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Kairin 2012-12-09 20:22

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! - Episode 11 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, Episode 11.

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winhlp32 2012-12-10 02:01

Episode 11 Preview:

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ultimatemegax 2012-12-10 07:09

Episode 11 The One-Winged Fallen Angel (kanji say same thing)
Site: When Rikka took off her eyepatch, she was determined to be cured from chuunibyou. Taking advice from the ex-chuunibyou Shinka, Rikka is definitely putting in a lot of effort. Though he's relieved, Yuuta also looked dissatisfied. Dekomori tries to return Rikka to her chuunibyou state, but it's useless.

TV stations: Yuuta has watched Rikka as she does her best to fit into the human world but, for some reason, his heart has precipitated into lead. On the other side, Dekomori is doing her best to purify Rikka's heart of the demon eating into it, but that is not successful. And then... Rikka disappears from the town.

Script: Junki Hanada
Director: Eisaku Kawanami
Storyboard: Taiichi Ogawa
Animation Direction: Kayo Hikiyama

Production Sketch:
Casually clothed Rikka. Rikka has removed her eyepatch. Will this have an effect on her clothing as well?

Suzumiya Haruhi 2012-12-10 09:20


Originally Posted by winhlp32 (Post 4469235)
Episode 11 Preview:

I've translated the episode preview for those who are interested.

sky black swordman 2012-12-10 20:26

^ Thanks. :)
That last line in the PV, really surprised me.

Klashikari 2012-12-12 13:25

This episode sure was quite packed with many emotions, most notably mixed feelings from Rikka, but surely a very good transition for a "flashforward" (3 weeks is by no means small), as it definitely is a better way to show a sharp contrast between episode 10 and 11.

I'm quite satisfied how they handled Rikka's complex feelings in there, without going too much on the flipping switch tangeant: as expected, she isn't fully "Takanashi Rikka" and still has quite some remnants of "True Eye of the Wicked King" tendencies, but it is a good touch.
Speaking of which, her efforts are quite cute and amusing: all of her 何 question variations took me offguard, so was Yuuta :heh: Likewise, good to see Rikka doing the first step with her classmates this way. Not like it was anything hard, but the attempt itself is quite important (she surely was briefed quite well by Shinka).

I was expecting Rikka's mother not being discussed that much, but it is quite relieving they didn't ignore that part and did cover the fact that Rikka obviously doesn't have a grudge, but still can't go against her awkward "emptiness" from discarding her chuunibyou like that.

That said, Sanae got the utter short end of a stick, and I can see why Rikka was quite worked up, as she was also trying not to fall back in chuunibyou, but at the same time, Sanae is a friend, so having both on the balance dealt a certain effect, to which Shinka and Yuuta had to deal with sooner or later (which makes me wonder how Sanae's "graduation" will be, even moreso since she is a anime only character).

I'm pretty sure some people will once again blame Yuuta for the last part of the episode, but as far as the series goes, there is nothing left but to make sure everything does not go back to square one, and putting things straight with Sanae was the only practical option there. Considering how she absolutely ignored Rikka's struggle to stay away from chuunibyou, despite the bridge and club room periods, better deal with this, and it surely wasn't easy and pleasant for Yuuta either.

Now, I'm really curious how they will wrap things with next episode, considering I can't imagine everything to be normal by the end of the series, although having full chuuni would make the recent events a tad... moot then.

houkoholic 2012-12-12 13:30

Pretty heavy episode. Rikka without her chuunibyou is like a walking zombie with all her life forces sucked out from her, but since we already knew that this is going to end on a happy note next episode is undoubtedly about how they find the right balance for her normal self and her chuunibyou such that Rikka doesn't have to sacrifice her own happiness in order to please others, how Yuuta and the other club members going to participate in this process would be the key on whether this series can end on a high note or not.

Also Uesaka Sumire's acting of Dekomori was hands down the best seiyuu performance of this episode. Dekomori was beaten down so many times this episode and with many scenes of her crying and delivering lines at the same time it's hard to believe that level of emotional delivery came from someone whom only had her first recurring character role at the beginning of this year and no more than another handful since then to build up her experience. Thanks to Sumpie's powerful performance in a lot of ways it was more heart aching to see Dekomori's reaction towards losing her master than watching Rikka mopping around like a zombie.

Kaoru Chujo 2012-12-12 13:50

The story is evolving well. I'm so glad that they appear to be planning somewhat of a return to at least the trappings of chuunibyou in the next (and temporarily final) episode. This episode was moving to the point of making me depressed.

I was one who blamed Yuuta for his abrupt command in the previous episode, but I don't blame him for what he is doing here, because I can see how conflicted he is and have hope he will somewhat relent. Of course it is best to be more normal, but to reject all that she (or he) has been would be unhealthy. This lifeless Rikka is no good. I'm hoping and expecting that they will set out together to find the ethereal horizon, and will find it.

Uesaka Sumire was definitely the seiyuu star of this episode. But in rewatching last week's episode, I gained respect for Uchida Maaya, too. She had some little movements in her voice that were really effective.

ellessarr 2012-12-12 18:19

awesome episode the drama go to very high levels omg, yuuta u really made a enemy with me, u are a freaking shame coward u keep see rikkar suffer and do nothing just keep watching not only her but the others girls too(dekomori and shinta) suffer with everthing is happen, even shinta was disgusted with everything who is happen even YOU are disgusted and u still keep doing this shit until the end, even she looking at you with her eyes claim for help, u are a freaking monster rikkar deserves a better guy than this stupid coward.

Mura 2012-12-12 18:20

Really liked the episode, very emotional for me. Especially the scene with Shinka and Dekomori in the hallway. A very distinct message that things were changing for the group. I ship Yuuta x Touka now because of the beginning of the episode.;)

Midonin 2012-12-12 18:28

Chu2Koi 11 - You'll See It's All A Show (Heart, Body and Mind)

I was going to say this next week, but as a preface, it's perhaps better suited to this week. Most things related to Key have basically flown over my head. I enjoyed Angel Beats, and tried out the first season of Clannad on a whim, but it basically went in one ear and out the other. So the second half of the series has been, like everything with KyoAni, well produced, but the parts that made like it in the beginning have basically been snuffed out. I get that that was the point for this episode in particular, but it's not the kind of emotions I'm looking for.

The new Rikka in particular is kinda dull. And the episode reflected this with the washed out color patterns and such. Sanae was easily the best part, because she was still riding on the power of imagination. So what if everything they've been doing isn't real? If it has meaning to them, that's okay. "Normal" is highly subject to change, especially within different social circles, and seeing the OMNSS being disbanded just isn't right. I side completely with Sanae here.

So maybe all things have to end eventually, but Rikka should end it on her own terms. She has more in common with Mori Summer and Sanae and Kumin than those other girls in her class. They're a band of misfits... but that's what makes them great.

Elestia 2012-12-12 18:37

The ending BGM when Dekomori was yelling at Yuuta was perfect in capturing the emotions that were rushing out from both characters. The performance by Dekomori's Sumire deserves a lot of praise too.

Soverence 2012-12-12 18:47

Dekomori really made this episode for me, she was already my favorite character and still is even more so after this episode, I feel sorry for her, she basically lost her best friend :( . The voice acting of her character was so emotional and well done on top of it which just made her part that much more perfect.

Goggen 2012-12-12 18:50

Well, I guess we know now how being made to drop her chuuni negatively affects Rikka. She has lost her identity and her own will. She's like a robot now, saying and doing anything and everything she thinks the "normal" people around her expect of her, while denying herself her own wishes and ideals. Seeing the usually spirited and energetic Rikka so utterly empty of joy now is just really sad.

Now, I know people are gonna be jumping on the Yuuta hate-wagon, but in his defense - he's obviously not happy about the situation. He didn't want this. He's just someone in a difficult position, trying to handle it as best he can. His own feeling is, and always was, to let Rikka be Rikka - it's just that Touka finally wore him down with her viewpoint. He did what he thought was right based on what Touka told him. He was wrong, but being wrong doesn't make you a bad person.

Only thing I didn't like about this episode on first viewing was the drama with Dekomori halfway through (right before the eyecatch), though I did appreciate getting to see Shinka's caring side. I just thought Deko's crying was too much melodrama for the sake of melodrama, but I think I was wrong about that in retrospect after having seen the rest of the episode and now understanding where they were going with it. I'll probably feel very different about that scene when I re-watch the episode.

But damn, the wait for next week's final episode is going to be long.

RRW 2012-12-12 18:58

I dunno what to say. it certainly good episode. but I think they take chuuni issue bit too seriously.

Deko reaction is understandable since all she want to have her old friend back. bit over the top but that expected from chuuni

The way Rikka remove all her chuuni is bit...extreme you can say.

well i know that the reason of her chuuni is to find eternal horizon. now she knows that it didnt exist so there is no point of her chuuni.

but the way she become normal is just to forced and unnatural. she even try to ignore all cool stuff that even normal person will say wow.

compare to Yuuta where he still take interest in "cool stuff" and Shinka which she still keep all her book.

also make me wonder what is the real issue between Rikka and her mom. is her mom really hates chuuni? or is it just lack of communication?

Yuuta conflict definitely interesting. He have to decide which one is best for Rikka as her boyfriend. "normal" Rikka or "Chuuni" Rikka.

I like Shinka role as observer. She definitely have Yuuta conflict. but instead making choice, she just help Yuuta to make choice for her since she knows Yuuta know better about the situation.

Polarpew 2012-12-12 19:05

lots of emotions here this episode, wonderful how the lighting was, considerable more grey and dark than previous episodes.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2012-12-12 19:08

What a painful episode. I feel sorry for Dekomori because she is so desperately trying to cling onto her one "master" whom she trust and arguably her best friend. I feel sorry for Rikka because she is like a living corpse whose life force has been sucked out. I feel sorry for Yuuta because the changed Rikka is quite unfamiliar to him and he is struggling to reconcile with that.

Reiterating what others have said, while it is a good thing that Rikka is making an effort to change, such move can only come from her own free will. She changes because she thinks that is what puts Yuuta and her family at ease. I don't think Rikka has fully accepted her father's death, and since her chuunibyou syndrome serves as a coping mechanism, removing that so suddenly will inevitably produce a negative outcome. She needs to take one step at a time. Rikka is being too ambitious. She should realize that her being cured of the syndrome should occur after she faces her demon.

Elestia 2012-12-12 19:13


Originally Posted by RRW (Post 4472468)
but the way she become normal is just to forced and unnatural. she even try to ignore all cool stuff that even normal person will say wow.

It's probably due to Rikka's own clumsy way to get rid of her chuuni tendencies. Is it extreme? Sure, but you have to remember she surrounded herself with her own chuuni fantasies ever since her father suddenly died when she was a child. If you also take into account her sister and grandfather's disapproving stance on her chuuni behavior, then she believes she is merely acting in a way that meets their expectations; to be a "normal" high school girl. However, she does not have any experience acting in any other way than she is used to. She also did really enjoy her chuuni times, but the idea of denying it in order to "grow up and accept reality" puts her at a lost at what to do.

Goggen 2012-12-12 19:14


Originally Posted by RRW (Post 4472468)
IDeko reaction is understandable since all she want to have her old friend back. bit over the top but that expected from chuuni

Wanting her friend back is not really all, though. It's also that she knows better than anyone that Rikka is actually hurting. Rikka has been confiding in her for two years, she knows exactly what she's feeling. That's why she was yelling at Yuuta after Rikka's train left - she knows exactly what Rikka was secretly hoping to hear, and it breaks her heart to see the (probably) oblivious Yuuta not coming through for her.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2012-12-12 19:16


Originally Posted by Goggen (Post 4472488)
Wanting her friend back is not really all, though. It's also that she knows better than anyone that Rikka is actually hurting. Rikka has been confiding in her for two years, she knows exactly what she's feeling. That's why she was yelling at Yuuta after Rikka's train left - she knows exactly what Rikka was secretly hoping to hear, and it breaks her heart to see the (probably) oblivious Yuuta not coming through for her.

Yeah, I am touched by her concern for her "master". I guess in the end, what she wants most is for Rikka to be happy.

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