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PonSquared 2012-10-07 09:41

How are series that get sub-forums determined? It seems arbitrary as to which series get a sub-forum and which ones do not. It also seems a bit unfair that some series get to be rated and discussed by episode while others do not.

Could you elaborate on the process and criteria of picking which get sub-forums and which are left to languish in the "current series" combined thread folder?


Solace 2012-10-07 09:45

Stickies are all kinds of useful.

PonSquared 2012-10-07 09:48

Asking is also useful.

I asked and 30 seconds later got a point in the right direction.

PonSquared 2012-10-07 09:50

That answered my question.

Thanks for the link.

Solace 2012-10-07 10:04

You're welcome.

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