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creb 2012-11-17 15:14


Google is entering the rather nascent realm of Augmented Reality Games with Ingress, which is available for Android-powered smartphones, and can be found on the Play store at:

It's in closed beta, requiring an invite key to play.

Here was the announcement page with announcements and brain teasers/investigative activities:

Here is the homepage of the game itself, though it's devoid of pretty much any content:

Use either site to sign up for an invite as they become available.

You join one of two sides, and the game pits both sides against each other in real-time on a global scale.

Not a game for those with tin-foil hats or righteous indignation over "privacy". While the game itself is probably one of the best forays into the very nascent genre of ARGs to date, the business benefits for Google running such a service are also obvious (once it's out of closed beta and adopted by large numbers of users), and sure to get certain people's panties in a twist (for the record, mine are just fine :heh:)

I generally never play "games" on my smartphone, but this is the type of game that just makes sense for the smartphone platform. I also see it having enticing implications for Google's Project Glass.

Gundamx 2012-11-17 15:58

It look like fun game.
Let's hope they send me invite^^-.

frubam 2012-11-17 21:58

So what is it, the Eden network(eden of the east)?

Gundamx 2012-11-21 11:33

I just receive an invite^^ >>> start playing it.

creb 2012-11-28 00:14

One of the more comprehensive community-driven resources for the game.

Though, I'm a bit jealous, as some cities (Chicago), are also getting their A game on in organizing and planning.

creb 2012-12-14 00:27

Yea, so I'm assuming no one else here plays. :D

Anyways, this is hilarious. Ingress has an intel map (requires a login to see), which gives you a map of the entire world (basically uses google maps as a base), allowing you to zoom in anywhere to see who's taking what portals (and to chat locally with any other players in the region of the map you're looking at).

One intrepid player on the Ingress G+ Community suggested we zoom in on N. Korea.....

Keep in mind that players have to physically be at the location of a portal in the real world in order to interact with them. ;D

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