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UmiLion 2013-02-02 10:37

Does anyone know anymore else visual novel engines except for Novelty Ren'py or Onscripter\Nscripter\PONscripter. Make sure the link is working btw and that it has a turtorial.

Kudryavka 2013-02-03 00:28

What's wrong with those? Renpy and Novelty are boss. Nscripter is pretty ancient though.

Anyway, there is Reallive (formerly a commercial engine used by Visual Arts, now released under some free license, can't remember what exactly), and KiriKiri. That's all I know, and you're gonna need to know Japanese to use Reallive (maybe Kirikiri too but I don't have experience with Kirikiri).

Are you looking for an easy visual novel engine to code? If so, then sorry, Novelty is as easy as it gets.

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