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Hunter 2012-10-23 21:24

Shin Sekai Yori - Merchandise (Figurines, Artbooks, BDs/DVDs, etc.)
Thread dedicated to Shin Sekai Yori related merchandise - including... art books, figurines, games, manga, CDs, OSTs, Blu-Ray Discs, DVDs, etc., or if you know where you can find such items, then please post here.

For music related items, please check the following sites:
If you can read Japanese, then you can also try:

Please Note: This thread is for official merchandise only, no bootlegs or cheap illegal imitations!

BluWacky 2012-10-25 14:36

The cover of the first BD release (out November 11th) was revealed today on the show's official website. Very appropriate for the first two episodes.

The first press of the BD edition will include the show's first soundtrack album, which includes the opening music and a TV size version of the ED, "Wareta Ringo" (Broken Apple) by Risa Taneda.

Special features include all 3 PVs for the show, plus all the "Preludes" (the various interviews and behind the scenes featurettes) and the "Chronicle" behind the scenes special that was shown on TV.

BluWacky 2012-10-25 14:46

Other merchandise currently includes:

The Original Novel

This hardly counts as merchandise - it's the source material, after all!

I don't know whether the novel has been translated into any languages other than possibly Chinese judging by posts elsewhere in the forum (maybe that's a fan translation?). The novel itself is now most readily available in three volumes priced at around 760 yen ($9.50) each.

If you click the links under each volume on the show's official website here it'll take you to the Amazon Japan pages to buy each of them. I'm sure the novel is available at all good Japanese bookshops, but from the looks of things the covers are being reprinted to feature the anime characters so who knows?

The Manga

The first volume of the manga was released on October 9th. You can buy it from Amazon Japan here if you so wish.

I think that's it for merchandise at the moment - the show's website doesn't even have its merchandise section up and running yet, so who knows. We can hope for some kind of artbook given the quality of the art in the show thus far, but who knows?

BluWacky 2012-10-30 06:46

And we have our first piece of merchandise! (four days late, sorry)

A4 Clear File

I can't imagine anyone wanting one of these - surely the very first key visual would be more desirable? I guess maybe this is better for kids in high school who are more likely to use such a thing.

gsilver 2013-02-20 14:40

Does anyone know where one could buy the OST by itself?

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