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Lness 2004-04-14 20:24

A Naruto pen and paper RPG
My friend and I thought it would be great if there were an RPG based on Naruto. We decided to make one loosely based on the same system used in Vampire: Masquerade, by whitewolf. It's pretty comprehensive.

I've posted the pdf on my website. Should be in my signature. We've done a couple days of play testing, but we'd really like to hear some other people's ideas and comments.

DuckBlue 2004-04-14 23:53

nice idea i might have to try that

Lunchboxx 2004-04-15 00:12

I wanted to do this awhile ago, but was to lazy to ever really do it. I made a thread about it Naruto RPG (DnD Style)

LunaticJedi 2004-04-15 00:34

heh I actually remember looking at that post Lunch when we started this whole long process. We're used to playing D20 systems, but just seemed easier to go with the WhiteWolf rules for this project =)

- Lunatic Jedi

- [ Naruto RPG | ] -

Lunchboxx 2004-04-15 01:03

I looked threw it and i gotta say you did a much better job then ever could :bow:

Victim 2004-04-15 01:13

I was thinking of writing up Naruto characters in HERO.

Naruto -> tons of Stun and Body, OIHID on his Kiyubi powers, summon for duplications (HERO Duplication sucks)

Tenten -> Autofire shuriken attacks and lots of skill levels. Not much else besides basic ninja abilities

Temari -> A couple of different attacks with her fan, Missile Deflection at range with lots of levels.

Shikamaru -> ? I haven't thought up a satisfying method of writing up his Shadow Copy attack. I've used a heavily limited form of mindcontrol before, but an Entangle with limited TK might be better.


The random roll for stamina seems out place since all other aspects of char gen are point based. Also, I'd think the distinction between bloodline and normal techniques would be more important, and the locations of some powers seem odd. It looks like Sakura would only need one more point in chakra mastery tree to fire off Rasengan. :)

Still looks cool though. And fairly simple, unlike HERO.

LunaticJedi 2004-04-15 02:08

heh yeah well we have to set up a list of skills that require teachers, Rasengan being the prime example. When I GM I tell my players that, but just isn't written down in the pdf just yet. =)

- Lunatic Jedi

outlawgundam 2007-01-24 23:37

GM in need of assistance w/ Naruto RPG
I just recently attained a copy of the Naruto system that was developed by LunaticJedi and company, and I have a few questions.

1.) Is there a 4th edition or higher installment/update? If so where can I get a copy from?

2.) Is the Genjustsu Cancel level based like the other jutsus or is its value based on the amount of chakra spent to use it that turn?

wakkwakk 2009-08-18 22:28

Your in luck!
Are you guys like me? Want to get your hands on a Naruto paper based RPG? Chances are your not going to find one.

The Naruto Rpgs I've seen are all based off of pre-made systems for other games. I've spent the past 2-3 years developing a system for a true Naruto experience.

The game was already tested and it ran very well. Right now the game needs content, balancing, and polishing.

It's very much in beta stages, but if your interested you can email me at (

wakkwakk 2012-08-16 13:13

Hi everyone,

WaKkWaKk here again. I put the post above up over 3 years ago and almost completely forgot about it. I got ALOT of responses but I haven't seen most of them since it's an old email address. I'm thinking about bringing back the old project if there is still a demand for it

Here's my new email:

Message me if your interested in taking it over, or you just want to see what I've got.

ranchan13 2012-08-17 01:43

Naruto already translates well to D&D 3.5

DarthRevan 2012-08-21 17:17

Yeh it does, I know some ppl are doing a naruto RPG Game thats 2-d and are always looking for people to join their game who can run events.

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