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Hunter 2012-12-18 06:52

[Manga] Naruto Chapter 614 Discussion Thread
Welcome to the weekly manga chapter discussion thread. This thread is created early to discuss spoilers and speculation about the upcoming chapter as well as discussion of said chapter once it has been released.

As per the forums rules, please don't ask for or mention about where to download the (licensed) manga. Also remember not to post or link to any translations of the manga, since this is illegal as well. Posting a synopses or summary is fine (and welcome) but please do not discuss scans, raws, translation groups, etc. Additionally, if you are posting someone else's synopsis (or their translation of a synopsis), then please provide credit were credit is due.

Remember that the manga is licensed, do not post significant parts of the chapter. This stands for pictures and direct translations. Summaries are OK, crops of pictures are OK as well if you want to illustrate your point but this is it.

Blaine 2012-12-18 07:04

Looks like
for good.

monster 2012-12-18 07:06


Awrya 2012-12-18 07:07

614 is out.

I totally didn't expect this death coming, or maybe it'll be like with Kakashi, who was revived with Rinne Tensei?
I can't help but think Madara will betray Obito sometime in the future (or the other way around), anyone else thinks so?

ronin myael 2012-12-18 07:11

so kishi is on a roll now huh? he's killing off fairly significant characters now. hmmm... i have to admit i was kinda sad to see this particular character go. i used to be a fan of his after all. oh well...

Soverence 2012-12-18 07:13


Originally Posted by Awrya (Post 4479873)
614 is out.

I totally didn't expect this death coming, or maybe it'll be like with Kakashi, who was revived with Rinne Tensei?
I can't help but think Madara will betray Obito sometime in the future (or the other way around), anyone else thinks so?

I don't take death seriously in a series like this anymore, I usually assume something will revive them since that has seemed to be the case as of recent.

I would have to say that it is probably going to happen, but somehow Madara will turn the betrayal around since I really see him as more of a major villain then Tobi is. I think we could surmise their relationship was not the best just from the backstory that they had together though, now at least we have some actual confirmation of it.

ShiroiRyu 2012-12-18 07:22

Goodbye Neji.

Eragon 2012-12-18 07:37

Well, seems like someone's grown balls. Killing one of the young ones is certainly pretty daring - and he was a fairly developed character as well. Good job Kishi.

This chapter would have been perfect for me if Tobi didn't mention Rinnei Tensei - Why, oh why, do I get this awful feeling that all this good work will be wasted in just one go.

The Small One 2012-12-18 07:47

To me the most interessting part was the comment, that those two may get problems to control the Juubi when it does it's next transformation.
This poses several questions at once: How much transformations are left? How can Madara and Tobi even know that there are other transformations What are they going to do when they lose control?

Kenu 2012-12-18 07:50

Ah finally one of the younger generation good guys dying..

A bit anti climatic and rushed given how long he dragged out Obito's back story and gave Neji only half a chapter. Also ironic how Neji can't spin faster enough to deflect the mokuton spears but is fast enough to jump in the way of a spear heading towards Naruto and Hinata.

ntherblast 2012-12-18 07:51

After next chapter obito betrays madara and revives everyone in the alliance because obito is converted to narutism the same way nagato was converted. Naruto also will wipe his tears leaving obito surprised that he didn't get depressed or go into a rage like obito expects

Eragon 2012-12-18 07:59

^ Don't jinx it man!! Finally he dug up some courage to kill off important - or rather named - characters. (Although, from my post above, I too think its gonna be that way *sigh* But for now, I want to believe)

Kenu 2012-12-18 08:03

The tension between Madara and Obito is somewhat forced... I mean previous chapter they were giving each other virtual high-fives for destroying the Alliance mind. Now it's master slave relationship.. without any real reason.

Kyero Fox 2012-12-18 08:08

Spoiler for Spoilers:

Awrya 2012-12-18 08:14


Originally Posted by Kyero Fox (Post 4479923)
Spoiler for Spoilers:

It's the usual thing, villain is certain of victory and jeers at hero, until hero turns it around.

TimeMask 2012-12-18 08:30

Neji dying was unexpected but maybe Kishi didn't want to give Neji much panel time in the future so he decided to sacrifice him in this chapter.

Ten Tails wood release being used from its fingers reminded me of when Kimimaro fired bone from his fingers.

Ero-Senn1n 2012-12-18 08:31

Kishimoto kills named characters only when there's a good reason, not randomly in the war, for that he kills only noname people.

The important advancement in the story is that now we know what is blocking both Madara and Obito to proceed as they wanted, it's inevitable that they end up in a conflict, lucky for the alliance and Naruto. If i understood correctly for Madara to succeed he needs Obito to sacrifice his life in exchange for Madara's life, so Madara can become the host of the 10-tails. For Obito to succeed he needs Madara not to use his meteor jutsu or simply the 10-tails' chakra ball on themselves. It seems the idea of Obito trying to make of Naruto a next himself by killing everyone might be true, but in the end if he can't break Naruto he will finally betray Madara. I like this idea not only because it's epic and because this way every named character can be killed, but also because of what Naruto said in the past: he promised Nagato that he will be able to bear all the tragedy and sadness of losing his friends and despite that he will not lose his will whatever happens. So Kishimoto should show us that it wasn't just bullshit and put Naruto to the big test of his life. Maybe at the end of the test Obito will even ask Naruto to choose what he wants: end the world or save it, and this was also in the prophecy of the great elder frog, that the savior will have to choose between ending the world or saving it. Then Naruto will temporarily gain the ability of the rinnegan to revive all who died here (including Neji), either because incomplete Obito's 10-tails has a bit of chakra left to do it or because Naruto will be able to use all the chakra that the tailed beasts have given him when they met. The other possibility is too repetitive for my taste: Obito redeems himself by using his rinnegan to revive everybody, just like Nagato did.

Nintendo 2012-12-18 08:43

I really hope obito doesnt nagato it and bring everyone back. Obito seems more far off in terms of ideals. Nagato wanted peace by force, obito wants peace by control. So he seems he will not even allow anyone to tell him differently, even madara. Obito is a diffrent cat, he needs to be dealt with via death. Seems the only way. Kakashi needs to finally let that piece of him go and what better way then by killing him.

Good that kimish is actually killing people though, not to weed them out, but to show hes playing for keeps this arc and not keeping characters around just because. Sets up naruto and hinata, which I hope stays. Sakura was always meant to be with sasuke, should remain that way.

neshru 2012-12-18 08:53


Originally Posted by Blaine (Post 4479871)
Looks like
for good.

He'll be back somehow. No worries.

battle22 2012-12-18 08:58

...Wow, He died... I ..Didn't expect this.................I liked Neji, Kishimoto didn't even gave him a decent fight in Part 2.....Man, It's like he did not knew what to do with Neji and killed him off, What next? Tenten and Ino dying? ><

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