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Arturia Polaris 2012-11-22 10:09

Latin Music
As a Latin American, I guess I move in different circles than a lot of you guys/gals.

As such, I decided to make a thread for the current hits on the Argentine radio at least, Starting with...


-Urusai- 2012-11-22 14:16

I don't like regueton, that's it. xD

I'm latin american too and i like songs such as

Some bands from latin america tend to sing in English, anyway.

Arturia Polaris 2012-11-22 17:55

Starting off with some Electro Latino

And to top it off, some Reggueton


guzmanword 2012-12-06 09:57

yeah,me too, I'm latin american too and i like songs such as. thanks for your sharing

TiaxZatch 2012-12-25 00:47

Do salsa or bachata songs count?

willx 2013-01-02 00:20

Mi Negra by Kad Achouri (French-Algerian Artist)

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Transitions 2013-01-27 00:33


Originally Posted by -Urusai- (Post 4447552)
I don't like regueton, that's it. xD

I'm latin american too and i like songs such as

Some bands from latin america tend to sing in English, anyway.

Soda estereo it's a great band, i remember when i was a teen.................:uhoh:

ok no, xD


Originally Posted by TiaxZatch (Post 4488517)
Do salsa or bachata songs count?

why not??

the Queen of the Salsa: Celia Cruz

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Jerry Rivera: great singer in this genre:

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don't worry you have a translation, great romantic song.

Spoiler for lirycs:

Arturia Polaris 2013-01-27 18:36

This is one of the hits that's ruling the dance floors in Uruguay atm.


zarqu 2013-02-21 17:04

I guess this is based on a kind of Latin rhythm. ;)

MusicaLatina13 2013-04-04 16:18

Sentidos Opuestos fans
Does Anyone knew who they are? I grew listening to them in the 90's. Absolutely love their music! I just found out the over day that they have released a new single not too long ago called "Dime".

Anyway, I went to go see them at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles yesterday night and Alessandra Rosaldo totally rocked the house. I felt like I was a 90's kid again! :p

Has anyone else also grew up listening to them? And if so, They have other performances coming in California. One in San Diego, Sacramento, and San Fran!

ale1982 2013-12-22 03:10

Hello everyone! I"m interesting with a latin dance song, which is sung by one man. The song is not very fast and not very slow and begins so "ha ha ha". Do anybody notify begining of this song? If yes, who is singer of this song and what is this song's name?

pipoballestero 2014-01-16 16:57

great :)
great :). !! nice music

blabbermouth 2015-01-28 17:33

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