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Kairin 2012-11-14 00:12

Hayate no Gotoku - Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Episode 7 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hayate no Gotoku - Can't Take My Eyes Off You -, Episode 7.

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Midonin 2012-11-14 14:29

Oh. So that's what Mea's master looks like. (What are the odds that Yuka Iguchi would be playing two little sisters/spies who talk via birds in the same season?) Hayate's always had vaguely weird elements in its entire run - Tama's existence, Santa Claus, etc. - but the birdman here is a little more out there than the stuff I've experienced thus far. He seems more menacing. Even though it was an "important" episode, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit.

I have a feeling Hayate himself will be the one to deal with the Black Camellia. The bad luck of a clock? That's nothing compared to what he's gone through. That's for later, though. Isumi and Sakuya became at least tertiary characters again, possibly even secondary. Welcome back! And Fumi's intensely personal, intensely weird quiz show got the first real laugh from me in this season. I had small chuckles before, but her completely out of bounds show produced actual laughter. Hayate still has that magic, somewhere.

A bit disappointed that the fourth wall breaking before/after segments are going to end, but if they have to, ending on a note of fanservice~ is a-okay with me. Nagi's time-displaced mom is pretty cute.

Ruka's fairy tale was also intriguing. I suspect it has something to do with either Ruri or Nagi's parents. I'll wait an episode or two to puzzle out the metaphor. It was really nicely animated, too. Love the Droste effect.

Trans-Fat 2012-11-14 17:49

Agreed that the animation was nice this episode; I actually recognize Ayumu!!

I lol at the quiz that Fumi was giving.
Spoiler for Sadly but too true too often:

I can't help but think that Hata was sharing his personal experience there.

Chaos2Frozen 2012-11-14 18:37

What the HELL did they do to Sayuka's hair colour :twitch: ?!

On a less raging note... Nagi's father is Kyon :eek: ?!

~Yami~ 2012-11-15 03:52

boring but finally we get a plot... and get a clear grasp about Nagi's past

wait! why this episode seems too short??? is it only my feeling?

Chaos2Frozen 2012-11-15 04:00


Originally Posted by ~Yami~ (Post 4439180)
boring but finally we get a plot... and get a clear grasp about Nagi's past

wait! why this episode seems too short??? is it only my feeling?

Rather than short, it felt like they're spent too long on some rather meaningless things... You could say they're building it up to something grand, but honestly I'm not feeling it...

-Sho- 2012-11-15 06:23

Boring as hell. The plot doesn't have any impact....

eiyuu99 2012-11-15 07:30

The "filler" like the quiz took quite a lot of time.

serenade_beta 2012-11-17 15:23

Sa......... Saku........... Sakuya?!
If she didn't have the kansai accent, no one could even tell it was her. ( -_-)

deep_freesze 2012-11-18 02:17

Wasn't that great........since they're not following the manga and I really don't like the plot............I didn't like the quiz thing......... As I've noticed ...." The narrator isn't here anymore "

Guido 2012-11-24 18:37

So, this episode got a galore of dramatic punchlines.

1. First, a robber threatened with a gun at point-blank range to become a frail, little women's butler, because said ojou-sama became fed up waiting for the man of her dreams.
a) Said role was forced upon the poor robber in order to first get the coveted treasure. However, he eventually fell of his own with the frail woman.
b) The poor robber turned butler eventually married with the ojou-sama and strove the hardest to change her lady's mindset from "I want you to become the man of my dreams" to "Don't you feel glad that I am the man you dreamed of".
c) Seemingly, he failed on that labor, and vent his frustration by stealing the covet treasure leaving forever his lady.
d) Anyways, he died at an unspecified time, and his belongings along with the treasure are being held up by the Las Vegas Police Department which is going to take posession of that mans' belongings, if his unknown rich girl of a daughter doesn't come to America in order to claim them.

2. A quiz contest that deal personal ruckus that has nothing to do with the story but gives away to the winner team one-way tickets to New York, USA.
a) Although both Las Vegas and New York are American cities within USA territory and within the same continent, there's about a 2500-3000 miles distance gap between; hence, it's pointless to win one-way tickets to New York, if anyone wishes to visit Las Vegas within a fixed timeframe.
b) Nevertheless, the contests' questions are being either correct or incorrect, in spite of not making sense at all.

3. Our snobbish, rich-girl heroine's pretend little sister turns out that she's working for an obscure organization that covets the treasure that man stole from her rich lady.
a) A clock which bewitches its holder with even more bad luck that meets eye but rewarding the holder to the bitter end with unbelievable good luck.
b) Those guys like to send crows and going an-all out with special effects to make an impression upon that snobbish, rich-girl's exorcist friend.

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