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Gpower 2012-11-01 03:54

Do you think I would like Little Busters and Fate Stay Night VN?
While the anime for these 2 works are average (seen F/SN hadn't seen Little Busters), the VNs these 2 anime are supposedly superiority. Also, I quite liked then anime Clannad and Fate Zero, hence I'm kinda interested in reading these 2 VNs. However, I'm not particularly fond of VNs. Having played 1 route of Ever 17, apparently the VN which all must play, I can say it thoroughly bored me and getting a bad end doesn't help much (yeah, I have no clue what I was doing).

Given these conditions, is it worth my effort checking out the above mentioned VNs?

Laniaka 2012-11-01 08:51

Fate S/N was my first visual novel and Ever17 was my second one.

It's not that i really disliked Ever17, but the overall plot (whatever it may be, i also only played one route) didn't excite me and i was often bored by walls of text explaining supernatural phenomena which didn't interest me at all. I tried replaying it for another route, but the repetition got the best of me and i quit.

Fate S/N on the other hand was pretty enjoyable. The story is a lot less vague. And the routes diverge early so the repetition is limited.

I don't know about Little Busters though, never played it. I tried playing Clannad, but didn't like the style.

Just try Fate S/N, imo it's a lot better than Ever17.

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