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lilfrizz415 2012-12-09 06:18

Murde Mystery anime?
I really liked the anime Monster 10/10, liked Death Note
didnt like the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni
Something with good visuals so made in the last 10 years

already know about the animes Master Keaton and Case Closed, but don't like the out outdated visuals

any suggestions?

MisaoFan 2012-12-09 06:43

I'm going to recommend the following shows :
Ghost Hunt
Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
Ghost Hound (not to be confused with Ghost Hunt)
Himitsu The Top Secret
Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo
Psychic Detective Yakumo
The Mystical Archives of Dantalian
Blast of Tempest

SeijiSensei 2012-12-09 10:53

Shion no Ou has a murder mystery, but I found following young Shion's ascent through the ranks of a Shougi ("Japanese chess") professional more compelling than the mystery component. Still a good show, though.

I'll also suggest Mouryou no Hako about a serial killer who distributes parts of his victims around a city in boxes. Watch this clip (no subs, but they don't really matter for this) to get a sense of the atmosphere and the lovely artwork. Stay tuned for the OP; it's a good one. It's only available in torrents, and no single group subbed all the episodes. Take a look at NYAA.
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Last Sinner 2012-12-09 11:55

Someone who appreciates Monster that much - kudos.

Well, I can think of two titles you may like.

Garden of Sinners - 7 movies + epilogue revolving around a series of murders occuring over several years, the supernatural events around it and the people involved. Set in mid 1990s Japan. Watch the second movie first though, is my suggestion. It is the true starting point of the timeline and makes more sense from that point.

Since you liked Monster, I will put Le Chevalier D'Eon to you. Set in France in the 1700s circa a bit before the French Revolution, it tells the tale of a French spy who worked for the King and was caught up in a very dark conspiracy of murder, the supernatural, religious cults and the like. Storywise, its quality is around the level of Monster and I think you'd appreciate it since Monster was also set in Europe and was also dark.

Velsy 2012-12-13 07:55

Umineko -

Its from the creators of Higurashi. But its different. It focus's on the murders like a puzzle

kitten320 2012-12-13 17:57

Mouryou no Hako was recommended to me but I still didn't get a chance to see it.

Another - students one after another start to die in mysterious accidents and MC tries to figure it out.

Ghost Hunt - a mystery about ghosts where some of them were killed. Group of people have to find the cause/reason of mysteries that are happening and try to stop them.
Bloodshed Labyrinth suits well with your requirement but I would watch whole thing. arc 1 is the weakest of the bunch.

Gosick - light mystery

To a degree Persona 4 The Animation could fit since everything revolves around mysterious killings. But it is a bit more action based than others but worth a watch.

Shiki - suddenly villagers start to die one after another and epidemic is suspected, but is it really the cause?

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - is a murder mystery but gory one so duno if you will like it since Higurashi was not for you.

You can try UN-GO but I found it medicore.

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