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MAX_COLA_POWER! 2013-01-08 02:18

Fragile (ITOSUGI Masahiro)
Guess who's back with another work?, from mangaupdates:

Sakurai Sakuya is a first-year student that hates summer. One day when he's verbalizing his hatred towards the sky, he is spotted by Kisaragi Haruka, a second or third year student. (It's only said that she's senior to Sakuya.) Haruka is the only member of the art club of the school and ask Sakuya to model for her. He agrees not knowing it would be a nude model. Sex ensues. Sakuya thinks that this is the end between them, but Haruka warmly sees him off with the words "See you tomorrow". Thus their fragile love begins.

It matches the year of creation with Uwakoi, so don't know if it's gonna be better or worse, and it's only 1 year older than the author's 2012 work, but if you know this author's work like the back of your hand, you know that: Moody boy+Femdom chick=let the "wrestling" begin.

Kazu-kun 2013-01-08 02:55


Originally Posted by MAX_COLA_POWER! (Post 4504183)
Moody boy

I don't mind moody boys, but I do hate irresponsible assholes, specially when they're described as "kind". The Japanese have such a twisted concept of kindness.... or maybe it's just the mangaka. Of course, he being pretty much a psycho is even worse, I suppose....

At any rate, if this new thing is anything like Uwakoi, I'll pass on it.

MAX_COLA_POWER! 2013-01-08 03:53

Well, we got a boy who's pretty much like all of the MC boys of the author's work. We got an older girl who can basically be Morrigan as a brunette, and we got a relationship that started out as a lust geyser and has been foreshadowed to crash and burn right at the first chapter. Gotta give the author props for being honest at least. I'm gonna sit and watch the train wreck myself. Anyone care to join me?

Aesthetic Shampoo 2013-01-08 04:50

If its one thing i love about this author's works, its the premises and great beginnings. Then they always fall off into hell. And sex did not ensure. So +1 for that.

NeutralZero 2013-01-08 06:35

from the creator of Uwakoi and AkiSora...
going to expect the relationship to be messy...

Karharot 2013-05-11 17:54

Anyone knows what is happening with this manga? I think that the first chapter was released even before Uwakoi was published but nothing happened since then...
Was Fragile axed? Or is it on hiatus?

backbone 2013-05-11 20:11


sex-driven manga has never been my cup of tea. And considering that it's from the author of Akisora and Uwakoi, there's no doubt that the main guy will be another manslut who screws any women around him, enjoying it while at the same time feeling guilty of it. tl;dr disgusting type of protagonist

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