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hollowification 2012-12-13 21:03

If you could create your own manga what will it be?
hey i created a thread long ago on manga fox and it goes strongly til now.......

This thread is basically if you could create your own manga what will it be... the whole deal is basic story line ,Genre ,Character ,etc

look this one of many story lines i done for manga....

Young 16 yr old guy who been in foster system and he live with foster family with 2 girls 1 boy he does not like it at all and wishes to be free from all it want to live on his own he like this singer snow and like to watch movies with kick ass action movies but he like bit romance movie anyway he find out nobody had sign off the legal right so technically he finds his father name and address goes to search for him what did he see a mansion then stop by security he ask them is this man live here i have to see him so the security come to house with him butler answer told him to stay here man comes down he said no way shinji akuraya the actor?? he reply yes i am are u a fan big fan he reply thank you but why are u here in my doorstep are u selling me something no i am i actually hold half ur DNA he reply what? i am your son he shrug it off saying no no i got ur name from my foster system saw ur name and here i am technically u are my father u never sign your legal right.... i need you sign this and i want to know who my mother he sign off then tell him her name and then said suzu kyriyama wait snow she my mother singer he said yes

whole deal that two people who are both in music & movie industry

dealing with fact that the child that they gave up has found them are then legally bounded by the court and then child is now in magazine and news that both most popular singer & actor has child together.

drama bit of comedy romance

two people who where in love disappeared from the life's but where reunited when a son that she gave up for adoption found them and now they becoming a family

We read Body swapping manga from woman and man body swapping both man and woman etc, How bout teacher and student body swapping

Miss rukia asyukirya is a typically strong woman she has hair tied always back in ball she very strict in her lesson call her evil witch by students but one guy name shinji calls her dragon lady while other she hate being nicknamed anyways one day the was accident they yelling on stair well she put her foot back slip while shinji say watch out he grab her hands protect her he was underneath her then he open his eyes then see himself open his own eyes

they both body swap which became nightmare in the eyes but beginning of love story for them brought evil witch image to piece while student in body grown woman teach the class..

comedy romance drama

teacher and student body swap when they fell down steps this is beginning of bizarre drama romance

creb 2012-12-14 01:11

Character-driven sci-fi set in a near future where a conflict brews over a planetary system and its resources.

Ideally, the manga would do its best to balance the alternating tugs of motives of all involved, taking a deep look at it all, and thus time would pass very slowly over the course of the series. Kind of like how the show 24 managed to fit so much into 24 hours, I can envision this manga going years, but only actually covering a month long conflict.

It would also show how nothing is black and white, and how regardless of what the motives of those who orchestrated the conflict are, the actual soldiers in the field have their own set of issues they confront and deal with.

The tech would be relatively realistic; just enough beyond what we have at present that would allow wars fought over planets to be feasible. It doesn't necessarily have to try to explain how humanity went from Earth to being a galaxy-spanning species. The focus should be on the people involved, more than the actual setting.

The economics behind this, from how markets play out when your societies are able to strip mine planets, to what resources are needed to wage war on these scales would be looked at in depth (and this particular "war" would be portrayed more as a local conflict; perhaps slowly letting the reader realize everything they become invested into through the course of the series is being repeated umpteen times over in other corners of the known inhabited universe). A lot of these issues would be portrayed through shifting the point of view between a huge cast of characters, ranging from the front line shock trooper, to the accountant of a fuel depot.

Ideally this manga would attempt to tell this conflict through the eyes of as many people caught up in it as possible.

There wouldn't be any aliens. It would be entirely human-driven.

I'd make it a monthly serialization, with a 60 page chapter/month, published over the course of twenty years.

Hooves 2012-12-15 16:35

So many views for this thread. Would definitely like to read people's ideas for a manga :p Unless they are keeping it a secret *looks around*

hollowification 2012-12-16 05:52


Originally Posted by Hooves (Post 4476218)
So many views for this thread. Would definitely like to read people's ideas for a manga :p Unless they are keeping it a secret *looks around*

well we like it show how fan of manga would create the own ones.

story i would create is bout

17 yr old Guy name akira shinokimyia is delinquent great fighter and is current member of Dragon crew which traditional crew that goes back to late 50s any ways he has problem he is in love with his teacher hinata kursuki while during the event she start to have feeling for him.... but when he at home he love his family except his brother in law which he hate to him because he took his sister away they got married any ways thing change when he find out when he got to his school find out that his brother in law is taking over home room class which he revolted again he got up and he said mr shinokimyia sit down he look back akira said i wont take lesson from tutor for children his crew who in class room walk out which 10 people out 19 class mean 20 one absent. even girls are part of crew, which got disappointment from school principal when home room teacher sitting outside waiting for temp teacher to fill in for new teacher role then see her student walk out. she told them why are u leave the class room the bastard man up there i dont want to be taught by tutor who study kids.

comedy romance drama

Dragonkid11 2012-12-17 07:55

Alright,here's a ridiculous description of my story.

So,here's your average fantasy genre village,inhabited by humans,doing their jobs.And then there was this dragon wanting to eat everyone,surely there's a sword wielding hero slay the dragon and save the village?

The hardness of the scales of the dragon is legendary,so is the people that slayed it.Unfortunately,those legends are centuries-old and not everyone can kill a several dozens meters tall monster.

Don't worry however,as the heroes DO arrive,in the form of the infamous murderous Queen with her tamed beast.However,in reality,she not really evil.Okay,she may have killed tens of thousands of people,but they are slavers,raiders and politicians,so that's okay.No,she did not enslaved a ENTIRE species of giant black insect like being...something.They are the reason why she is a Queen.It's a hive mind.Yes,I know there is something wrong when the Hive Queen is a red headed and hot blooded(In both sense) human when the reast of the hive is considered of variety of insectoid aliens that have different characteristic such as having four arms,being either twice as tall or as short as a human,being much much stronger than just about everything else in similar size,and the terrible of all,they speak WITH BRITISH ACCENT.That's terrible,they are not as evil as Imperial British,no one deserved that.

And just to hit the point above being alien.They use guns a lot more than giant sword,like Glock,Uzi,RPK,Browning M2 and Gau 8.They also use fancy weapon like fusion rifle,but it's not like you need that for dragons or angry exorcists,right?

WRONG,terrible terribly WRONG.The Queen is as suprised as the viewers when the local religious cult started bringing LASER GUN while your roman army look alike raider wielding auto rocket rifle just because they can.Something is very wrong with this place...well,maybe you should take notice that this entire place is literally underground.Yes,somebody casted magic so that this place would flourish and the inhabitants will not realize that they are in fact several kilometers underground.Yes,it's perfectly normal when you started seeing Aztec use chocolate powered magic and totem super robot powered by nuclear magic(or magic nuclear,whatever that suit your taste of insanity).

Anyway,this manga is definitely not shounen and I hoped to EXCEL the grimdarkness of various dark fantasy manga such as Berserk and Ubel Blatt.For an example,one of the supporting character who is a guy that look like a lady(Just to screw with shotacon),has his penis cut off by raider,his YOUNGER sister(He is 14 when it happen by the way) and mother got raped.His mom then suicided out of shame and he has to do shady jobs to make sure his sister do not have to marry to remember the pain.Of course,later in the story,he got his revenge and his ball back(Let's just say the four armed mad scientist who look like ALIEN on steroid and can be as scary as one as well,which even the Queen is slightly afraid of him has some method on maintaining fertility)However,that didn't happen until the Queen sneak up on him in the bathhouse to have "teenage sex relief" and found out that he didn't have THAT and proceed to call air transport to get them to the raider base and murder everyone in the base.

Yes,our main character is not just a villain,but also have raging sex problem.Within the entire series,let's just say that she had more sex with women that Rance does...she does not approve political marriage however.Oh,did I mention that her goal is to rule the world for peace?through superior firepower?Well,she did rule the surface world with a lot of stun gas and end the war with zero soldier death and several hundreds of thousands of civilian death(If you count corrupt asshole as civilian).People of the underground is rather hard to convince that peace is better than rape,burn and pillage.So firepower is necessary,A lot of it.The Hive Mind isn't called the world importer of A-10 for a reason...The great A-10 is airplane build onto a giant gun that should be respected.Respect the A-10 and it will help you greatly.It also helps that the Hive Mind has technology that can create things out of nothing,so the bullet capacity of the A-10 is increased by infinite,which is great!!!

Anyway,here's a condensed description about the hive.The hive minds are consisted of many kind of creature know as Biolings,the one the Queen currently control is known as Behrisoth 1st(There is 107 more through out the Milky Way by the way). In this hive,the colors of the biolings is black over dark green.The Bioling's main kingdom is insect.Also,in all hive.There is a species specialized to protect mainly the queen.That species is known as the Guardian which is called....well,I haven't thought of fancy alien name for that yet so....Anyway,there is one in each hive,and the one here is called Albatross(Yes,I know it a name of a giant bird).He is supposed to look like a giant armor,a rather Organic looking knight armor.All Guardians are meant to have morphing power like Alex Mercer,except with more weird energy thing and more dakka.

Basically,in a nutshell,the story is about a human named Marimo Miyako who has special gene that allowed her to control hive minds that has been created by a ancient alien being called themselves the Creator(Literally),and she planned to use the hive to pave a road of peace through superior firepower in the dark underground,where elfs,dwarfs,dragons,trolls,magic,cultists,ungratef ul bastards,human monsters,nazis,princesses,Chulthu existed.There will be lots of blood.There will be flying limbs.There will be dakkas.There will be food porn.There will be lesbian sexs.There will be rapes.There ALSO will be counter-rapes.There will be assholes.There will be karma

There will be Queen,and her justice.Also,EAGLE.

Genre:seinen,adult,comedy(mostly black),fantasy,sci-fi,economy,drama,politic,yuri(lots),action,mecha( Also lots),adventure,harem,historical(?),supernatural

This,is in fact just the 1st part of INTRODUCTION to my storyverse.Maybe I will post more about other things such as military organization that redefined mech musume like Madoka Magica(Also pack full of lesbian sex and fanservice),super hot blooded robots that has firepower and awesomeness that pierce through the heaven fight against psychic people that can throw Manhattan like ninja star and form LIGHT SABER through sheer willpower,a cosmic horror story where ALL the above characters are hopeless against this something(At the beginning) and humanity have to fight anyway with lots of death.

That is if the thread has more posts...I will feel like I'm the one who make the thread to brag about how awesome my story is.:eyespin:

demino_hellsin 2012-12-17 09:20

for romance and slice of life:

A young man lives with his strange family. Everyone is an overachiever in their own respective fields. A father who is a famous doctor and archaeologist. A mother who is a famous fashion designer and entrepreneur. A sister who excels in performance and fine arts. A brother that has made it his life's work to study the cultures of war and combat in every country. This leaves him with no idea what to pursue and live a drab and gray life. He meets a classmate whose been hospitalized for nearly her whole life. They learn from each other, he whose seen more than enough of the world and she who wants to see the world more than anyone.

I also have shonen manga somewhere in my brain but I need time to remember it.

hollowification 2012-12-24 06:39

just thought of one this one is bout Drama romance tragedy

This story of two people who are fall in love but the ages 12 yrs diffrent 16 yr old kazuki was normal student perfect score he was good looking but problem is that he want to be loved not be lusted by girls in school.

then he meet aunty best friend asuna who 28 same ages as his aunty soon the forbidden romance, it made her believe in love again they dinner together go on date together sleep together etc they where most happiest couple but got judge by her parent his parent and best friend finding out that guy she in love with his her own nephew.

any ways they did not care but one day kazuki get hit by a car and and dies in hospital holding his gf hand telling her he love her forever

she could not handle it after they buried him like someone rip her heart out, her best friend and nephew was still sad but check on her until it was to late she came to her house find her dead on in living room with note saying

my life was most happest time i was with my bf kazuki i love him so much and i could not live without him so i decided to end it all be with him again even meaning of taking my life but i cant live in world where he not.

mina said she was stronger then killing her self until doctors did autopsy found out she did not kill her self but her body was healthy no wound no nothing in her system just her heart...

mina said she died of broken heart

drama romance tragic

NoemiChan 2012-12-24 08:01

Epical War Romance Manga

> A war torn world where the male MC goes on a journey for the sake of his family and find a love he never knew that he will encounter along the way and that will give hml more reason to end the war for his love's and everyone's future.

Chapter 1 is done

Asuras 2012-12-27 16:42

A series of stories within the same setting involving one or several individuals path through, into, and out of danger and peace.

The setting is a future Earth, covered primarily by an Ecumenopolis with rare instances of wildlife preserves. The world is governed in a strange way, with multiple old countries we know today being absorbed by larger ones to reduce the number of sovereign nations on Earth. What's more, every nation no matter how large, is control economically by a single megacorporation called TEM-Tech which is the only manufacturer, researcher, and seller of TEM-based products. TEM (Trans-Existential Matter) was discovered by a single scientist years ago, who also created the first TEM-Generator; a perpetual energy machine that could power entire cities, yet was capable of fitting inside a home. She commit suicide a year later, for unknown causes. TEM-Tech produces a number of military weaponry and machines, and is rumored to be gearing up to take total control over the world, eliminating all governments.

The story would follow several characters as stated before:

A high school boy who is a fervent enthusiast in the online activities of a so-called "underground preparation group" readying themselves for the inevitable war TEM-Tech will wage on Earth. Eventually he encounters a convoy owned by TEM-Tech that quickly becomes a firefight between the underground group and TEM-Tech on the streets. The convoy is revealed to be carrying "PUPPETS", cybernetically enhanced humans with a connection to something known only as "NORA". The high school boy escapes with one of the Puppets -which appears as a young girl- thinking he can use it as some sort of wager to be let into the underground group. He is let in, and thus begins his adventures as a rebel attempting to take on TEM-Tech.

The second story revolves around a female mechanic who works in the lower city levels to fix vehicles and the like. One day, she is visited by a giant cloaked in a hood, which reveals itself to be a rather large and formidable robot automaton calling himself "Stali". Stali is apparently severely wounded by gunshots and asks for her to repair him to the best of her ability. The mechanic is dragged into a black ops war involving Stali and his attempted escape from an unknown secretive organization, and his quest to understand his purpose and origin in this world.

The third and final story revolves around a duo (a boy and a girl) living homeless in the outer city, a quarantined zone where "Children of the Shadsewn" are thrown away. The Shadsewn are recently-identified intelligent alien lifeforms that appeared in the solar system months ago. While they appear dormant and inactive in their large ships, sightings have been reported on Earth itself, and young individuals have been known to be contacted by the Shadsewn and implanted with a dark crystal somewhere on their body. The crystal grants them psychokinetic powers, a terrifying idea to normal humans. Periodic genocides against the Children are carried out by government-sanctioned mercenary groups looking to thin the population of Children. Their story involves trying to survive in the terrible world, as well as trying to escape somewhere safer, as well as discover the truth behind their status as a Child of the Shadsewn.

At certain points their stories will overlap, and some will persist for a fairly long period of time. The story eventually leads to a much larger existence involved, one even the mighty TEM-Tech is not prepared to face.

Rather than a manga, I plan to start a light novel here on Animesuki about this considering the apparent rise in number of original light novels being produced here, but first I need a drawing tablet! :heh:

kerryjosber 2012-12-28 08:53

yeah,i think so. also have shonen manga somewhere in my brain but I need time to remember it.thanks for your sharing,

demino_hellsin 2012-12-31 21:37

One of the seinen manga in my brain involves magic.

All magic in the world is governed by language, or words to be precise. There are as many systems of magic as there are languages and sub schools as there are dialects. But one young man gained the knowledge to use all of these magicks. He inherited the mother language of babel which is understood by the spirits that power the varying magic systems. He is then hunted down by various magicians who want to extract the knowledge of babel.

MisaoFan 2013-01-01 15:40

I'm currently working on my own shounen manga and here's the summary :

The story revolves around a highschool student named Kohaku Sakaki who lives in a rather ordinary school life. Until one day, he gets attacked by an army of magicians coming from another world, but a young goddess named Brahma suddenly saves him. Unfortunately, things get rather busy when he gets involved in a rather silly love triangle with both her and his childhood friend Hiruko Tsugihara.

hollowification 2013-01-02 07:39

bout a story bout couple who in all school thought to be cozy couple but the have secret the husband and wife only thing is they can body swap at will by simple kiss

comedy romance drama

another manga would be bout

older female & younger male romance with twist

this two who meet while akira was on vacation with his family while Suzuki older female around 25 not found love meet young guy they hang out then fall in love have one night stand which was ironically her first time lol even she looking dead sexy compare to normal hot model or actress as point she find out he student and only 16 which she got angry sleep with him left ironically they have not spoken ever since even when they gave exchange numbers...... while her folks ask her to meet a men she refuses cause she hold terrible secret she pregnant with akira baby but refuse to call him until she got some how transferred to Mikshinyim high school which akira tend and is ironically his new home room teacher soon they come term of the elephant which cause conflict in class when she punish him cause he took one thing that that special to girl her virginity anyways he over hear that she pregnant which shocking he has few friends who been with him one who like him but when he find out time line between he sleeping and fact is she was his first then started a war inside his mind saying going to be dad then he confront suzuki in rain which she had shocking look she said in her mind oh no he know she runs he grab her said i be with u and our child confronting is she crying she hurt him in tearful cry....

then soon baby born but twist of it is the child name karin can talk not even day old karin can talk which shock the parent of both which they automatically loved her knowing when she need feed or change her diaper they have communication

comedy romance drama

demino_hellsin 2013-01-03 07:10

Weird shoujo story.

A bar owner gets a customer one day who actually turns out to be the daughter of his ex-somewhat-maybe-girlfriend. The story would revolve around the bar owner's past as the girl would want to learn more about her mother's life.

The bar owner didn't change much since his childhood, introverted and stoic. He mastered many things like sports, martial arts and even cooking and etc., for the sake of impressing various girls who expressed like in each field. He never did succeed. He meets the mother of the girl who turned out to be studying in the same highschool he did. She was running from her then boyfriend and the bar owner was dragged into fighting him off. Turns out that the mother was a loose party girl. She starts clinging to the bar owner in hopes of using him like she's done to so many other guys. At this point the bar owner is so over getting a relationship that he doesn't bat an eyelash at her advances. He agrees to fake it with her.

hollowification 2013-01-05 19:44

Bout 16 yr old prince Daisuke heir to throne has his pick of most beautiful princess from around the world but his face never shown to public or picture none each time took snap shot body guard grab camera destroyed it cause he want it. protect his image keep his identity a secret, Then soon after See popular singer snow which he decided to take few month off from princess and enroll in school forging paper work where she attend then he make friends during time he was there he meet snow and soon they have love hate relationship which first hate then turn to love any ways he told her she love her and then the was kissing soon turn bad when paperazzi took shot of him and her together they ran away when she over hear the words prince daisuke then when they lose the paperazzi she confront him learn the truth that he was not simple transfer student but powerful prince.

which she felt betry to been lied to but soon daisuke leave return home cause he been called home his private life been sent all way home. then snow finally relise she in love with him then goes to his side decided tell him that she love him then soon after they become now she work as both princess & singer which more body guard watching over her while husband by her side

its bout prince who fall in love with most popular idol

comedy romance drama

its bout this guy get into collage he 18 yr make some friend but soon he meet woman forbidden romance begin what happen when recently divorce woman find new love with him find reason not give up on love and life soon these two get together she felt so happy and soon she falls pregnant when her mother found out bout relationship it hit roof because guy who she been dating is in fact her god son and was there when she was born

comedy romance drama

bout romance between 18 yr old guy and 38 yr old woman 2 people fall in love and bring child into world.

xland44 2013-01-13 14:00

Hmm, if I could make my own anime/manga, I'd make.....
OK, heres an intro I'm going to take out of the top of my head:
In a world where no one is truly alive, a world where everybody has a pain or sadness that he can't wash away, in a world that there is no 'second chance' after death, where sadness is common and happiness is rare, ____ ____ (The character's name. Didn't give it much thought. :P) has a problem much worse than 'the norm.' He doesn't even remember his problem from his previous life, or why he died at such a young age. To tell the truth, he doesn't even know his age. Fighting the only people who may know something about the previous life, and why people were sent to this world filled with pain, ____ ____ must fight with his friends against evil and leave this god-forsaken world.

MisaoFan 2013-01-14 06:17


Originally Posted by xland44 (Post 4511657)
Hmm, if I could make my own anime/manga, I'd make.....
OK, heres an intro I'm going to take out of the top of my head:
In a world where no one is truly alive, a world where everybody has a pain or sadness that he can't wash away, in a world that there is no 'second chance' after death, where sadness is common and happiness is rare, ____ ____ (The character's name. Didn't give it much thought. :P) has a problem much worse than 'the norm.' He doesn't even remember his problem from his previous life, or why he died at such a young age. To tell the truth, he doesn't even know his age. Fighting the only people who may know something about the previous life, and why people were sent to this world filled with pain, ____ ____ must fight with his friends against evil and leave this god-forsaken world.

This premise sound interesting, and I'd like to know which setting it may take place (though this kind of premise most likely fit for either post-apocalyptic or dark fantasy works). As far the action goes, does it include people with supernatural powers ?

hollowification 2013-01-18 20:23

I want to make another one this would be anime if manga was done

Its bout 16 yr old kazuki who suddenly get him self transported to another world but not just any world but fairy tale world where he meet snow white prince charming sleeping beauty and etc as he find way out of the world but some how snow white start to fall for kazuki but as they do battle with evil queen

comedy romance drama magic

What happen when 16 yr old guy ichigo delinquent in school suddenly meet his match in a female delinquent who suddenly transfer to his school they at first hate each other soon they bicker with each other to other deliquent see group of girls and group of guys fight each other this time they dont stand the watch two delinquent yell at each other

then suddenly they find them self falling in love

love hate relationship

comedy romance drama

what happen when 17 yr old guy and 23 yr old woman souls switch when they enter together in carnival mystery mirror suddenly they see them self in mirror then it glowed soul where switch now when they woke up in the bed of each other alone.

then they try find each other then scream then try to go back to carnival but it no longer there anger and bout how and why they where affected try do everything read books supernatural ones try to figure out but soon try different measure they try do something insane try bungee jumping enough scare em the souls into other form but nothing then they choice kiss but nothing soon after they had to tell the family then they soon agreement they be together while both family who are still cant get over this supernatural couple they did something which older sister said out loud just has joke do each other so they did which resulted in................................................ .. nothing but resulted in pregnancy guy is in body of 23 yr old woman soon after baby was born the mind started slowly fading they become m ore like each other which resulted in memory getting screwed up til point they become each other forgetting who they where memory completely missing amnesia they only remember the family faces as familer

comedy romance drama gender bender

They say bury the dead the right way no spirits will haunt you, but bury ur dead incorrectly hell would break loose

This how high school student who buried the dead incorrectly his first day part time job in funeral industry ichigo hinato who on his first task alone who watch his boss and co worker do it they leave for break and gave him instruction on how do it his first job was young woman beautiful model overdose by accident so he did the job draining the blood cutting her up removing organs but he missed two vital organs the brain and the heart thought he removed it then he went to see first successful thing he did but remember did he remove those part then remember something in news the body of Late daughter hina shinokuyo billionaire daughter & model grave was defiled and look like somebody crawled out of the grave thinking she was alive but on new said that recent attacks have been announce come to hand 5 people in town of Hokkaido from where ichigo sent dead women he lived in tokyo watching live new saying 5 victims where bitten by unknown woman in white dress one victim age 15 said it was the model hina shinokyo i saw her but the was something off she was always smiling even in her model career she was gentle woman but her eyes where haunting the most they lifeless she did not say word she groan like she was animal then she attack me bit me hurt like hell lucky some hero on street pulled her off me.

guy tended my bite wound then she jump on my saviour then biting him on the neck as soon as soon they talking to saviour they here a scream then see nurse running out of one of patient room where saved young 15 yr old girl room on her arms she was bitten blood dripping camera recorded. which appeared live the nurse was on the floor then u see one of guy who had bite mark on his neck.

which derange look then turn then started attacking nurse which security was called and tried remove man then he pushed guy out of the way when officer shot and killed the man when nurse died on floor she got up and actually attack the doctors who was working on her which girl reporting in frantic tone u saw it here victims of hina the models are returning to life attacking the living while 15 yr old girl who was in room where her family was getting coffee saw her jumping on reporter as she screaming seening her biting her neck.

As the seen all on network scare drew all people in city of Hokkaido panics by before they could issue the release Japanese government had already sent out National Guard to deal with the walking undead and blocked the roads coming in and out of Hokkaido by then with in those 3 hours 25% of town population been infected became the walking dead which ichigo has explain to his work mate that this is he doing but before he said he caused the problem the news has come back and said we have another case of another outbreak in town of Osaka what the **** is going on zombie then with this news ichigo said ok i am getting **** out of here he run jump on his motor bike drive home but remember his parent in hawaii he called the cell which picked up said do not come back to japan they asking why he said then her brother talking saying this why out break in japan the dead walk it happening.

then her mother said something on tv said dead walking in japan unknown virus as affected 5 town he said 5 i was at my work it said two town affected, he name all of them when came to last one he studdered said tokyo bhas been affected ichigo replies what he looked outside hearing moaning look said 2 zombies his parent said whats up 2 zombie walking up streets how do u know well blood pouring out of the mouth then i hear screams over on the end Hawaii been affected dead are here line cut off.

he remember his dad in army he grab guns ammo took to the street firing at zombie then when they died he breath then took off again car which his dad own hummer when driving trying to focus on radio dead walking we cant stop infected people.

When his driving he see the dead more coming he look up see it fire and gun fire it gone to hell he notice girl on street who getting attack he save her he thank her she keep on walking he told her her name rika she was oddly enough sister of hina the model first zombie to appear after this they team together only fall in love while dealing with hordes of dead and no fulling normal japanese people who gone insane cause of the outbreak

horror action romance

Another one would be 6 woman who age from 14 to 30 which they look only fact is these woman where former humans they given powers and soon evolved from human to claims of being goddess soon after that the was battle up in heavenly world where they stop growing old and been sitting watching everything for 2000 yrs until they found a Japanese guy 15 yr old hiro hikado found goddess power put it on now he transform into woman does battle soon after he does battle he was welcomed with open arms to world of heavenly which all girls there are beautiful sexy oh yes horny.

comedy romance drama echhi mature

Well next story i made is Bout Guy who this major pop star his family disowned him because he choice to be rock star instead of working in family business now family have settle the diffrent when things changed when hiro went on vacation now his manger made his twin sister who look bit like hiro rina to dresses up like her brother and sings while hiro girlfriend did not know rina and hiro are twins when she lock lips with rina and finds out later on she was locking lips with woman

this story how rina cross dress as her brother the rock star while he on vacation

comedy romance drama yuri

The government as issued marriage law that allow 15 yr old to get married but they must under take program Called married go round, people who trap on island govern by japan law meet ur matches this how 16 yr old guy name junpei suzikiya guy who decide to take whack at it when he saw ad on tv which he called up and ask by that time he finds out his child hood friends Narue hintaru who been in love with junpei since the kids saw him get on bus which frankly she join the program as well and now she tries to meddle in his persuite of a girl every time he tries introduce himself get to know fellow female candidate she jump in start blabbing bout something embrassing thing or made up problem he has which at the end he had enough he slap her at midnite after he thought last girl he wanteded to talk to she made up some problem like his perverted guy he had it walk off after she slap him then walk off then when she told him she loved him he turn around said i dont love u i like u as friend but that friendship as broken what u did today i can never forgive u i wanted to find happiness u tries sabotage it ruin it then he slap her walk away then next morning he manage to find not teenage girl but adult 26 yr old woman name maya itsagura who ironically was staff of the match matching but he fell for her then this two manage to be ahead of each other they held hands and told mayu i want you to be my partner i want to be with with tears running down her face and her hands on her mouth excited then she said yes leap into his arm where narue was looking behind the tree with surprise look then see her slip away.

the family heard bout the girl he liked they came to island watch them get married as soon as they reach her house then notice next 2 day wife had to go to work now newly wedded junpei return to his school well his friend congratulated him on his marriage but they did not know who was the wife until the home room teacher walk into the door they know her name was maya itsagura she walk into the door said hi my lovely class as you might know that i got married flashing her ring to wonderful guy and i want you to call me by the new last name suzikiya

everyone i like to meet my husband junpei everyone said what

comedy romance drama

demino_hellsin 2013-01-19 21:39

Hundreds of years into the future, the world is ravaged. Humanity has not learned and completely polluted their own land. A disaster strikes that destroys over 90% of the world's population. Now, Earth is a barren dead planet. Practically no life is supported there with water, air and soil polluted to toxic levels. But there are still people who survive. These are people called Purifiers. They are humans who have gained the power to control and purify the elements. Fire, water, earth, air, lightning, metal just to name a few.

These purifiers live in tribes, each one diverse in their abilities to keep the community alive. One young purifier however wants to break out of the system. He is a water purifier, one of the more important purifier types. His goal is to seek out a land of legend, the only fertile plain on the planet where the air is fresh and waters crystal clear; Eden.

On this journey, he will learn the truth of the past and of the future that awaits the remnants of humanity. Will this course of history change?

Kudryavka 2013-01-20 00:49

My fellow thumping creative brains!

If you have the talent oto make story then you too can bring your vision to life.

I love all your comics! :3

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