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ProDigit 2012-11-22 23:55

Modern anime like Naruto and Bleach?
So, for the past 4 years or so, I had plenty of Anime to dig into.
Past seasons and series, and current.
However, for the past year, ever since Bleach finished, I only have Naruto to watch; and one episode per week just doesn't cut it for my anime needs.

Any MODERN series, that started in the past 2 years that are worth watching, and are popular like Naruto and Bleach?

NinjaRealist 2012-11-23 03:03

So you want another shounen fighter style series?

I guess you don't want One Piece or Fairy Tail since those started a long time ago as well? Those are the most obvious ones like Bleach and Naruto that are still ongoing.

Does it have to be ongoing?

Midnight2352 2012-11-23 06:12

Okay. If you like Bleach and Naruto then Magi is for you. It is an ongoing anime though. If you don't mind anything ongoing then you should watch it.
One piece is good too and is still ongoing. If you haven't seen it, then you have 300+ episodes to watch.

Now for the animes that are not ongoing.
Try out:
Ao no Exorcist (has supernatural)
Death Note (has shinigamis like in bleach)
Code Geass (though it started 6 years ago, it is an anime that is highly praised even now)
Guilty Crown (started and ended last year)
Kuroshitsuji (started 4 years ago but very popular. Has supernatural in it too)

MisaoFan 2012-11-23 06:39

Try Hunter X Hunter (2011). I second Magi and I'm going to throw Code: Breaker, D.Gray-Man and Reborn! as well.

judasmartel 2012-11-23 07:16

I am surprised no one has recommended Sword Art Online. It's a very recent anime with an insanely popular MC.

I would also like to recommend Accel World, written by the same guy who wrote Sword Art Online, but watch it only if you have a superhumanly open mind (you will know why)

kitten320 2012-11-23 16:05

So basically you want a stereotypical shounen with fighting?

Too bad but here you go:
Accel World*
Ao no Exorcist*
D.Gray Man*
FMA: Brotherhood*
- if you haven't watched then also original series of FMA.
Ga-Rei Zero
Guilty Crown
Hunter x Hunter 2011*
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mirai Nikki*
Nurarihyon no Mago*
Persona 4 The Animation
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Soul Eater*
Toaru Majutsu no Index

The ones marked by * are shounen. The rest are other action series worth a watch.

Magi is a good choice from ongoing and did you try Fairy Tail?

bhl88 2012-11-23 16:07

Negima OVAs work too... Shounen

judasmartel 2012-11-23 16:27

Guilty Crown isn't shounen, huh? But since it took a lot of flak for having a weak MC (or so they say)...

NinjaRealist 2012-11-23 19:27


Originally Posted by kitten320 (Post 4448734)
Too bad but here you go:

Nurarihyon no Mago*
Soul Eater*

Let me just say that in both of these cases, but for Nurarihyon no Mago especially, the manga is far better than the anime.

This is true of most shounen fighters.

ProDigit 2012-11-26 20:27

Thanks for all the suggestions!
A lot of these animes I've already seen, so perhaps I should reduce the years to no younger than 2 years, and the anime style to fighting super power Dragon Ball Z (like bleach and naruto)- style of anime...

I'm not into magic, especially if it makes no sense (like Sailor moon), but if it has some science behind it, I might like it;
and I am not into One Piece. Sure it's a nice long stretching anime, but a bit boring for me; a bit too childish.

I loved Death Note very much as well!
I loved Street Fighter 2V, and Ninja Scroll. I also loved Akira, and Ghost in the Shell. I love a good SF, as well as a good superhuman action packed anime!

Not the one where super hero of the story starts out showing all his gadgets, and you go like 'wow!', and the next 14 or so eps you are bored to death as they just vary the story line a bit, with the same moves...

Midnight2352 2012-11-27 18:43

Glad to hear you enjoyed Death Note. If you loved it a lot, then Code Geass is for you. Though it may not have any supernaturals, it does have a more extreme protagonist like Light from Death Note. :D

Sackett 2012-11-28 23:40

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Rated M, for manly!

Airchi 2012-12-01 04:10


Originally Posted by ProDigit (Post 4452675)
I'm not into magic, especially if it makes no sense (like Sailor moon), but if it has some science behind it, I might like it;
and I am not into One Piece. Sure it's a nice long stretching anime, but a bit boring for me; a bit too childish.

Well I would recommend To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaru no Railgun (S2 coming out soon). They have fighting in much like Naruto, each character having a unique ability, but instead of chakra they use born-with-abilties. The first season is a bit older than 2 years, but recent ones are within 2012 :>.

Also as mentioned before, Sword Art Online is also something you should watch, but currently it is at episode 21.

The last one that I would recommend would be Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Great story and lots of conflict.

Good luck with finding an anime that you like!

Kenu 2012-12-03 07:49

Anything as consistently as good as Code Geass?

Watching Magi right now..

ProDigit 2012-12-07 05:22

I saw Hunter X HUnter 2011, but don't like it as much as the 1999 version.

A lot of the suggested anime like Kekkai may be one of the better ones, but the rest is typical low grade anime, that I'd only watch if I have nothing else to watch.

Perhaps some animes might be good though!

kitten320 2012-12-07 17:16

Considering that you are searching for something like Naruto and Bleach, suggestions couldn't possibly be good =/

We are giving you exactly what you asked for.

Want something better, rephrase your request.
Name the shows that you actually consider to be good.

ProDigit 2012-12-08 04:34

Slam Dunk,
Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star)
Death note,
Street Fighter 2V
Hunter X Hunter (old series)
Ninja Scroll
Dragon Ball series

kitten320 2012-12-08 15:50

Ok let's see then:

Slam Dunk = Kuroko no Basket

Death Note = Jigoku Shoujo (if you don't mind episodic series), Code Geass (similar MC to Light), Aoi Bungaku Series (same studio and same designer), Monster (mystery with some mind games).

H x H = FMA and FMA: Brotherhood (mix of comedy and drama with some cool characters).

Berserk = Claymore (both series are dark and based in knight era), Ga-Rei Zero (both series deal with friendship issue later on), Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles (war with planned out strategies).

I will also add:
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - dark series about assassins. Series are not scared to show some dark themes.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin - series about group of people who befriended each other in the prison that does not treat them well just like outside world. Series follow their life in prison and outside. Covers mature themes.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - don't let cute art deceive you, series are darker than they look. At least give first 3 episodes a try. It is a bout magical girls but they didn't get powers from thin air and there is the reason behind why their powers are the way they are.

Steins; Gate - great series about time travel, shows how tiny small changes can change everything. Slow start but after episode 12 it is a nice treat.

Hope you'll find something of your liking.

ProDigit 2013-02-01 19:13

Phantom was good!
I only found 2 eps of it though...

cerberuz 2013-02-08 09:48


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