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shogun555 2013-01-04 22:59

Anime in the last 5 years.
I've been out of the loop for a while now and i'm looking for an anime within the last 5 years people would request. Would probably say something more recent would be better, but i just haven't really watched a whole lot in the last 5 years. Looking for something more or less on the romance side and something not too serious. (pretty vague i know, just not quite sure how to put it) My favorite animes are Hajime no ippo, Beck and nodame cantabile. As you can tell i like music anime, but only when it's done really well since i play piano and guitar. But i'll say i have already seen kenichi since i know people are going to say that. i did really like kaicho wa maido sama and cross game, which i think is more recent. anyways thanks again! :)

Sackett 2013-01-04 23:42

You might try Tari Tari

kitten320 2013-01-05 10:44

Your best try would be Sakamichi no Apollon which focuses on Jazz. Main hero plays piano and it has romance.

Well done series in my opinion.

SeijiSensei 2013-01-05 16:41

Another music-oriented show aired this year besides Apollon, AKB0048. No romance in this one, but a rather hilarious premise of female idol singers fighting against a galactic-level government that bans entertainment. The girls stage guerrilla concerts on planets starved for singing and dancing idols. (Like Oh! Edo Rocket, I believe AKB0048 satirizes the Tenpou Reforms introduced in the early 19th century.) This show is surprisingly entertaining and well-produced despite the cheesy premise.

I presume you've watched both sequels to Nodame, right? You might want to watch the live-action version. Like most Japanese live-action programs, there's a tendency to overact, but the mains do a good job of portraying Noda and Shinichi. (I did get a bit tired of Ueno Juri's mugging as Nodame by the time I watched the second film, which covers the same events as the Finale sequel.) You should watch a few episodes of the first season just to see Streseman. The old tracker links do not work, but I found it at

shogun555 2013-01-06 03:35

i'll Give tari tari and sakamichi a try. I did see the sequels to nodame and the live action. Btw it doesn't to be a music anime, i just like them. thanks again

SeijiSensei 2013-01-06 08:59

For a light-hearted cute romance, I'll suggest the just-ended Kamisama Hajimemashita.

A few other shows follow Nodame's pattern of a romance between a young woman and her slightly older male senpai. The most obvious candidates are Planetes and Toshokan Sensou, though both shows are older than your criterion.

Even though the romance is very muted, I'll also suggest Chihayafuru. It does have some of the usual shoujo/josei stylings like screens with lots of flowers and sparkles from time to time, but don't let that deter you as it did me at first. The story has a lot of depth and a number of interesting characters. The romance may heat up a bit in the sequel airing later this month.

You might also try the "anime like Cross Game" thread in this forum.

kitten320 2013-01-06 10:56

Well none music related I'll recommend the following:

Chihayafuru - one of the biggest surprises of a season at the time. Series focus around Chihaya who found her passion in life aka Karuta. The game on its own sounds boring but anime was able to give it a lot of depth and make it exciting. Series have beautiful animation, entertaining story and some interesting characters.

Bakuman - series focus on two friends who want to become manga artists. Gradually we learn more about manga world and its hardships. One of the main pushed for Mashiro is a promise that he made with the girl. Their dream is: Girl will voice the main heroine in an anime that will be based on guys manga. when that happens they will get married.
Their romance is pretty old fashioned but it has some other couples in the background.
Right now season 3 is in the middle of airing. 1st season was a bit weak at the start but it picks up. It has nice amount of tension and especially comedy.

If you are familiar with Key works such as Clannad and Kanon 2006, you should try Angel Beats. It is not strong romance wise but it has good mix of comedy and drama. It also has beautiful animation and some of the best soundtracks.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai are great romance series that are full of comedy and other interesting moments. It has entertaining MC and quiet unique take on a romance/harem aspect.

Hmmm, duno if it will work but I'll also recommend Mayo Chiki!. It is more of a fan service show but somehow I found it very appealing and funny as well as entertaining.

Hopefully these will be of your liking.

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