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Sentilium 2012-12-09 17:48

Retail Disk Gochas?
Some anime store is having a big Christmas sale and I'm thinking of buying a few. I was about to spontaneously buy some until I decided to read the fine print.

Apparently some studios decide to "forget" to add the extras or other things you would expect to see and DON'T TELL YOU or put it in such tiny fine print that you don't know until after you bought it.

Anyone here know of other gocha's? Here's a few I found.

Persona 4 Blu Ray: No Japanese Voices
Princess Jellyfish Blu Ray: Lock the subtitle so you can't disable them in Japanese.
Koihime Musou: Did not include several scenes.
Demon King Daimao: Missing extras anime shorts.

It's very annoying having to have to spend so much time researching this with the studios keeping quiet or tricking you about what they are actually including on their disks.

bhl88 2012-12-09 18:39

Yeah, some Blu-Rays are usually like that.

Not that they forget, but it's all about reverse importation.

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