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-Necromancer- 2012-12-31 15:39

Technical Help
This is my first thread but anyway...

Ok im just going to put simple some info and see if anyone can or would help me ;D

Basically I downloaded windows word but it was slightly dangerous ( or as my security said ) So I decided to try and remove it and eventually think I have done so. However now every time i type something in such as Anime suki or forum when I click it, it comes up in another tab instead of continuing from the tab I clicked the link on. How can I make it so it comes on the tab I am on? D:

I would greatly appreciate the information and help, Thanks :D

monster 2012-12-31 15:52

Have you tried checking your browser's setting for window/tab?

-Necromancer- 2012-12-31 15:56

Monster: Yeah I just tried that but didn't find anything unusual do you know what I should click? :o

monster 2012-12-31 16:04

Assuming you have removed any malware your computer might have had, it will have to be your browser setting.

So, just to be clear, make sure it is not set to open links in a new tab by default.

-Necromancer- 2012-12-31 16:13

Thanks for replying but do you know how I would do that? I've tried a few things now but nothing is changing xD

monster 2012-12-31 16:13

Which browser are you using?

-Necromancer- 2012-12-31 16:15

Google chrome which I downloaded roughly 3 or 4 days ago :o But I haven't had this problem since earlier today

monster 2012-12-31 16:36

I no longer have Chrome installed, so I can't help you there, sorry.

Note: You may also check any extension/script that may have altered the default setting.

As to how to do any of that, someone else may be able to help you or you can find a way to do it in Google's help page.

Unfortunately, Chrome does not seem to have an automatic way of resetting the browser (maybe this has changed in a newer version). In the worst case scenario, you can try reinstalling Chrome.

-Necromancer- 2012-12-31 16:39

Okay thanks a lot ^_^ I appreciate it a lot :D

Dhomochevsky 2013-01-02 10:01

I am not sure what exactly you are doing.
Do you type something, then click it (or hit enter)?
Or do you see a webpage, then simply click a link?

There is no option in Chrome itself to force this behavior. It should follow HTML (ie what the page tells it to do).
Do you have the extension 'Chrome Toolbox' installed? That seems to be an extension, that is capable of doing what you describe and some people had the same problem with it.

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