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TheZodiac 2012-10-28 18:29

Yeti Jump for iOS
Okay first of all, this game is called Yeti Jump and it is about a yeti who is flustered because he has fallen off of a mountain and you, being the user, must control his movements using one of two modes (Tilt or Touch) to get him back up the never ending mountain. So in the game the Yeti transforms into a Domokun morphed Yeti whenever you land on the platform with the original Domokun. Though this may sound a bit silly, it is actually rather awesome and it looks very detailed. There is adrenaline-pumping music in the background of the game, with a pause button just in case your hands/fingers need a rest. As you are jumping, there are bonuses involved and an angry Sasquatch that makes things a little more difficult if you happen to jump near the "hairy" egg (Yes, there is a Yeti and a Sasquatch in the same game).There is also an icy egg that appears to be halfway cracked, and whenever you jump on the platform that it is sitting on, you will release the Yeti Babies! The 3 little Yetis follow you up the mountain as long as you can keep them alive, and as they are jumping with the you (big Yeti), you will notice your score raising by 3x!

Further giving this game 5 stars, I should add that when you are jumping up the mountain, you will run into different Japanese foods that act as a bonus by raising your score! The controls are also to add to the amazement that I had while playing! It is impossible to not be satisfied with the controls because you are given the opportunity to use a "tilt" mode or "touch" mode. Not only are you given this decision, but you can also fine tune the control sensitivity in the settings screen. If you happen to be unsure about how to play the game, then there is an informative "how to play" screen that lets you know in every detail how the game is to be played.

This game gets a 10 out of 10 from me for the unique, yet very addictive flavor that it holds. This should have been the original platform jumping game for iOS devices... and I recommend to everyone to try it!

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