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willx 2012-11-14 17:06


A manga writen by Joh Araki and drawn by Nagatomo Kenji.

The story of Sasakura Ryu, a classically trained bartender that has just returned to Tokyo from working abroad in Paris, and the people that he meets working at bars in Tokyo. While in Europe, his skill and knowledge led him to develop the reputation of serving the "glass of the gods." Ryu often meets with individuals that are troubled for various reasons and helps them sort through their personal issues with sagely advice, an attentive ear and the true professionalism of a bartender.

"Eau de vie. Uisge beatha. Aqua Vitae. Every single one of these terms means .. Water of Life"

There was an anime produced in 2006, and here is the link to the anime discussion thread:

So this is a manga that I have been following for a very long time, and is a "must read" for those that are interested in alcohol and cocktails, but more importantly is a "slice of life" manga for adults, about adults, that truly appreciates a broad perspective on the world. This tale incorporates life lessons and stories from historical figures and events from around the world and applies these lessons to everyday people working through life's problems. If you've ever pondered life's problems or had a drink to soothe your soul .. this manga may resonate with you.

willx 2012-12-31 23:17

Hm, wonder if I'm the only one that follows this series.. :heh:

So new short story arc! It's "Manager Hayase" again -- this time a second chance at love arrives, but .. work or love? A dilemma that millions of working professional adults face every day .. what is important? :eyespin:

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