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CrowKenobi 2012-11-11 03:47

Sakurasou - Voice Actor Appreciation & Discussion
The purpose of this thread is to discuss, critique and idolize the Voice Actor cast of Sakurasou. Please remember that the discussion should center on their performances as professional voice actors and not on the show content (which can be discussed in the various Episode threads). Please remember this simple rule when critiquing a VA's performance or reading another forum member's critique:
  • Don't take it personally.
    In other words, you’re free to disagree with another person’s opinion, but don’t flame them if they offer a well written and well thought out analysis that differs from your own opinion. Keep it civil.

  • Voice Actors are human.
    Yes, it’s true. They’re human. Therefore, don’t just indiscriminately rip them and their work apart as if they’re inorganic objects. You don’t have to praise them non-stop, but be thoughtful in your criticism.
This thread might duplicate some discussion in the Episode threads, but it can also serve to demystify various VA roles, disseminate VA information (VA Bios, VA photos, etc) and provide cast information of various types as well as discussion about performances.

totoum 2012-12-24 12:24

Well we had seen Nanami in maid uniform,her seiyuu Nariko Nakatsu just tweeted this picture :)

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tsunade666 2012-12-24 12:26

Nice seiyuu acting on Nanami too on the latest episode when she is acting the Nyaboron game.

judasmartel 2012-12-24 23:24

I liked Yoshitsugu Matsuoka's performance in this one than in SAO. Sorata's snark mode strongly reminds me of Hiro Shimono's snark mode.

I also liked how different Ai Kayano's role as Mashiro is compared to her role in To Aru Majutsu No Index as Itsuwa.

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