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tiya_novlita 2013-01-21 05:49

EVE : Burst Error (English Translation)
Since I haven't noticed anyone bring such a topic into this forums, I might as well do it. I may be late, as the English translation game was released on 27-04-2012 (on MangaGamer, Himeya already released it on 2000), but I think it's better than nothing.

A Bizarre Serial Murder Mystery. There’s A Serial Killer Close By. A Prohibited Psychothriller. The Multi-Sight System Reveals Surprising Truth!

In this game there are two heroes, Kojiroh and Marina, who are each called to solve their own cases. This game allows you to switch characters at any time to solve the mysteries these heroes encounter. This “Multi-Sight Adventure” allows you to view what’s happening behind-the-scenes from the other character’s perspective, bump into each other, and sometimes even help each other out. Together, they come closer and closer to the shocking truth through their combined actions and skills of deduction.

Marina’s Episode: Marina is a national intelligence agent with a 99% success rate. Her new assignment is to protect the daughter of a Japanese embassy official stationed abroad. As you encounter numerous attackers, you become aware of a dangerous government dispute that is the root of all these attacks.

Kojiroh’s Episode: A seemingly down-on-his-luck private investigator finally gets a break, as he is hired to locate some mysterious piece of art. Even though he feels a little weird about this case, the pay is huge! Yet he may be drawn into an unexpected nightmare involving a string of bizarre murders.

Length : 10-30 hours
Developer : C's Ware
Publishers (English) : MangaGamer and HimeyaSoft

Old graphics with simple cell-shading, but still pleasant to look at
The main character, Kojiroh, kinda a pervert....hah
The interactive menus of this Visual Novel. Maybe this is a hybrid between the classic VN with a RPG games, although the story is still the most dominant point among all.

Believe me, even the game system looks really old (this game was originally published on Japanese around 1995) and annoying sometimes, the story is just great, it ain't wasting your time to read it.
Personally speaking, the graphics looks old but it doesn't really distract me from enjoying this masterpiece. I'm not exagerrating, this story is masterpiece itself. The voice acting is solid and well-done. You may recognize some well-known seiyuu(s) here.

Enough my rant already, read it yourself !

p.s : I wonder if you can finish this without walkthrough ? This is pretty much linear story, but sometimes you may get stuck on certain's path, desperately trying what to do next. You can ask me if you need help

Benoit 2013-01-21 06:08

This game was released in English long ago.

tiya_novlita 2013-01-21 06:26


Originally Posted by Benoit (Post 4521799)
This game was released in English long ago.

I know, I have stated before, haven't I ? But knowing no one have discussed on this's kinda....sad. I wish anyone will bring their opinions about this game. Have you played this anyway ?

blackstormattack 2013-01-21 06:51

Played it, I'm not so a big fan of mysteries etc but I really liked the character switch, its what make this game nice to play.

tiya_novlita 2013-01-21 08:17


Originally Posted by blackstormattack (Post 4521829)
Played it, I'm not so a big fan of mysteries etc but I really liked the character switch, its what make this game nice to play.

I agree. It's the first time I experienced with such a gameplay. Kinda C's Ware's trademark...
But it can be really desperating as the game itself never told you explicitly when to do character switch. You might have to trial error all the possible commands uncountable times 'til you get stuck and realized it's a dead end. The sequence of the events is somewhat important too.

MrTerrorist 2013-01-21 08:38

Wasn't there a sequel call Adam The Double Factor?

tiya_novlita 2013-01-21 09:05


Originally Posted by MrTerrorist (Post 4521935)
Wasn't there a sequel call Adam The Double Factor?

Yes, there is. It has been translated on English too, but I haven't played it.
As for the relationship...

4as 2013-01-22 13:06

Oh, this bring memories! Even thought it has been so long and I've played so many different visual novels in the mean time, EVE is still one of my favorites (in top 5 no doubt).
Wonderful mix of classic mystery stories with some sci-fi and great (fun!) cast of characters.
Anyone who enjoys mystery novels will enjoy this game.

Benoit 2013-01-22 16:24


Originally Posted by tiya_novlita (Post 4521810)
I know, I have stated before, haven't I ?

Oh, I see now. It looked like you were talking solely about MangaGamer's release.

Have you played this anyway ?
No, I don't even own the game. Plenty of other games left to play first anyway.

tiya_novlita 2013-02-19 04:46

Adam : The Double Factor
The sequel of EVE : Burst Error

Man, I've just beaten up this game. This game is quite pale compared to its predecessor, shorter, with kinda cliffhanger ending. Of course, I see they are planning to continue this series. I wish the next EVE series like The Fatal Attraction and New Generation will be translated into English :(

tiya_novlita 2013-02-21 10:16

Hahaha, it's an unique way to promote the game.

By the way, the name's Desire, another Visual Novel published by C's Ware too, around 1994-1998. The character design is pretty much the same with Eve : Burst Error.

Lorenzo-sama 2013-12-15 17:02

I need some help please
I'm stuck on Marina's scenario on the night of December 4th.I got to the stump in her story, saved, went to Kojiroh's side, got to the stump, saved, loaded Marina's side and nothing~! This is really frustrating because the game is getting better and better.. I did as the walkthrough/help file said but nothing.. Is there something I'm doing wrong? :confused: Your help would be greatly appreciated! :D

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