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brocko 2012-11-15 22:49

[SYD, MELB] Japanese Film Festival [SYD,14-25 Nov] [MEL, 29 Nov - 09 Dec]
Over 40 Japanese films are being bought over this year, entire film list @:

Anime related films include:
  • Ruroni Kenshin
  • Thermae Romae
  • Space Brothers
  • Usagi Drop
  • K-On! Movie
There's also a five film pass for $60 if you're going to watch a lot of films or want to bring friends along. Will need to book in person though.
There's usually a $1 surcharge when booking online so be aware of it.
Session times, booking links and trailers below. ENJOY! :D

Thermae Romae
(SYD) Wed 14th Nov 7:30pm
(SYD) Sat 24th Nov 6:45pm
(MEL) Thu 29th Nov 7:30pm
(MEL) Sun 09th Dec 4:30pm

K-On! Movie
(SYD) Sat 17th Nov 1:00pm
(MEL) Sat 08th Dec 1:30pm

Usagi Drop
(SYD) Sat 17th Nov 3:30pm
(MEL) Sat 08th Dec 6:30pm

Space Brothers
(SYD) Tue 20th 6:30pm
(MEL) Thu 06th Dec 8:40pm

Rurouni Kenshin
(SYD) Wed 21st Nov 8:30pm - SOLD OUT
(SYD) Wed 21st Nov 8:31pm - Encore Screening
(MEL) Wed 05th Dec 8:30pm - SOLD OUT
(MEL) Wed 05th Dec 8:40pm - Encore Screening

Only got word of this within the past day or so. Really wish I could've given more of a heads up to people here since K-ON and Usagi Drop practically screens tomorrow in Sydney >.<

TinyRedLeaf 2012-11-16 03:44

You lucky b*stard. :p Enjoy yourself and please post reviews.

Hoaviet 2012-11-17 21:53

T.T not in Melb

Westlo 2012-11-18 07:21

Going to see the Kenshin movie, a friend bought tickets for that a while back, hopefully it's good.

brocko 2012-11-18 21:32


Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 4442807)
Going to see the Kenshin movie, a friend bought tickets for that a while back, hopefully it's good.

I'm gonna have to miss out on Kenshin since I've got exams during that time. Woe is me :( Maybe I might use it as an excuse and make a trip down to Melbourne out of it though :heh: lol


Originally Posted by Hoaviet (Post 4442338)
T.T not in Melb

Uber bummer :(


Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf (Post 4440230)
You lucky b*stard. :p Enjoy yourself and please post reviews.

I'll be watching Space Brothers and Thermae Romae on the coming Tuesday and Saturday respectively, so I'll try to do the best I can :)
I Saw Usagi Drop and K-ON this past Saturday so I guess I can talk about those for now.

K-ON was well.... the same K-ON-like antics as always. I already saw the film via fansubs beforehand anyway, so the impact wasn't as big as it could've been. But I must say, it really was still a lot of fun to be laughing alongside everyone else within the cinema and seeing it on a big screen the way it was meant to be intended was an absolute treat in itself. It's amazing how well this series can draw you in so easily.

Usagi Drop was definitely the highlight of the day however. Great film, great actors, great comedy and great warmth all around. I'm sure many will be glad to hear that the notorious time skip is not covered at all in the film. The film is mostly faithful to the events of the anime, although due to a lack of a story-telling climax they had to kind of make one up towards the end lol

One of the very first thing that striked me when watching the film was how much younger Daikichi looked in comparison to his anime counterpart lol. It took a little while to get accustomed to at first but soon enough you begin to lose yourself within the film and it doesn't become much of a bother anymore (even if it was a little petty one). In retrospect I think the actors youthfulness just adds onto the naivety of Daikichi's character as he cluelessly takes on the challenges of being a single parent.

Kouki's mum however felt a little jarring to watch in comparison, much for the same 'looks younger than expected' reason. I can't quite put my finger exactly on it yet, but to me she also seemed to be portrayed as slightly different character than what I had been accustomed to in the anime. My friends that I had watched it with, seemed to disagree somewhat though so maybe it was just a problem with me lol.

A lot of the other side characters do manage to make appearances but due to time constraints they don't really stay for all that long. Which is fine because a large part of what makes the Usagi Drop narrative so enjoyable is the interactions between Rin and Daikichi anyway. Something that the two lead actors portray amazingly well together.

I'd really recommend all those out to give the Usagi Drop film a watch, especially those that enjoyed the original works (or well... at least the first half of the original lol). There are no shortages of cute laughs or heart-warming sweetness to go around, nor are they overused and overstay their welcome either. The movie itself feels very similar and faithful in nature to the anime. If anything watch it for all the 'Sweet Drops' to be had, because just hearing it at the ending credits made me so happy, happy, happy~ lol :heh:

Protip: google 'Yhu5zLW36dw' for an adorable youtube film ;)

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