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stellarroze 2012-11-30 23:12

Rinkan no Madoushi
Author: Watase Soichiro
Illustrator: Midori Fuu
Status: Completed (10 Volumes)
Genre: Fantasy


The gods left a blessing to the world and went away. In marginal land, "Misthound", a healer named Celo lived. Even though he was given an excellent magic tool maker from his grandfather, Celo couldn't make anything with it or use it. After his grandfather's death, he served under Ordba, and in the same time he trained to become a healer. One day, a royal magic knight named Halmbuck appeared. It seems that he was interested in his grandfather's magic tool.
The first chapter is a bit slow, but after that it gets really good. :) There's also a project on BT.

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