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StormStrife 2013-01-29 01:07

Anime suggestions for a new member

ello there, ive started running out of good anime to watch so i thought id ask around and see if anyone had any suggestions for me. Now just fyi things that usually make it so i wont watch it are: moe/highschool/slice of life/harem/over the toprandomness/fillered but thats not 100%. Gundam and i have a bad history too lol. Macross, ive watched like 4 diff macross series+ some of robotec and im lost between similar storylines.

Im really looking for great scifi/space/fantasy/magic anime thats maybe a little more on the serious side but not too slow paced/drawn out. thanks in advance! 8)

Last Sinner 2013-01-29 02:30

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (both seasons) [You gave the movie a 10, have you watched the TV series?]
Steins;Gate [If you can handle its slow, moeish start, a very serious and intriguing story comes to pass. As someone who was put off by that start the first time I tried it, the second time I did it was well worth persisting with.]
Voices of a Distant Star
Last Exile
Serial Experiments Lain
Code Geass

P.S. Kudos for loving Kaiba.

Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars
Galaxy Express 999
Space Battleship Yamato/Yamato 2199
Captain Harlock
Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Guin Saga
Spice and Wolf (both seasons)

Hope you find some things worth watching.

Sackett 2013-01-29 06:51

Madoka Magica is a notable anime that is missing from your list. Fits right in with what you want too. No, I'm not kidding. It's a fantasy/magic show that is very much on the serious side (usually compared to Neon Genesis Evangelion). Fast paced, with only 12 episodes.

Crest of the Stars
is a good sci-fi that I think you'd like. Perhaps the sequels as well, although the sequels are a bit slower paced.

Space Battleship Yamato One of the old classic space operas. Currently going through a remake called Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Looks to be a pretty good one too.

StormStrife 2013-01-29 10:41

Thanks so far, I'll definitely check out these:

Voices of a Distant Star
Serial Experiments Lain
Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars
Galaxy Express 999
Captain Harlock
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Spice and Wolf
Madoka Magica

Sorry that these aren't added to my list but I have seen them already, although they are all animes I liked:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/2ndGIG
Space Battleship Yamato/Yamato 2199
Escaflowne(Ive also seen Nescaflowne, its one of the two parodies I have)
Guin Saga
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo

Ive watched the first episode of code geass and a few of last exile but I didnt like them much, I may take another glance at em. Voices of a distant star and planetES seemed a bit too slice of life/romance for me but I'll try to watch a few eps and see if it piques my interest, thanks again for the reccommendations so far.

SeijiSensei 2013-01-29 11:26

Science Fiction

Dennou Coil
- Even though the characters are ten, this is one the best shows I've ever watched in terms of both story-telling and animation. The technologies depicted in this 2007 original series are in development now. Dennou Coil is only available in fansubs.

Noein - I never would have thought quantum theory would form the basis for a sci-fi adventure, but it works terrifically well in this series of multiple universes at war. Schrodinger's cat makes a cameo appearance. The English dubs are at Hulu, but I find them particularly poor. Buy or rent the DVDs.

Oh! Edo Rocket - A science-fiction story set in 1843-44 Edo (Tokyo) about a mysterious young woman who asks a fireworks maker to build her a rocket to the moon. This is an often hilarious satire about political repression based on a stage play.

Ghost Hound - A mixture of psychiatry, neuroscience and mysticism by the creator of Ghost in the Shell. A young boy suffering PTSD years after being kidnapped and watching his sister die discovers he has the power of "astral projection." He becomes friends with two other boys, and they go off in search of Tarou's kidnapper.

Real Drive
- Soon after Ghost Hound was finished, Shirow and Production I.G embarked on another science-fiction project about a future cybernetic world. I didn't find this show as rewarding as Ghost Hound, but it does have some excellent episodes.

Uchuu Kyoudai ("Space Brothers") - A story about two brothers who both wish to become astronauts. The younger brother follows his dream and ends up assigned to a moon landing project at NASA. Most of the story revolves around the older brother, Mutta, who took the safer path and began working as a design engineer for a Japanese auto maker. When he has a falling-out with his superiors and loses his job, he decides to give space a shot. Not since Planetes have we seen as realistic a show about space travel.

Level E
- "Men in Black" come to Japan. In fact the original manga was published at about the same time the first movie was being written. Whether that was coincidence I do not know. Nevertheless this is an often hilarious show about aliens on earth, and it does have a crew of guys who wear black suits, though in case they are one race of aliens themselves.

As for fantasies, here are three excellent series that have yet to be mentioned:

Seirei no Moribito - Thirty-year-old female bodyguard Balsa takes on the task of protecting a young prince from assassination. Inside he carries a spirit "egg" that could threaten or save his father's empire from destruction. Moribito is one of the most beautifully illustrated series made for television with a compelling plot. It's opening episode should be a model to filmmakers everywhere for its pacing. It introduces all the major elements of the story in 22 action-packed minutes.

Junni Kokki ("Twelve Kingdoms") - A classic fantasy tale about a Japanese high-school girl who is whisked away to a mysterious land where she discovers her true fate. You have to have patience to watch this show as the heroine starts off as a whiny schoolgirl, and the plot moves forward rather slowly for the first half-dozen episodes. If you stick with it, you'll probably want to devour the rest of the episodes as quickly as possible.

Kemono no Sou-ja Erin - By the same novelist as Moribito, Erin concerns a young girl who wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a veterinarian to mystical beasts. This story targets a slightly younger audience than Moribito, and the art style may seem childish at first. But the story itself is complex with many dramatic moments.

For me, all three of these shows far surpass Guin Saga which I thought went quickly downhill in the second half. Back when we had a "worst character" category in the AS Choice Awards, I nominated Amnelis with an honorable mention to Suni.

I'll add one more show to the supernatural category, though it isn't a high fantasy like these. That's the anthology of stores found in the "Bakeneko" arc of Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales and its sequel, the unlicensed Mononoke. These stories follow a demon-slaying medicine seller as he travels around Japan. They are drawn in a style that sometimes reminds of a cross between classical Japanese scrolls and the Beatles animated feature Yellow Submarine.

Transitions 2013-02-01 12:32

you can see Gun smith Cats only have 3 ova's in anime accion a beautiful girls and other is Kamichu!!

StormStrife 2013-02-08 10:41

So far ive gone and rewatched Last Exile, and although it did have me hooked for a good portion of the story i didnt enjoy the ending. Tried out serial experiments lain and just couldnt get past the first eps.

Im watchin Captain Harlock and I have to say not bad, even though its pretty much an alternate universion of Space Battleship Yamato.

Ill definitly check out your list too Seiji, but it may take a while, thanks again

bhl88 2013-02-08 11:49

I was about to recommend Nanoha (movies) until you said that you have a bad history with mecha

Zellami 2013-02-08 14:03

Here some short sci-fi series and movies I didn't see on your lists:

Dallos - OVA and movie - old, barely known or neglected, but quite good sci-fi on colonization.

Moonlight Mile - "race to the Moon" newer series, with politics and personal competition and all.

Hotori - Special. If you've given Kaiba a 10, I think you'd appreciate this one.

Pale Cocoon - OVA. Digging up memories in the future.

Eve no Jikan - ONAs and movie. Sci-fi about robotization, androids, and humans ... absolutely gorgeous - atmospheric, well-thought, and paced.

Battle Fairy Yukikaze - humans vs. aliens, BUT a level up in the concept of man-machine interface.

The Skycrawlers - movie. Whatever I write it would be spoilerific, but let say humans found a very peculiar way to resolve a certain issue.

Blame! (ONA) is nothing short of an awesome tribute to the cyberpunk manga with the same name by Tsutomu Nihei. It is about a cancerously growing megastructure and its inhabitants looking for ways out.

You already have excellent recommendations on TV series and, yeah, don't miss the Ghost in the Shell ones and PlanetES. By all means, they are super quality sci-fi anime series, yet more human than most of the anime series I have seen in general.

StormStrife 2013-02-12 10:10

Just finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica and it was great, that was exactly the kind of story I was looking for. It was a little difficult for me to watch as its intended for 13 yr old girls, but it wasnt too bad. Cant wait to see what they do with the new movie. Any ideas on what I should watch next?

Sorry Zellami but I have seen eve no jikan, pale cocoon and blame!

Here's my list from everyones suggestions:

Voices of a Distant Star
Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars
Galaxy Express 999
Captain Harlock
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Uchuu Kyoudai

Real Drive
Hotori - Tada Saiwai o Koinegau
The Skycrawlers?

Ghost Hound
Oh! Edo Rocket
Level E

Seirei no Moribito
Junni Kokki
Kemono no Sou-ja Erin
Spice and Wolf

Battle Fairy Yukikaze actually seems to be all of these together, I may check this out.

SeijiSensei 2013-02-12 13:54


Originally Posted by StormStrife (Post 4551607)
Just finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica and it was great, that was exactly the kind of story I was looking for. It was a little difficult for me to watch as its intended for 13 yr old girls, but it wasnt too bad.

Actually the target audience for Madoka is young men like you. When anime are adapted from manga, they are typically categorized by the target audience of the source material. In Japan, this is shounen (boys), shoujo (girls), seinen (adult men), and josei (adult women). Though Madoka is an original work and not an adaptation, it's generally considered to be "seinen."

Many works that feature cute young girls fall into the seinen category. As an example, the show Hidamari Sketch, with the same director and character designer as Madoka, is adapted from a seinen magazine.

You might want to take a look at the current discussion on "what is moe" in the General Anime forum.

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