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Triple_R 2012-11-29 14:25

What's your favorite "Anime Hair"?
I saw a few topics like this during a search, but I intend for this to be more comprehensive than all of them (the others tended to focus on color/length of hair alone).

I'd like to get everybody's take on "anime hair". What color of anime hair do you like best? Which style? Which length? Do you like how funky anime hair can get? Do you like its rainbow quality? Or do you prefer more realistic hair styles and lengths (such as in Wandering Son)?

As a (hopefully comedic) lead-in for this discussion, I wrote up a fanfic-y discussion involving a cast uniquely well-equipped to debate anime hair... that being the cast of Madoka Magica. ;)

Spoiler for Feel free to skip, as this part is just for fun.:

What's your anime hair preference? :)

SeijiSensei 2012-11-29 14:34

The kind that has a mind of its own:

Hiroi Sekai 2012-11-29 14:42

Anyone who knows me too well knows that I'm a sucker for sidetails. Luckily nobody's said anything, and my secret is perfectly safe from the world.

RWBladewing 2012-11-29 14:50

It may seem boring to some but I've come to prefer the traditional black hime cut or variations thereof as of late (though dark blue or purple also work for this). Aside from that, white or light purple in any length, shape or form. Hair decorations tend to be a plus for me in general as well; Rea from Sankarea's flower and uh, whatever those things are that Cryska and Inia from Total Eclipse wear as part of their pilot suits being 2 recent examples.

MisaoFan 2012-11-29 15:10

My favorite hair fetish tend to be female characters having slightly curly hair in recent animes, and I also like two-sided, ample ponytails (like Houki from Infinite Stratos or Seraphim from Is This A Zombie ?). I also tend to like pastel-flavored haircolors or the ones with unusually-colored shadings (like the cast from Uta no Prince-sama). So long as the character have a good hairstyle, I don't mind.

Violet Rabbit 2012-11-29 15:33

Color doesn't really matter to me, nor does the length but I guess it would be twintails, for style I like most.

Vexx 2012-11-29 15:34

Twin tails are a long time favorite but the "straight bangs and long hair" has to be the prize I guess. And black or raven colored. The classic Motoko (Love Hina) provides both at various times.

NoemiChan 2012-11-29 16:04

Long black hair tied with a ribbon.Best examples would be Kaoru of Rurounin Kenshin. I think there are a lot of them in the world of anime and that makes me feel good.

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Cold~as~Ice 2012-11-29 16:33

for girls
In real life and in anime I prefer girls with shoulder lengthed hair examples like haruhi suzumiya or momo fom to love ru. for long hair I only like black or brunette and for extra add a hairclip ,headband ,flower but no ponytail. pigtails are fine if they look like Inori's from GC.
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for dudes
I really don't care much when it comes to their haircut but I did like Rintarou okabe's hairstyle
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fanty 2012-11-29 17:08

The character that has my favourite hair style, length and colours is Nia:

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I love this sort of curly hair, it's a shame it isn't all that common in anime.

I also like the simple but memorable hairstyles that the better-designed male characters sometimes have, like Shichika:

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mystogan 2012-11-29 17:30

this looks like a thread for me because one of the things i like in anime is that it has awesome hair styling,
i mostly look out hair style of male characters, i like it long making bangs around the forehead and eyes.
for eg:
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risingstar3110 2012-11-29 17:42

Recently I start to like Marii in Joshiraku hair. It's the long straight hair with a ribbon type in the end:


Kizoku Keenan 2012-11-29 17:42

always loved Anime characters with wild unusually vivid coloured hair, that love began with super Saiya-jin mode in DBZ...I love you goku.

also my avatar (Zoro from one piece) has one of the most unique hair colours in anime from what I have seen.

larethian 2012-11-29 22:38


creb 2012-11-29 22:39

I prefer realistic hair, but since that's so rare, if I had to choose from normal anime hair qualities, I'd say black-colored for females, if only because black is stereotyped for the level-headed/intellectual girls. For males, anything other than long hair, because I just find long hair on men to be frilly, regardless of how frilly the character may be. Obviously, these are generalizations, much like "anime hair" is, in general.

That said, hair is about the last thing I really care about when it comes to watching anime, and I certainly can't think of ever enjoying/hating a show based off that criteria.

If I was to look at my favorite female character:

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Balalaika has realistic hair, I suppose, in both style and color. However, I'm pretty neutral on the style, so I can't say her hair had any weight in my enjoyment of the character. Though, as I write this, I am trying to imagine her in an affro (or dreads), and I admit, I probably wouldn't find her nearly as appealing. On the flip side, I'm trying to imagine random anime characters I hate with new hairstyles, and not finding myself changing my opinion towards them.

So, perhaps the more accurate thing to say is that hair can negatively color my opinion towards a character, but not necessarily improve it.

Kaioshin Sama 2012-11-29 22:58

For the guys:

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Greek Tragedy Blonde

Though some might think it's gay these guys always seem to prove to be the most badass yet tragically flawed bros of bros.

For the girls:

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Femme Fatale Long Black

Always seem to be dangerous and can generally fulfill the role of hero if called upon.

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Demure Bob Cut Blue

Honestly not really sure why I like this one, I just do

OceanBlue 2012-11-29 23:51

Dark hime-cuts are great. Shorter hair is pretty nice too. I just usually like straight hair.

Flower 2012-11-29 23:55

Most memorable hair in anime series for me is that on the grown up Mizunashi Akari from the Aria series:

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Archon_Wing 2012-11-29 23:57

For the most part I prefer long or just plain crazy hair.

I've always liked white/gray/silver/w.e as a color (it's really the same shading anyways!). They often are wise beyond their years, calm/cool/controlled, or somehow exceptional or insane.

I mean this guy's default form looks kinda girly, but nobody fucks with this man. Not only is he wise, but he is extremely likely to abuse it to maximize the suffering of those that mess with him or his family.

Oh and this man is just incomprehensible to his peers. Wait, he has none.
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And then there's Tomoyo with that crazy flowing hair. She's better than you and there's nothing you can do about it.
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In any case, how did we go so far without mentioning the master of a thousand hairstyles herself, Fate Testarossa, anyways? :heh: Really, like every new piece of art of her changes her hairstyle for some reason.
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Chiibi 2012-11-30 01:48

For boys, I tend to favor dark hair with long bangs that hang between their eyes. Total boyish charm there. :love: But....the color doesn't matter that much. I've just noticed that every time a dark-haired bishie shows up with sleek, long bangs, I immediately love him. :D I like short hair....but there are long-haired guys I love too and if said long hair gets chopped short, I GET REALLY MAD! :mad:

Other Male hair fetishes:
*long in front-short-in-back.

*Crew-cut. >_>
*Pink <_<

Female hair faves:

*Twin drills (princess curls)
*Long. Long long long LOOOOOOOOOONG!!
*Twin tails
*longer parts that frame the face, a.k.a. "The Sakura Cut"
*hair that looks like kemomomimi

*Chin-length and brown/dark. >_>
*No bangs=GIANT-looking forehead.

As for the character who wins this thread:

Dynamic tag cannot be rendered. (PrintableThread) SAITOHIMEA WINS FIRST PRIZE FOR MOST AMAZING HAIR EVER. All other anime girls need to bow down to this Goddess of Technicolor Tresses. Three colors. Impossibly long. Sparkles like diamonds. I can't get over how gorgeous it is. The whole time she was onscreen, I just stared at her hair. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm actually jealous. It's impossible for a girl to have hair this beautiful.....yet she does. That's not fair. :mad:

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