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-Necromancer- 2013-02-08 10:21

Prison/supernatural manga
I was wonering if you guys could post a list of any manga's or animes that are based in prison and supernatural too.

I've seen deadman wonderland and another one ( i can't remember the name sorry ) but if you could post any more i would greatly appreciate it.

What I would like it to have: possibly a bit of blood, along with action. Romance or relationship would be nice ( boy and girl ). Abnormal or supernatural power(s)

What I don't want: Boy and boy relationship. too much dark psychological ( a fair bit is ok like deadman wonderland )

MisaoFan 2013-02-08 10:37

Have you seen Mirai Nikki ? I'm sure it fits your request.

Laniaka 2013-02-09 04:57

have you looked at this yet?

-Necromancer- 2013-02-10 14:09

Misao: Yeah sorry forgot to add that but it was amazing :D

Laniaka: I will try it, thanks a lot ^_^

Rayneing 2013-02-11 13:34

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean is the only thing I've read that fits the bill. But that's best experienced after reading the first five parts which have nothing to do with prison, although they got plenty of supernatural powers.

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