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pucks 2012-11-28 14:11

Puella Magi Mato Magica
Hi everybody, Im new to the forum and thought of coming here in search of help.

Months ago I purchased the Insane Black Rock Shooter bundle that came with a set of 4 dvds about an 8 episode anime called "Black Rock Shooter". I dint knew anything about the series and the fact that there were no subtitles available made me just forget about it until a few weeks ago.

when I got through the series I noticed that, if arranged properly it would become a really messed up story :eyespin:

Spoiler for Spoiler about Black Rock Shooter tv:

So I ripped the dvds, arranged some scenes in WMM, added some music (OP, Ed and some BGM but apparently I suck at it).
Spoiler for plot involves all sorts of spoiler regarind Madoka and BRS:

So thats it, the video contains a rough and mute draft about whats going on in EP 1. The quality is not very good but it will get better once YouTube stops processing my videos for 5 hours. there are some background music but its not that good either.

Only the OP and ED have sound, I like the ED a lot :D


I would love to get some background music suggestions because I'm terrible at that.

The character lines are also one of my main problems since everything I think about sound to damn corny :upset:

Id love to see some suggestions about this.


- I rearranged some scenes and added bgm for the first fight. It wont be a problem since I have a ton of Kajiura Yuki Osts.

- the first fight is shorter to match the bgm.

- Switched OP theme to Dead End by Faylan.

- the dvd audio can't be ripped in 5.1 WAV, if anyone know how to get these I'd love to get some tips.

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