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C.K. Dexter Haven 2012-10-08 21:49

Anime Opening Covers And Anime Influenced Music
So, I guess it would be good to share these. Me and my brother have a band called The Mighty Atom. I play guitar and he plays bass, programs the drum machine, plays the keyboard and mixes. We both do vocals.

We've done a lot of originals, but here are some covers of anime OPs we've done. Some of them are okay, but a lot are actually quite good!

To the musical style of They Might Be Giants' Boss Of Me, it's Don't Say Lazy... WITH HORNS!

In the style of Gogol Bordello, it's The WORLD... GYPSY PUNK VERSION!

The noble effort. What's Up People?!... WITH DRUM ROLL OF CENSORSHIP!

The highly popular Kimi Dake Wo... WITH BELLS, GUYS! FREAKIN' BELLS!

Then there are some originals...

Inspired by School Days... It's Nice Boat.

kind of anime inspired. It was written for the voice actress, Cristina Vee's birthday. She liked it so much she asked for a download! It's Cristina Vee vs The Slender Man!

C.K. Dexter Haven 2012-10-16 13:01

K-ON! Fanfiction Soundtrack
Alright, this is a rather different project from what a lot of you are used to. Let's start out with the official description for the fic.

"The girls of the Sakaguraoka High School light music club are about to go on the tour of their lives with one of the most influential alt-rock bands of all time! But will they discover the awful truth behind their first brush with fame and live to tell the tale?"

The alt-rock band I'm referring to is They Might Be Giants. Call me a geek. I am.

This fic involves the girls playing cover songs of several different artists as they tour America and Britain. These songs include:

Up On The Catwalk - Simple Minds

Ghostdancing - Simple Minds

Candyman - Siouxsie And The Banshees

William, It Was Really Nothing - The Smiths

Out Of Jail - They Might Be Giants

Explanation if needed

You may know about Simple Minds as the guys who did that song "Don't You (Forget About Me)", which was kind of a black-sheep hit for them, as they did many other songs which were a little - shall we say - deeper.

Siouxsie And The Banshees are a relatively obscure British gothic punk band who did music from the 70's to 90's, but they had several hits. "Hong Kong Garden," "Kiss Them For Me," "Dear Prudence," - a Beatles cover - and "Fear (Of The Unknown)".

The Smiths usually did songs with really depressing lyrics, Their biggest hit was called "How Soon Is Now" which was covered fairly recently by the band TATu. The original is infinitely better, though.

They Might Be Giants are a personal favorite of mine. Some songs you might know by them are "Particle Man", "Birdhouse In Your Soul" and "Don't Let's Start." They also did the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and the Malcom in the Middle Theme.

Read the fic here.

Two of the songs.
Up On The Catwalk.

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