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Dr. Casey 2012-10-22 18:10

A new user group?
Just a thought, but maybe there could be two different user groups for banned members; a first group for temporarily banned members named 'Temporarily Banned,' with the current 'Banned' user title reserved for those who are forever exiled from the lands of AnimeSuki. Sometimes whenever I see that someone's been banned, I wonder if they're gone for good or just got banned for a few days over spoilers or something minor like that; I'm guessing that I'm not the only one, and sometimes I start to wonder whether someone's coming back if they've been banned for a week or two or have been temp banned multiple times. So yeah, just thought it would be a nice idea. :p

Solace 2012-10-22 18:57

We have a policy of not making public the conditions of punishment, out of respect for privacy. Most people who face bans aren't exactly keen on continuing the same behaviors that led to them and prefer to just move on. They can choose to share the details of their punishment in private with others as they see fit, however.

I don't see any benefit to your request except to satisfy curiosity.

Dr. Casey 2012-10-22 19:07


Originally Posted by Solace (Post 4408397)
I don't see any benefit to your request except to satisfy curiosity.

Yes? Isn't that reason enough? It's the same angle as being able to hover over someone's signature or avatar to see what series the character comes from rather than having to ask them; just something to make things easy and more convenient. I never proposed revealing any of the conditions or details behind the ban, the only change I suggested was having the words 'Temporarily Banned' or 'Banned' appear under the person's name. Just a simple idea that I think might come in handy sometimes, do with it what you want.

Triple_R 2012-10-22 19:10

Personally, I like Dr. Casey's idea.

There's been times when I've seen fellow AS members that I'm friends with get banned, and I wondered if they were banned for good or just temporarily banned. For various reasons, I was not always able to contact them outside of Anime Suki before the ban was lifted, and it did cause some concern and worry for me.

Vexx 2012-10-23 01:13

I have to side with Casey ... there have been times when members I correspond a lot with get banned and I'm unable to determine whether I've been permanently cut off from them or they're just in "time out".

Seems useful - but I'm assuming the vBulletin supports it and that it wouldn't take much work. If it does take a lot of work, then I'd say we'll bumble on and I'll just try harder to get alternative channels set up. :)

Solace 2012-10-23 04:48

If there are particular members you are concerned you won't be able to talk with anymore in case of a permanent ban or any other reason they might be absent for long periods of time or absent completely (got bored of the forums, real life issues, etc.), I suggest approaching them in private to discuss ways of contacting off the forums.

We appreciate the honest feedback, but this is not a policy we are going to change at this time. Thanks.

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