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Tiberium Wolf 2012-12-03 13:37

Strike Suit Zero

Seems interesting from the video in gamespot. Pity is not mech based but space arcade.

Firefly00 2012-12-03 18:59

I must say, sir, you posted that at a very fitting time (from a NorAm east coast perspective). Anyways, here's a YouTube mirror:

As entertaining as the game is (and hopefully Born Ready remembers that not everyone can go buy a bleeding-edge PC system at the drop of a hat), I can't help but wonder... yes, the strike suit is one solution to the 'jousting problem' supposedly common in games like this (to be fair, I don't remember this being much of an issue in the Ace Combat games, with a special exception in Zero), but another solution was brought up by Interplay back in the day. In other words, can the other strikecraft available to you stop in place and slide ala the Pyro-GX and other craft from the Descent series...?

Wild Goose 2013-01-24 22:15

Game has just come out on Steam, and I've been playing it. So far, I've passed the first mission.

There are certain stylistic touches that remind me a lot about Freelancer, which, while it wasn't the best game ever, was loads of fun, and quite easy to pick up and play.

As for bleeding edge, I'm currently running an i5 3 GHz, with 4 GB of ram, and a 1GB GTX460. Performance has been superb at high. Mind, this was a sort of entry-level rig I bought/assembled in mid-2011, for about RM2100 (monitor price not included), so for similar prices today you're going to get a much better rig.

Gameplay is a lot like Freelancer - keyboard for throttle and other things, mouse to aim and fire, and they've got a rechargeable ECM that allows you to kill enemy missiles, which is a godsend. Unfortunately, the enemies have the same tools, which requires a lot of guns kills.

So far, haven't figured out if there's a slide option, but if it exists, it would make strafing runs on enemy ships a lot safer. Lock in a course, then slide past and pump them full of guns and missiles, rinse and repeat until enemy capship is dead.

Shinji103 2013-01-24 22:30

That mech reminds me of the VF-25 Super and Armored Valkyries from Macross Frontier.

Wild Goose 2013-01-24 22:46

Well, the mecha designer is apparently Junya Ishigaki, who was one of the mecha designers for Macross Frontier, so I suppose that's where it's from.

Gonna try it out with my joystick when I get home; keyboard and mouse is all fine and well, but there's just something to be said for a good HOTAS setup. Plus, it's not space combat if you aren't using a stick. XD

Chaos2Frozen 2013-01-24 22:49


Originally Posted by Wild Goose (Post 4526795)
Gonna try it out with my joystick when I get home; keyboard and mouse is all fine and well, but there's just something to be said for a good HOTAS setup. Plus, it's not space combat if you aren't using a stick. XD

Joystick? What's that? Is it tasty :eyespin: :p ?

Wild Goose 2013-01-24 22:52

Oh, come on, Chaos. :p

That said, the keyboard+Mouse controls are actually decent, and quite intuitive, and pretty easy to use; you don't need to buy peripherals or shit, and honestly I doubt that a joystick would really be that better in terms of performance. What I like with the joystick is that I'll have all the major buttons within reach, which'll make it easier for me to concentrate on firing: trigger for the guns, button 2 for missiles, button 3 to swap guns, button 4 for closes targer, etc etc.

MrTerrorist 2013-01-25 01:11 is offering the game for $15.99. Get it before the offer ends!

Wild Goose 2013-01-28 21:48

Been playing up to Mission 5. So far, I am having loads of fun.

I actually think Keyboard + mouse gives you more fine control, and much better aiming, though that just might be due my my Logitech Attack 3 stick, which is an entry-level stick. Then again I don't play enough hardcore sims to need a proper stick... would kinda love an F-16 replica stick though...ahem.

Playing with the stick is way more fun though :p

Also, I can't get the Strike Suit's theme outta my head.

Tiberium Wolf 2013-02-03 10:48

Seems fun to play but some missions are really hard. I love the swarm missiles.

xizro345 2013-02-03 15:18

My overall judgment isn't positive at all. Maybe because I'm biased since I think Freespace 2 is the pinnacle of the genre (nto to mention the SCP has been updating it a lot), but this game has too many problems to be deemed a worthy "space sim" game.

First of all the UI is horrible. The lack of radar makes extremely hard to understand who is hitting you, where are the targets, etc. The arrows pointing to the targets aren't different enough and that causes a lot of confusion. The lock on is counterintuitive.

While I don't expect micromanagement from this type of game, the AI of your "wingmen" is kind of horrible as well. They don't cover you, they really seem useless. Since you can't order them around, you end up forcefully doing the "one man army" routine, oftend getting into more trouble than you should, given the number of enemies. During a bombing mission (mission 7) you should have cover but basically you don't.

Customization of the ships/Strike Suit is ok. What is NOT ok is that it's tied to secondary objectives, often extremely difficult. Often you have to go really kamikaze-style to accomplish certain objectives.

The game is short, really too short. Two years in development and all that comes out is a little more than 10 missions? The fact that you can replay them it's not enough.

Last but not least, it's good that they released a DRM-free version on GoG. But it's not good that they basically treat it as second class citizen, cutting stuff from it.

Despite costing not much, it's not worth it at all.

Wild Goose 2013-02-04 03:52

Depends on where and how you get it.

That said I agree that this is a game best left for the Steam sale.

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