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BK210 2013-01-15 15:14

What should I watch?
Hey everyone so basically fairly new to the whole anime scene and would like some ideas/recommendations on series that I could watch :) so far series that I've seen that I enjoyed include claymore, baccano, elfen lied, haibane renmei, death note, naruto and madoka magica which I'm on the final episode of now :D am up for any kind of genre so any suggestions are welcome and appreciated :)

Ak3mi 2013-01-15 16:03

I'll recommend a few, most of them are my favorite, action packed and intense stories with great soundtracks. Good starting point I think :)

Cowboy Bebop
Berserk (Very gory)
Samurai Champloo
Black Lagoon
One Piece

Laniaka 2013-01-15 16:06

code geass - it's about a smart guy getting a special ability (just like in death note) and trying to use it to take over the world

durarara - it's about multiple people in ikebekuro (a district in tokyo) and weird stuff happening, it's from the same director and original creator as baccano, so it's similar in a way

fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood - a good adventure show. (Or you could watch fullmetal alchemist (without the brotherhood) which is an earlier anime adaption of the same manga.)

higurashi no naku koro ni - haven't seen it yet myself but it's about a group of people having fun at first and then they all get murdered, it's a murder mystery with lots of gore

one piece - a long battle shounen (just like naruto) but in a very different style with lots of humor

skip beat - a romantic comedy (mainly comedy) about a girl who tries to make it in the acting bussiness

BK210 2013-01-15 16:13

Okay thank you for your help guys :) am writing them down on a piece of paper to llok them up later :) I actually own the first part 1 and part 2 of brotherhood :L I just haven't ever got round to watching any of it yet :)

kitten320 2013-01-15 17:28

Going by what you've seen I'll suggest the following:

claymore - Berserk (similar setting but male lead), Ga-Rei Zero (a bit similar to Teresa's arc)

baccano - Durarara (same author)

elfen lied - Deadman Wonderland (despite different themes there are lots of similarities), Umineko no Naku Koro ni (gore, blood, deaths)

death note - Code Geass (anti MC), Monster (suspence, detective kind of setting), Jigoku Shoujo (Same, theme, is it right to kill bad guys?), Aoi Bungaku Series (same studio, it is a set of small stories. some better than others).

naruto - shounen wise I would recommend the following = Ao No Exorcist, Soul Eater, D.Gray Man, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter (there is old and new version, each one has its pluses and minuses), FMA (there are 2 seasons. 1st has anime original story and Brotherhood follows manga. I would recommend both. If you won't like one you might like the other. I personally liked both).

madoka magica - Steins; Gate (has similar thing going later in the series, almost like episode 10 in madoka). Mai HiME (I personally find a lot of similarities between the two).

Since you have Archer as you icon, I guess you have watched Fate/Stay Night... did you see the movie F/SN: Unlimited Blade Works which is an alternative take on the series and focuses more on Archer here.

There is also great prequel Fate/Zero.

You haven't seen much of a comedy... how about Chihayafuru, Great Teacher Onizuka, Mayo Chiki and Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai?

All 4 of them are different despite being comedies.

Chihayafuru is more sport orientated but has a lot of entertaining things going on. Great character cast too.

GTO is a classic and a must for almost anyone. Series are about Onizuka who wants to become the best teacher in Japan... However, he is a big perv and his ways of teaching and helping are VERY different from what you are used to. at least I don't think your teacher has ever pushed you off the bridge.

Mayo Chiki is more of a fanservice comedy with harem.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai has a different take on harem and romance shows which I find unique and entertaining.

That's what I can suggest going by your list. If needed I can name some of my personal favourites.

Also to make it easier you can keep an online list on page. You can see mine in signature just to give you an idea of what it is.
I find it very useful and easy to use.

BK210 2013-01-15 17:48

Thankyou for your suggestions :) I love Teresa's arc in claymore so will definitely have to check out ga-rei zero :) As for umineko no naku koro ni I have just began watching it and yeah I have seen fate/stay night but not the film or the prequel yet

kitten320 2013-01-15 19:34

Hope you'll like it, Ga-Rei Zero is one of my faves.
It obviously has differences but main theme is about tragic sisterly kind of love a carrying.

I also want to add Bakuman to the list which is done by same author as Death Note. Genres are very different though, Bakuman is a comedy but both are well written and entertaining. It gets better as it goes. Series are about 2 teens who want to become manga artists so we get to learn more about manga business.

bhl88 2013-01-15 22:21

Nanoha the Movie 1st works (I'd like to recommend the TV series to you but it's kinda long to get to the good part).
Madoka comes after Nanoha.
Ben-To, if you want shounen.
Chuunibyou for the lulz.

tedybearsoka 2013-01-16 23:58

a great anime i would recommend is kyou kara maou! (you do have to include the !)
also try get backers

Sky Knight 2013-01-17 01:22

Yes I definately second Ga-Rei Zero and Samurai Champloo
why don't you give Fairy Tail a shot as well

BK210 2013-01-17 01:43

Thank you for all your help guys and okay well ga-rei zero looks like the next thing i'm going to have to watch then :D and I have heard a lot of good things about fairy tale so have just ordered the 1st and 2nd parts :)

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