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monir 2012-11-24 01:45

Little Busters - Episode 8 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Little Busters, Episode 8.

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bhl88 2012-11-24 01:52

I think you should close the poll until someone views it.... it hasn't appeared yet.

matrixhazard 2012-11-24 09:19

Since broadcasting for 8 eps. I really want to give this episode a perfect score. This episode can do all most of my expectation for Kud's real introduction now.

- Kud-Chan, Kud-Chan Everywhere
- Strega and Belka is so adorable.
- Kanata became her roommate just as my guessing
- Somehow, if it's me or Kanata's voice in this episode become more likely to her original voice in VN when comparing to her deepen voice in previous ep, but that's really better.
- A-Chan sempai real debut
- Mio's Debut (Her new voice is as good as her old one. I'm OK with it)
- Kud murmured about how she compared Anego to her (e.g. how Anego has a big breast and Kud has small one)
- Good Idea how they put the scene that Rin was thrown into the classroom.

The animation quality is improved from the previous one and many adaption is cleverly managed. Nonetheless I give a very high score for this episode

tsunade666 2012-11-24 11:06

The scene before the op is as bizarre or out of place as always. Even if they tried to make it a funny scene it only appeared as disjointed on the main part of the episode.

The episode is great with Kud's introduction to Little Budget and also the introduction scenes of Mio. This episode also deals with Kud finding her roommate and also more screen time for Kanata and she also ended up as her roommate.

Nice try JC with this episode. Kud looks cute and moe but still not even close to moebyou or sakuraso. Kud is cute but I just can't appreciate it much even though I've been waiting for it. Nice catch on the baseball too.

Klashikari 2012-11-24 12:38

The episode actually feels far less crammed and rushed than before, especially due to an actual intro for Kud and her interactions with the Little Busters. It makes me wonder why they didn't bother doing that with Komari, Haruka and Yuiko (instead of pushing everything in a single episode for the latter 3), but oh well.
That said, the episode feels disjointed/not really following that well the rest, for the exact same reason than before: focusing on a single character "flags" just makes a linear feeling behind that, but thankfully, it is less obvious due to having the whole cast involved, instead of just having Riki and maybe some extra. They really should have spread all the girls screentime and put Komari much later but what's done is done.

I'm also surprised they involve A-chan that much, likewise, Kanata's role is getting quite the screentime. On the other hand, it is quite funny how they introduce Mio out of nowhere despite it is already the eighth episode, so having Riki asking her about that despite never talking to her before is just shoehorned.
Her new seiyuu, Tatsumi, is just quiet, and nothing really to say compared Kawaragi as of now, so probably better wait for more episodes before making a real comparison.

Production wise, the episode sure has a better animation and sakuga, although I still wonder about certain weird choice... (I mean, did they really need a flat black with lightning BG for Kanata when she was lecturing Kud, Riki and Masato? likewise, they sure like to increase the number of frames for finger twirling and hair :heh:)

Overall, an average/good episode. If they make sure the rest of the episodes have slightly smoother transitions and composition, it might salvage the subpar start.

OPN 2012-11-24 13:56

A very good introduction to kud and MIO! Speaking of mio her new seiyuu is surprisingly really good. But i still think her last seiyuu was better. And the animation was sooo much better then last weeks. Especcily kurugaya playing the piano as short as it was. 10/10

Kaiba 2012-11-24 18:59

Dying....of....Kud...cuteness...tell my family...I love them.

GDB 2012-11-24 19:23

This may be my favorite episode yet. Kud was just awesome. I can see why she was popular enough to get her own spin-off VN already.

ThereminVox 2012-11-24 19:53

Kurugaya's entreaty to Riki ("Are you trying to make me a criminal?") may have been the funniest thing I've seen all week. I'm really starting to like her. At first I thought she had a piano in her room, but I think that exterior shot was of the school.

Kud is adorable, especially her engrish, but I was struck more by Mio this week, at least in part because I like the music that played during her scene. She must be our missing Buster, but between the parasol and her questioning what direction Kud's room faced, I'm guessing she's not the type to enjoy a lot of direct sunlight (Ill Girl trope, perhaps?) I don't think you can be a very effective fielder while holding that frilly umbrella. But then again, I guess I didn't expect Kud to have maxed out her fetch skill either.

Vegard Aune 2012-11-24 20:15

Hooray, after eight episodes, Mio finally gets to appear! ...And make no contributions to the plot of this episode whatsoever but whatever, I was just getting tired of waiting to actually see her in the anime. Her new voice... On her first line I couldn't even tell that she had a different voice from the game, so yeah, it's quite an acceptable replacement.

And there was also Kud, of course. Who is definitely cute, but... am I the only one who gets the impression that she's secretly five years old?

Team Rocket Elite 2012-11-24 21:24

I'm happy to see Mio finally make her debut. Hopefully she'll get more screentime from here on.

Arturia Polaris 2012-11-25 00:57

I did not expect the kanata route. Here's to her arc being done!


Red_Zeal_Knight 2012-11-25 01:10

What!! They doing Kanata route?
and Kud episode is so cute need more

Mcfart 2012-11-25 01:46


Originally Posted by OPN (Post 4449696)
A very good introduction to kud and MIO! Speaking of mio her new seiyuu is surprisingly really good. But i still think her last seiyuu was better. And the animation was sooo much better then last weeks. Especcily kurugaya playing the piano as short as it was. 10/10

It's easy to favor the original VA, such as how I like Chie's old, 30 year old voice more then her new one (P4), but I think the new VA did a really good job. Like, as good as the last. She really caught that "Mio" vibe, and spoke in the same tone of voice.

Kud's great too...but when she said thank you at the end, she should have used engrish =P

Besides that, great episode! Glad they introduced the rest of the gang+the Kud roomate scene before they jump into Haruka's storyline.

EDIT: I played the game but I don't remember if they played Kuragaya's piano tune in it...I know I heard it before though, so they must have, right?

These common route episodes really help establish the characters, so it really was a terrible decision to get Komari's storyline out of the way so soon....I know it's one of the worst storylines, but they made it worse by making it a throwaay early storyline.

novalysis 2012-11-25 01:50

This was one of Little Buster's best episode so far. It is very well done, competently executed and very engaging. Had the previous episodes been of this quality, LB would have caught way less flak, because this is really, really entertaining. In-fact, this was probably the quality of writing that people were initially expecting, and it took Eight Episodes for LB to reach that level. Character interactions were spot on, transitions felt natural, the characters felt more alive then they had been the previous Eight Episodes (Komari is the exception, but it seems that her role is more or less done for the next few episodes anyway)

Hopefully, LB would keep up this level of standard.

Eater of All 2012-11-25 02:40

Oh god, I wish I have a RA like that. :love:

Archon_Wing 2012-11-25 03:32

Oy, a friggin kud episode. Oh well, at least she admits her own shortcomings.

I liked how Yuiko did that massive scare troll to mess with Kud, and apparently she can play the piano too.

Oh and Mio is <3. I can tell I'll be enjoying her presence. Umbrella moe, etc

Meanwhile, we wonder what's with the president.

Ceral 2012-11-25 04:29

Excellent episode, this, the last episode and episode two are easily my most favorite episodes so far. These are what non-arc episodes should feel like. And these are the type of episodes that should have spear-headed the start of the series! Finally I'm enjoying the show instead of judging the animation, voice acting, etc. Instead of the jumbled messes we got earlier, we're getting pretty seamless episodes now. Nice way how they transitioned from scene to scene and involved all of the characters. I never expected amazing from J.C. but I expected entertaining and fun at least. J.C. is capable of that much, and it seems like they're getting on track. Poor Komari, I guess they needed to sacrifice her route to practice or something.

Mahou 2012-11-25 04:45

I don't really care about the anime as a whole, but a Kud wafu episode was too hard to resist :D. Especially as her route was my most favorite one.
So just a few random comments:
- It was nice to see that they included the small scene to send Rin flying to the classroom in the beginning ;)
- I was surprised at Komari's hair color because I honestly don't remember much of the VN thus forgot about that part.
- Ice Queen-san = as expected, same for Mio
- Loved Kud's reaction when Masato suggested Rikki being her roommate + Masato's realization afterwards.
- Yui's piano tune sounded beautiful.

eplipswich 2012-11-25 05:30

Yeah, I think this is actually the best episode of the series so far. Kud is clearly one of the stars of this show, from what I can see. I love her cuteness and all. And Nishizono's (Mio's) introduction (possibly the final heroine to be recruited) is a thumbs up as well.

The fact that Kanata patted Kud's head and let her be her roommate isn't a surprise, considering that she's the type of "tough on the outside, but actually soft on the inside". But eh, I actually had expected Nishizono (Mio) to be her roommate. I guess not, though...

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