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asdamp 2013-02-09 12:49

ACTION that sends shivers through my spine :D
I am tired of all the romance stuff , it feels like itīs "all" thatīs out there.

I want some great action that "makes me shiver from awesomeness " not a gory "disgusting" feel but from anticipation and epic mindblowing fighting , the same feel that i get watching the big fights in naruto , one pice , blue exorcist , black lagoon , d gray man and so forth .

(it does not have to be shounen)
of course I also want it to have a good plot , character development and nice art stile .
there can be some romance in there but i donīt want it to take over to much .

it can be fantasy-action with superpowers , magic and such or more realistic guns swords whatever. it does not really matter .

this is some of the animes i have watched , not all though .
It`s alphabetized so it should be relatively easy to find stuff.
Spoiler for anime:

( ohh and something i like a lot is when the mc has to get even stronger so he starts to train and gets better)
I also forgot to mention i am not a big fan of older animes but i am open for suggestions
Ps i donīt like whine mcīs -->katekyo hitman reborn <-- :nono:
THX for your help

Eragon 2013-02-09 13:19

Gurren Lagann - Awesomeness Incarnate :cool:

asdamp 2013-02-09 14:11


Originally Posted by Eragon (Post 4547879)
Gurren Lagann - Awesomeness Incarnate :cool:

Can`t belive i missed this one :confused:
Thx :)

kitten320 2013-02-09 14:51

Baccano! - can't believe you don't have it on your list. Great actio, great story, great characters. everything you need :D
A bit gory but no too much. Slight romance but doesn't take much time. Really worth it.

Bamboo Blade - sport anime about kendo. More of a comedy but had some nice fights in it.

Berserk - old anime but really good with interesting characters. There are 3 movie remakes but I prefer original anime more.

Claymore - if you don't mind female lead. Great action and cast of characters. Kept me on the edge all the way through. Really recommend it.

Code Geass - if you are fine with Mecha. anti MC.

Have you tries Fate/Zero? Prequel to F/SN? It is superior in a lot of things. There is also an alternative take on F/SN series in a movie called Unlimited Blade Works where you learn more about Archer.

Full Metal Panic - good Mecha series, unique MC.

Ga-Rei Zero - female lead, a bit gory. One of my faves. It has good story, some memorable characters and nice action moments. Really recommend it. A bit of romance but it is more friendship orientated series.

Hunter x Hunter - shounen, has some nice fights later on. Some arc better than others, I love Phantom arc. One of the best I've seen in shounen. No romance since biggest part of the cast are males. There is old anime and new which is ongoing. Each one has it's own pluses and minuses so it os hard to say which one is better. I personally watched both.

Jormungand - full of gun action. Story wise it is more entertaining on second season.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - don't get deceived by cute art. It has deep and entertining story as well as dark and dramatic. Will keep you at the edge of your seat especially after episode 3. Some great fights.
MC is a bit annoying but series focus more on other characters than her.

Mai HiME - it does have romance but it also has good action especially in second half. Though I would watch Madoka first. If you'll like it then watch this since Madoka is an improved version of this and Nanoha series.

Nurarihyon no Mago - first season is a bit weak but second is pretty good with some nice action. Slightly similar to Inuyasha.

Seirei no Moribito - really good series with engaging plot and characters as well as some good action in between. Really worth a try.

Sengoku Basara - full of action! If you like it you can try to watch Brave 10.

Sword of the Stranger - great movie with some awesome sword fights, just what you need!

Tekken: Blood Vengeance - if you are fan of Tekken games, it is worth a watch. A bit weak story wise but action wise it won't disappoint.

Surprised that you don't have Toaru Majutsu no Index and Railgun in your list.

From ongoing series Magi is a really good choice.

If you don't mind something more brutal than Psycho-Pass is a must.

These should keep you busy for a while^^

Zellami 2013-02-09 15:18


Originally Posted by asdamp (Post 4547854)
of course I also want it to have a good plot , character development and nice art stile .

it can be fantasy-action with superpowers , magic and such or more realistic guns swords whatever. it does not really matter .

Karas has all that, and Sword of the Stranger (already recommended).
Dogs: Bullet & Carnage, despite what title says, is not a sword gore like Shigurui, so yeah, check this one, too.

mystogan 2013-02-09 16:01

the op have seen most of what i know in this type, save this one
Sword Art Online- some are group battles some are solo battles, all are great

SeijiSensei 2013-02-09 18:57

Junni Kokki ("Twelve Kingdoms") should be on your list along with Noein. Here's a famous battle scene from episode twelve of that show. The show is drawn in a very stylized fashion by animators who subscribed to the "superflat" movement founded by Murakami. I really dislike the dubs for this show though they are legally streamed by Manga at YouTube (has errors at the moment) and Hulu. Buy or rent the DVDs and listen to the Japanese soundtrack with subtitles. This all takes place in Hakodate, a city on Hokkaido. The backgrounds depict the actual facilities in the dockyards.

Sackett 2013-02-10 08:44

No mention of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

You need to watch that one.

GreatTeacherKen 2013-02-10 21:36

How about Redline?

It's a futuristic car racing action movie and the creators spent seven years making it. It really shows since the animation is really good especially during the film's roughly half hour long climactic race which is full of absurdly awesome stunts.

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