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amasposu 2013-02-11 01:51

Koisuru Edison

Name: Koisuru Edison
Associated Names: 恋するエジソン; Koi Suru Edison
Author: Watanabe Kizuku

Koisuru Edison is one of Weekly Jump's newest additions, along with World Trigger.


Matsunaka Spica (The girl in the image) can eat three bowls of white rice while looking Akahoshi Kensuke's (The guy in the image) naked butt as a side dish. In other words, yes, she is a pervert.

More importantly, there is a screw stuck inside of Spica-chan's head. It is said that that screw contains all of Thomas Edison's knowledge.

Because of the screw, Spica-chan is able to enter into what is called the "Invention mode." It allows her to create all kinds of inventions.

Sumeragi 2013-02-11 01:53

Generic, but somewhat interesting.

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