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rantaid 2012-10-10 02:10

Rantaid fanfic
Whenever i am bored, i write something. this thread however will not be used to post the fanfic, but the place where i place my conception. I have one back then in Livejournal, but using the internet connection in my place, it started to be tedious work of how slow it uploaded. so this place will serve as the replacement for my livejournal account.

rantaid 2012-10-10 02:24

posting revision to the prologue of my koihime fanfic.

Back then, when i first write this prologue, i forgot to add the poem of Qu Yuan, which i regretted. but now that i revised this part.... i can place this.

I remember during my younger day once read about the tale of Izanagi and Izanami who cursed each other about 1000 people shall die every day and 1500 babies shall be born every day. that is the origin of the story of Fu Xi and Nuwa which i made up.

Jade Emperor is the Tian Gong. however i modeled him after The First Emperor of Qin, Qin Shihuang Di.

Reading Fengshen Yangyi (Houshin Engi) was really satisfying. that is why i borrowed much aspect from them to craft the framework of this fanfic. Though i had to admit this fanfic goes back then when i enjoyed playing KOEI's ROTK XI. then my friend introduced Koihime Musou anime which i responded WTF at the story. But i was astonished at their story telling in Otome Tairan ep.11 , where they made up story about Qin Shihuang and the Terracotta warriors. WTF? i said. This is an insult which need a clarification! how dare they insult the Genius Qin Shihuang!!

KOEI's ROTK XI Rise of Heroes scenario became the basis of this chapter. Well i prefer if they explain all the capable warrior and minister... but... i don't hate their method.

But... of course Zhongda is the star of this story.

This fanfic protagonist are Kazuto Hongo, Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi

rantaid 2012-10-10 02:37

posting the revision of the first chapter of my koihime fanfic.

i never intended to write exact detail because back then i thought that 'this is a koihime fanfic, if you want to know what or why, you should have play or read koihime.'

reading kazuto is a kendo but never used the skill in original vn ticked me. so.... meh.

back then, i used google translation to ease my job... which i regretted. if only i did not be so lazy... my code geass fanfic would turn alright. Back then my quotation of Zhuang Zi is so sloppy which i admit i can not even read it. And that saying of Zhuang Zi is indeed important for the later chapter and arc. well at least until Jingzhou and King of Hanzhong arc.

i always intended to make Kazuto know about Peach Garden Oath but never intended him to join them early on. as the reason i stated in Author note.... and... for me Liu Bei and her sisters role are until the Jingzhou or the Battle of Chibi arc. most importantly during the King of Hanzhong. which is why i make him leave the girls on the contrary to the original vn, and make him a wanderer until he meet general Huangfu Song. if you count up.... the gap of time is enough to make him a capable pugilist, but this fanfic used a Floating time base like the simpsons... so the gap between chapter 1 and chapter 2 can be said 3 or 4 years. i never liked filler and training arc like shonen manga . it is not important stuff... i watch Transformer to see robot clobbering each other, not seeing human being being badass. so this is why the reason Kazuto seem to be too much stronger. it is like an rpg game where before the next mission, we roamed anywhere everywhere to boost their level until maximum level, a stuff i always do when i play rpg game like FF, Suikoden, Wild Arms, Thousand Arms which drastically need high level.

When i started to write this fanfic which come unsatisfying at first.... i was throughly bored at the Yellow Turban arc... and then when i started to write the Dong Zhuo's arc.... i asked my friend to get me the Ravages of Time. i always know that Manga (or Manhwa who cares...) but don't have time.... so when he said that my suggestion were spot on.... i speed read them. Master Chen Mou's depiction of Dong Darren is really ingenious! I bowed before him. As i remember the experience when i played koihime VN, i thought to myself.... Yue is cute... why the heck no one cares about her?? at least make a good story!!!

So... me watching and pondering what kind of Dong Zhuo i should carve.... and reading Ravages of Time is indeed an enlightenment. This is it! not just a boring despotic leader, but a truly capable Tyrant and Dictator... as i quote Il Principe. Lest better to be feared than be loved, as long as you are not being hated.

So, Legalism was the answer! what a coincidence that i used to read Han Fei Zi during my younger day! that makes it easier stuff.... so you see why i favor Yue much than other character?

rantaid 2012-10-22 00:26

update for the fanfic

since i first write this fanfic, i already decided every one of Kazuto's roles. For his service in Cao Wei (Cao Cao), he will be Yang Xiu. Cao Cao have many capable and genius advisor, and all of her general are top notch (though not legendary). at first i was perplexed what role he should be, but i remember i liked the story of Yang Xiu. he is kind of my favorite character because he made eating chicken taste more delicious.

and being a genius which even Cao Cao admit and hated, it is his role.

The Food Diplomacy was based on Story of Taibai's steamed duck. a cuisine invented by famed Tang Poet, Li Bai.

at first i am thinking should Kazuto be a capable cook? well.. why not? i like to talk about delicious food and tea.

rantaid 2012-10-22 00:30

updating again

based on the story how Guan Yu subdue Zhou Cang

if i think about it now, people complained what makes Yang Xiu so important? well he made eating Chicken more fun. that is why i understand why Master Chan Mou in Ravages of Time made Yang Xiu as the rival for Zhongda.

Spring Autumn Annal is important because there are many generals who is said to have ChunQiu habits.

rantaid 2012-11-11 08:16


Explanation chapter. This chapter is mostly to explain about Mohism and Their art of Siege. The more or less remaining 17 chapter of book of Mo Zi are a discussion between Master Mo Di (Mo Zi) and his disciple Qin Huali about the method of passive warfare (defending).

Due to his philosophical view of Universal Love, Mo Zi advocated the doctrine of not attacking where he send his disciple's trained in para military activity to assist them against the invasion of stronger invading state. Hence, the remaining chapter of Mo Zi is imparting his skill in defending the fortress against any method of attack.

rantaid 2012-11-30 00:46

and here comes another update;

well there is nothing important to talk about.

rantaid 2013-01-26 03:50


Prosperity.... my favorite word.

well.... this is a bit about Passive Warfare, of How Mo Di taught on how to defend against various siege warfare. it is simple really, but i was late in finishing it because i lack the treatise (which is fragmented) and busy with LoCL.

i don't know what i should say except up till now, i was somewhat satisfied on how i planned with the story and does not need any correction. alas writing erotic scene is hard... and i want to continue my rance fanfic.... perhaps i have to postpone it until later.

rantaid 2013-02-10 09:41

I always like artillery. The way they were operated, shot reload the way the canister were ejected, smell and the explosion.

Poetry is why mengde is interesting. I enjoy adding that.

rantaid 2013-02-20 10:38

one by one closer to the conclusion of the guandu.

rantaid 2013-02-24 03:26

and... an update.

rantaid 2013-02-24 03:33

and.. an update.

rantaid 2013-03-14 03:27

Because recently i have difficulty to access Livejournal, please excuse my action by using this thread to post some of my revised picture.

The first post is the picture of my two main character for the Koihime fanfic.

Zhuge Liang style named Kongming with manna Shuri and Sima Yi style named Zhongda with manna Erika

rantaid 2013-03-14 03:58

Then,... another picture of The Three Sister of Peach Garden Oath.

rantaid 2013-03-14 04:22

Also some character based on my description;
Liao Hua, a general of Shu Han.
Zhang Yi, another general of Shu Han.
Wang Shuang, the fierce general of Cao Wei

rantaid 2013-03-14 04:29

And Lu Bu.

rantaid 2013-03-25 10:35

new update. burning wuchao.

almost forget to write because of ntr

rantaid 2013-03-26 04:12

Cao Pi , the Emperor Wen of Cao Wei

rantaid 2013-03-28 10:57


i made the revision because i want to portray yue to be as cute as carn's tomoe.

rantaid 2013-03-28 11:04


i made this revision to make yue to be ad beautiful as carn's tomoe

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