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Kameruka 2012-11-24 21:13

Most Disappointing Anime of 2012, Animesuki's Choice
PS: I planned to make this thread in December 1st but due to some unavoidable things I had to start at least 5 days earlier(Southeast Asian time).

This year, like any other years, had always ups and downs. This time we just look on downs. While not many people like the idea of voting 'bad' things that come in this year but someone has to do it. In this case it is me. I already made a similar thread last year and I notice my mistake: I made it too early in November. This time I start little bit later. Yes, voting starts today November 25th and ends at 11:59 PM, December 31st. At 1st January 2013 onward votes no longer counts though it still open for discussion but please don't drag it for too long. Since Animesuki annual awards is free of any dubious-sounding "awards" since 2011 and so I decided to make a separate thread for a "bad" one. I know it is bad for the community in long run but as I already told before, I had to do it.

Anyways, here’s the rule:

1. You can't give scores for every anime you voted. For example ONE anime you mentioned is counted as one, regardless how many times you mentioned it, regardless it came with rants or not. You can even make a huge wall of text of same anime title in single post but unless you're trolling, I doubt you will even try of doing it.

2. Only anime that PREMIERED, not just shown in 2012. For example some 2-cours Autumn 2011 shows like Gundam AGE, Guilty Crown and Mirai Nikki had second half shown in 2012 but they are not eligible to vote since they were premiered in 2011. Same also goes to 4-cours Spring and Summer 2011 releases.

3. I should tell this earlier but please keep this thread from flame wars, especially when someone questioning other member’s voting options. If provoked, just don’t feed the trolls.

And now for my own votes. Just like in the rule, my votes still count as one per show. Let’s bring on the goodies…

3. Kuroko no Basuke
While I can see it for many miles away but it still pretty disappointing to see this show turned into a fujioshi sausage-fest show than anything else. Okay, I could be wrong on that but it still try to pander fujioshi and what made it worse, sell it without tagged as one.

2. K
No further rant needed as I afraid I would be labeled as a troll if I give more opinions about it except I just disappointed to see how big its hype in Animax-Asia. It is colossal, slightly smaller than Hunter x Hunter reboot though 90% of its hype based off “same time as Japan” than anything else.

1. Brave 10
If K had good production values, same can’t be said to Brave 10. It’s ugly, broken, incomplete and unattractive to begin with. It may not the worst anime of 2012 but it I really, REALLY disappointed with it just because I hoped it will get better over time but unfortunately it managed to retain its bad momentum until it ends. I also hoped its second season will not see light of day.

NK_500 2012-11-24 21:37


Does not include shows which I dropped after 1st episode like K for example.

Real votes start here:

1. Brave 10 -- I also agree the show itself is broken at best, other than entertaining and well-choreographed fight scenes. Despite giving it 7 in my MAL account, I decided to drop it after 4th episode. Better abandon it before I start hating it.

2. Jormungand(first season) -- Even bigger disappointment than Brave 10, mostly because I did finish its first season. While the second season also shown in 2012 but my rants only on first one which I saw. It had promising premise as "weapon dealer slice-of-life" except the cuteness is replace with dark and gritty gunfights. But unfortunately it devolved into Micheal Bay-esque show with more gunfights, half-baked plot and stereotypical characters(maybe not Michael Bay stereotypes but it still stereotypical). Perhaps the biggest disappointment of all is when there's a "to be continued" sign as I already hoped for it to end. The only what I actually liked about the show is when Koko explains Jonah who had the most firearms in the country and it turns out to be "innocent" civilians, who had 60% of the firearms.

GDiddy 2012-11-24 22:41

La Arcana Famiglia:

For making a season that was basically filler, only to actually do anything during the last episode...which itself was a bore. Also, the MCS were all horrible.


Brave 10

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvves me some samurai anime but my god, I could. not. TAKE the female MC after two episodes....


Code Breaker

I lasted two episodes before I couldn't take the two MCs anymore. Why is it sometimes that the MCS are better in the manga and less annoying than in the anime that they're adapted from?



Maybe I'm not the right audience for this, but I didn't get it.

Soliloquy 2012-11-24 22:47

Sankarea for me was a big disappointment considering how fantastically it started. After watching the first episode I had a big expectations how it will end. At the end there were far too many inconsistencies to be nothing more than decent ecchi romcom.

Another is also the one that comes to my mind. It had Tsutomu Mizushima as a director and Ko Otani responsible for soundtrack. I thought Mizushima was a capable director but I guess horror isn't his forte. This anime came off as clumsy and incomprehensible how the characters were handled.

Archon_Wing 2012-11-24 23:40

1.) Nisemonogatari OMG this show has watchable visuals this time with improved designs. Beginning was also more promising as I preferred the tone compared to season 1 but the later half of the anime took a dump with one of the lamest conclusions that killed my interest in the franchise. And then they had some obsession with giving haircuts, literally cutting away the only good thing about them. >.>

2.) To Love Ru Darkness-- Censors ruined everything. Watch blurays

3.) Rinne no Lagrange-- Great soundtrack, and a decent lead pair. Sadly, they forgot a script. It's a mecha series without good mecha action, a implied yuri series without yuri, and a fanservice series that misses at every point. And then budget cuts seemed to have happened. Whoops. It's just half assed overall, a trait I now associate with Xebec.

Kaioshin Sama 2012-11-24 23:51

Bar none Eureka Seven Ao. Wouldn't even stand up as a functional show on it's own, but to be the sequel to one of my favorite mecha TV series of the current century was just a punch to the gut that woke me up to the sad fact that the genre I love so so much may be dying out as a medium for coherent storytelling. It saddens me to the very core of my anime fandom. :(

Dr. Casey 2012-11-25 00:00

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, which existed primarily this year even though it started in 2011. It was a series that could have been absolutely amazing, but ended up merely being 'pretty good, I guess.' It's certainly not without its good points, and Flit is a fascinating character, but it fell far short of its potential.

Hiiro no Kakera also qualifies. I like the main heroine a lot, and I enjoyed myself somewhat watching the show, but I found it rather dull to the point where I honestly just couldn't muster up the motivation to watch the second season.

Those are the only two this year that fell short of my expectations; every other anime either met my expectations or surpassed them. (There's some series that I don't exactly adore, such as Rinne no Lagrange which, like Archon, I only have a tepid appreciation for; but I wouldn't call them disappointing because I never expected anything but a lukewarm response.)

Kotohono 2012-11-25 00:08


Originally Posted by Archon_Wing (Post 4450290)
3.) Rinne no Lagrange-- Great soundtrack, and a decent lead pair. Sadly, they forgot a script. It's a mecha series without good mecha action, a implied yuri series without yuri, and a fanservice series that misses at every point. And then budget cuts seemed to have happened. Whoops. It's just half assed overall, a trait I now associate with Xebec.

The 1st actually had a semi-decent writing >_>, but the 2nd season they just failed with it.

1. Rinne no Lagrange and in addition to above complaints, the super anti-climatic ending was really disappointing, and then most disappointing of all, it goes to imply yuri using fanservice kiss early in 2nd half, and foreshadowed yuri in end of 1st half, and then gives this area of the series no resolution or attention and jumps back into "subtext" for the rest of the show, which made it without a doubt the most disappointing series to me this year.

2. Black Rock Shooter TV, for every bit I complained about RnL's writing BRS was just as bad, and as much I had liked the OVA, I just found everything from the worse character designs to the writing to be disappointing from what I expected of the T.V. series, aside from maybe the action and music.

Edit: 3. Amagami SS+ while some of the arcs were good continuations of the series, a number of them were notably worse or less enjoyable than I had hoped compared to the original. So it failed to met my expectations some.

Daniel E. 2012-11-25 00:15

Just in case.... I would like to remind everybody to keep things civil. Please don't challange others because they list here a show you recently enjoyed, and please don't attack the fans of any anime while posting your opinion here.

Thread could be closed at any time if things start to get out of hand.

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-11-25 03:41

Wow, this thread is actually a big help in giving me some insight of shows I’ve never seen from those who have actually seen them from beginning to end (those who dropped it at early episodes notwithstanding).

As for the disappointment, I can only mirror Kaioshin’s sentiment toward Eureka Seven AO. That show has some of the most intense action scenes this year and has many interesting characters but all that end up in one massive mess of a story. The scale of the mess here is comparable to Bayformers 2. Rumors said that it’s due to the sudden change in writer after the 3rd episode. If it’s true, then what a shame. This show has all the potential of being great with solid 3 episodes at the beginning (just like Gundam AGE) only to fall into the depths of the abyss at the end.

Blaat 2012-11-25 03:56

Eureka 7 AO wins this by default, excellent first three episodes and after that the show is best forgotten.

TurkeyPotPie 2012-11-25 03:59

I'm only going to list an anime that I actually finished watching (otherwise Sword Art Online and Little Busters would be here too):

Another - what a mess this was. First three or four episodes were great, then it started losing its way midway through, and finally went totally bonkers at the end. The last two episodes were so bad, I think the creators were intentionally screwing with the viewers (reminded me of the end of Blood-C in that respect).

Marcus H. 2012-11-25 04:02

Seconding Another. Honestly, K handled the mystery aspect better than Another.

Flower 2012-11-25 04:14

Hmm ... well, in answering this thread the main thing for me looking forward to a series before it began airing. Interestingly, the three choices I gave were (are, in one case) all been watched by me, but the most difficult thing was that I felt they all were not given the attention and care they deserved.

The few that come to mind are:

1). Kamisama Hajimemashite. Perhaps part of the reason why this has without a doubt been the most disappointing series for me this year is because I love everything about the manga - really love it, in fact. And for me both the low production values and the way-to-fast pace of the eps, the story and the conversation was (and remains) incredibly frustrating to me. In my opinion they should have made this one a 24-26 ep series and given it the careful, loving attention to detail it both deserved and slow things down to the pace of the manga more - again, just my personal taste, of course, but there you have it.

2). Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. Another series that I felt should have been given 24-26 eps and been told with a slower and more detailed examination of the characters, situation and the rest. It felt too rushed. I enjoyed the ED, but the OP for me just didn't capture the feel the series' eps conveyed....

3). Kore wa Zombie desu ka: of the dead. I thought the number of eps was okay, but wish there was more of a story. It felt like there was no point to much of ... well ... anything. A pity as I personally really, really like the character and story of Eu.

Hiroi Sekai 2012-11-25 04:43

K: Started off very interested, then it gradually got less and less interesting. Had it been a longer series, maybe it could have developed the factions a little bit more, but the only ones who really have a chance at this point are Shiro and Kuro. However, for all the cliffhangers they left us on over the last few episodes about these two, the payoff sure wasn't worth it. I can only hope they use the last of these episodes to build something up and then surprise me.

Hayate no Gotoku - Can't Take My Eyes Off You: I'm going to toss out the fact that it's nothing like the original series, because it's not supposed to be. However, I didn't expect it to be so...mediocre. They want an element of comedy, but it's weak. They want an element of the original content, but it's completely jarring to see these new characters try and be interesting. Not terrible, but doesn't live up at all to its predecessors in any aspect (except for its opening).

Kill Me Baby! - What a boring show. The jokes were bland, the characters had almost no point, and the backgrounds were pulled from the original Sonic The Hedgehog cartoons or something. That wasn't creative, it was laziness. I can scribble "backgrounds" on in crayon like a kindergartener too and call it creative, but it needs to have an actual point. The ending was fun, I'll give it that.

Nisemonogatari: Don't get me wrong, this series wasn't terrible, it was disappointing. After Bakemonogatari, they just pumped in the fanservice and put all the focus on Karen. Tsukihi arc, what's that? 9 or 10 of the 11 episodes is about Karen, even under the pretense of calling the episodes "Tsukihi Phoenix". Started off great as usual with some fantastic imagery (like Kaiki glowing red in front of the blood sky), then it gave it up for toothbrushes.

Sword Art Online: Started off fantastic, but slowly has been degrading since then. Introduces more and more of a focus on fanservice and less on the plot on hand.

Oh, and I've been hearing a lot about how Rinne no Lagrange's second season is disappointing, but I haven't seen it yet. I refuse to watch it subbed by people who endlessly call them the "Sweats Club". I thought I could stomach it, but it just gets on my nerves.

Archon_Wing 2012-11-25 05:10

Karen did get a lot of focus, as well as Shinobu in Nise. Though it was a good thing til...


Hiroi Sekai 2012-11-25 05:24


Originally Posted by Archon_Wing (Post 4450571)
Karen did get a lot of focus, as well as Shinobu in Nise. Though it was a good thing til...


I loved Shinobu in Nise, she was a container of what made Bake so enjoyable. The characters were fun, don't get me wrong. It just felt disappointing to be promised two arcs and basically be given one...and a toothbrush scene. The fanservice wasn't even tasteful most of the time anymore either.

What was carried over from Bake was even improved upon, and it was great. But they seriously could have called it Karenmonogatari and got away with it. I wanted more of the other people, who had been made to look even more awesome than Bake.

ahelo 2012-11-25 07:15

I don't wanna be a hater but:

Tsuritama - It's not like Tsuritama was bad. . . it was more like it got too indulgent for its own good especially towards the end. I never really liked the fishing aspect too which was more technobabblish than Index.

Sword Art Online - I honestly liked it for a few episodes but it started prioritizing on the wrong things, bringing in "girl of the week" sort of thing and forced drama. I would still have a good impression of SAO if they just ended it in, well, SAO but bleeergh.

Saki: Achiga-hen - I did ended up liking Achiga-hen a lot towards the end but the series was still pretty darn disappointing especially since it had the original to live up to and I really highly regard Saki. Achiga-hen was rushing so much to get to the semi-final match of the nationals and it completely forgets to develop its main characters. The last few episodes might change this though.

I can still change my mind on SAO and I actually like Tsuritama and Achiga a bit so for me, this topic was pretty darn hard to answer. We didn't have absolutely shitty series this year (no GC, Blood C, Fractale) and I dropped stuff like BRS quite early so I can't judge on it.

Lenneth4 2012-11-25 07:48

La Arcana Famiglia :
It was awful , too much cliché and stupid dialogue
Loved the designs since i love suits but not enough for me

Kokoro Connect :
That anime was a a non-funny joke , the start was kinda awesome and i enjoyed the concept but slowly it became awful , stupid fake drama , boring and awful characters
They just blasted away everything in epic levels.
Stop the damn fake drama , have balls guys.

Eureka seven AO :
The hell was that , i hope kawamori have nothing to do with that
You better be old man!(and put a new macross for 2013 ! damned!)

Mysteries anime ? WTF ? come on !
That was so awful , i stand up for the 5 first episodes and then dropped
The characters were awful , i can't tell what i watched , i dont know if the girl want something from the boy or no
It was really annoying , i was hoping some nice stuff , but it was just stupid bla bla bla all over the episodes
Totally insulting to me.
Great animation anyway.

Kirarakim 2012-11-25 10:17

I completely forgot about Another yeah that was a huge disappointment. I think looking back things started to fall apart when after the brilliant set up of having
they took it back the very next episode. But the ending of the series really killed it for me.

I was also really disappointed in Natsuyuki Rendezvous which I was really expecting to be one of my favorites of the year, but the character. relationships felt shallow to me all round.

Sakamichi Apollon wasn't bad (and the cultural festival episode still stands out as one of my favorites of the year) but I made the mistake of reading the manga towards the end and what they cut from the ending didn't do the series justice in my opinion. It was way too rushed and cut a lot of character development.

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