".

Like I had said, "Dan Doh!" reminds me a lot of "HnG".

I don't dislike "DD!", however, and I don't see the character designs as being uninteresting the way JASCII described them. Don't remember the music, so can't comment on that part.

Your taste may differ than mine, naturally. :)

kajic 2004-04-13 08:02

A series about golf? To me it really sounds boring but I havenít seen the first episode so my opinion is only influenced by my golf dislike.

Teppei 2004-04-13 09:53

Personally, I think Jasc is (as seemingly becoming his standard) much too hard on this one. Dan Doh is a bit of kids fluff, supposed to be fun but reasonably corny. Depends on what you like. I found his review to be reasonably useless.

ryublade 2004-04-13 11:10

Hmm, I was kinda looking forward to this anime since I have read a bit of the manga. I like the manga, although typical shounen sports fare. I don't remember the manga having any special effects on the shots though. Actually, the golfing stuff seemed quite realistic based on my very basic and meager knowledge of golfing. Well, I'm going to download the anime and see how it goes from there. :)

a_nevels666 2004-04-13 12:06


Originally Posted by box-chan
"So in their attempt to make golf more exciting, they've made the anime totally ridiculous and stupid. The characters are all uninteresting and have crappy designs, the music and songs are bleh, and really, the only good thing about this anime is how Dandoh's golf ball has a big smiling face on it, and his two friends' balls have faces too."

ouch! so I notice that I diverge from this person in what I like anime-wise but he has painted a pretty unflattering picture. worth the download or not?

Although I sometimes agree with JASCII, he/she has a bad habit of judging anime very harshly based on just the first episode. The concept doesn't sound too appealing, but hey, it could be OK...

Jn183 2004-04-13 15:10

I'm not really into anime sport except slam dunk and ippo. Beside, this is about 12-14 yr old kid which I'm not so thrill to watch. However, I will wait till I watch at least 5 eps to decide whether to continue or discontinue.

LinChoiSin 2004-04-13 23:44

i watched the first episode and i totally agree with JASCII.Golf must be a great game to play but watching other people playing it is just boring especially if these people are baddly drawn brats.i would only watch the next episodes if Sai appear in them! :)

Za Paper 2004-04-14 00:25

Anime about golf. I like golf but this anime seems low budget and there was a lack of distinctive music. The plot seems too ordinary, it needs a "Sai" or something to make it more distinctive and interesting. Oh well, I'll probably keep watching to see if it gets any better. I was suprised they didnt have any golf tips at the end.

SerSiTiv 2004-04-14 04:07

Do you guys have problems with the Dan Doh fan subs? The encoding like not very good IMO. Else do I have a bad Xvid codec?

ryublade 2004-04-15 16:48

The first episode seems to have skipped alot of the training that the kids went through in the manga. The result is Dan Doh and friends seem to suddenly acquire super golfing skill all of a sudden and made the anime seem a bit frivolous. Also, the great friendship between the three friends which made the characters likeable in the manga was not protrayed very well (this is what happens when they skip whole chapters. I think the 1st episode covered like 12 chapters; making it seem rushed) :frustrated:

I hope future episodes will improve. Otherwise there is always Midori no Hibi I guess. :)

Za Paper 2004-05-02 00:46

The 2nd ep was pretty good imo. Dandoh got a little annoying because he didnt know any of the golf terms, but its cool that they are showing the depth of golf. It isnt just about hitting the ball straight.

Anthias 2004-05-02 01:19

Well, I just watch eps 1 and 2.

Not too bad, is definately a kids anime, but I'm ok with that. It reminds me very much of HnG in terms of the way it places the game in relation to plot and character development. It reminds me of something like Yu Gi Oh in animation and writing style. (only this is *&^%loads better than YuGiOh will ever be)

I couldn't see anything worth giving an ounce of credit to in JASCII's review - personally I thought that review sounded like somebody who hated golf prejudging the anime without really watching it at all (sure, sit there while it plays, but dont 'watch' it)

Maybe i'm being harsh, but that said, its not one to take too seriously. It does give some golf 'pointers' but that was a bit shallow even then. I think it could improve and I'll certainly keep watching for now. But I have an advantage and prejudice in that I have played a lot of golf.

My thoughts are it shows promise, and its another series that could grow into something very good, or could flop badly. have to wait and see. It may draw its obvious influences together into a unique and enjoyable combination, or it may fall apart around episode 6. I hope not, but we'll see when the time comes. It does have a nice mix of standard "kidanime" characters.

Secca 2004-05-02 01:52

I watched episode 1 and 2. Episode 2 definitely much better than episode 1. But I wished I know what they are talking about too. I kinda starting to get it they have different name for the sticks, but no idea what they are talking about finishing field 50 something. what's a bunker? This is very informative in term of golf, like the "konk" that's pretty interesting. I never know that golfer use sound as well.

But I get the vibe just like in the HnG, these kids gona be rivals, it could turn interesting. And they were doing some strange shot too. How the heck the ball can roll back after it fall down?

Anthias 2004-05-02 06:53

Yeah, Secca, you highlight there one big problem - the anime has an amount of assumed knowledge - people who aren't golf players or fans might need more explanation than the anime gives. You'll no doubt pick it up after a few eps, but it would have been good if a bit more was explained. Some details below. You prob allready know a lot of it, but anyway...

In short:
yes, golf clubs (the sticks) have different names. Primarily four types - irons, woods (or drivers), putters and wedges. Woods and irons are numbered - the lower the number, the greater the distance, but the higher the number the greater the height, that the ball will travel. Wedges - generally two types: sand and pitching. These are like the irons but really sloped back, like a shovel. this is so they can get under the ball and quite literally dig it out of sand, or grasssy cruddy ground or whatever. Irons are small flattish steel headed, woods were in old days wood, large, bulbous heads (these days are titanium or some other alloy), putters have a vertical flat face and are used on the green only.

Some definitions:
The Tee: where you start a hole from by hitting the ball off of a little stand (that stand is actually called a tee as well), this 1st shot is called a drive, a tee shot, or teeing off.
The Cup: the little hole in the ground you want to get the ball in
The Pin: the flag pole that sits in the cup
The Hole: the whole shibang, from the tee to the cup, is called the hole
The Green: the green is the short grassed bit around the cup
the fairway: is the clear bit up the middle of a 'hole' (not the little hole on the green)
The Rough: this is the long annoying uncut grass and crud down either side of the hole.
bunker: this is a big sandpit. if your ball hits the sand, it stops, and its sometimes hard to hit out of it.
Par: this is the number of shots it should take to get the ball into the cup.
Birdy: this is when you get into the cup in 1 shot less than par
bogey: this is when you get the cup in 1 shot more than par
eagle: two shots less than par
albatross: 3 shots less than par
double bogey: two shots more than par
tripple get the idea
Front Nine: the first nine holes of a course
back nine: the second nine holes of a course.
Stroke: a shot, a swing of the club in an attempt to hit the ball.

The challenge the teacher guy gave them was to finish the front nine in under 45 strokes. Finishing field 50 would mean being in the top 50 players for the tournament I think.

SPOILER for the backspin thing (spoiler tags in case the anime wants to explain this and people want to wait):

Hope that clears some things up for some of the less golf-savvy of us :)

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