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Xargs 2004-04-14 11:14

True Love 95
I've been trying to find where I can purchase True Love 95. I've checked all the standard vendors such as Peach Princess, J-List, Right Stuf, etc. but none of them seem to have it.

I came across a FAQ and it hinted that the company sells it directly via download. Unfortunately, no mention of where the website is.

Doing a Google search for "True Love 95" (in quotes) only gets me a combination of pr0n and crappy personals sites. Argh! :frustrated:

Any help would be appreciated.

AG3 2004-04-14 11:27

Wow, you sure picked a rare title for buying!

An Italian site called Fat's Dream had 5 copies, but they were all recently bought by a member of the Peach Princess forums. Since the site didn't ship outside italy, he got the last copies for other members who expressed their interest.

I think someone said that might have some, but the side is so damn slow at the moment that I lost my patience trying to check whether it was correct or not.

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