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hollowification 2013-02-11 21:45

Trip over eternal hdd wont turn on anymore help?
i was turning around to go out the door trip over the cable for eternal hdd fell on floor but now it wont turn on computer pick up the hdd make noise in hdd it self saying it work but my hdd wont show up on computer please help me

if it either the plugs it self or plug it self do i need replace it if so or i must i got to shop get data back up for it but i am afriad i must of lost it

-KarumA- 2013-02-12 11:10

If it displays as alive but is not accessible then what is possible is that the case it is in is broken.
Replacing the case is not hard, you open the case the external hdd is in, buy a new empty case and put it in there. Shops can do this as well but if you want to save some extra cash then do it yourself.
I would also look if any wires are perhaps lose on the inside, but what you describe is just a broken case. The hdd still works, if it isn't ticking or sounding like you put a playcard in your wheel while ridding it, but it will still work as long as windows can recognize it as a device.
I had this before with a disc that short circuited on me and so I could plug it into any computer but I couldn't see it in the device manager nor access it as windows displayed it as an Unknown Device.
At this point you can only make a back up by taking it out of the case anyway, but usually the disc itself is still in working order.
Please be more careful with your things next time though, I had a guy at work a long time ago drop a 2tb disc full of hd filmed material of Australia that wasn't backed up and when we turned it on it rattled and we lost all that material.

kyp275 2013-02-18 00:34

You've probably got it figured out at this point already, but if you haven't, you can also just remove the disk from the external enclosure and plug it directly into your motherboard, that's the fastest way to verify that it's still working, and won't cost you any money either.

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