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KebecMaslow 2013-02-12 01:52

D.R.U.I.D.A. (Mexican Light novel)
This is the story:

"During the second half of the 20th century, the reports of births of people with extrasensory abilities were confirmed, although initially it was just a few cases, the number of births with the phenomenon "Esper" has increased with the passage of year. However, that event also was accompanied by the appearance of creatures of unknown origin and of great power that makes them almost invulnerable to traditional weaponry, fortunately, those creatures (which were called "Worms") were vulnerable to the skills of Espers.
All these circumstances led governments and institutions to adapt to the benefit of the new humanity, and in some cases, getting to marginalize those who do not possess the gifts.

The main story is based on the life of Maebara Rikuo, a 16 years with the appearance and sweetness (but not naivety) of a 11 year old boy, who with much effort enters into "Akayama Academy", a private school for good students and medium-high level Espers."

KebecMaslow 2013-05-04 01:10

There's a scene of the book:


March 3, 1957.

History records the first official case of a human with extrasensory abilities, his name was Antonio Velázquez Fierro, born in Spain.

The case was followed by three more at the end of the year in the countries of Morocco, China and Canada. Without knowing the reason behind the skills of individuals, new cases continued to appear over the next few years, and that by mid 1962 the figure was 600 officially registered individuals around the world.

Campaigns were initiated is different countries to study the phenomenon and find a way to prevent new births of children with extrasensory abilities, same as in turn were seen as monsters in several countries.

During the Cold War, both the Soviet Union and the United States have examined the potential of the then "Insaners" to wars and was until 1962 that received the term "Espers".

In October of that same year, another event shook the world: a strange creature appeared on the coast of France, near its border with Spain. Said creature, which was shaped like a beetle and whose dimensions were approximate to those of an ocean liner, was code named ORION89 which, showing signs of devastating power, caused severe damage and large deaths on their way to Spain.

Despite the efforts of the French army to stop it, ORION89 was immune to conventional weapons. Faced with the possibility of using nuclear weapons, the U.S. government decided to intervene by making use of the newly created "Unit 22E", composed by people with extrasensory powers. After two days of confrontation, Unit 22E rose victorious over ORION89 but the cost was the death of half of its members.

This event changed the way to see the Esper for many people and governments, and in the years to come the research to eradicate their births was suspended , opting for the creation of institutions for a study dedicated to the development of ESP skills.

Years later, after the U.S. defeat at the hands of Vietnam and the revelation of the atrocities the Espers did on both sides, the UN declared the intervention of these in a conflicts as "War crime".

Some countries, including Japan, were given the task of creating laws favoring an increasingly growing population Esper, and create units to combat the threat from the creatures of unknown origin, who received the public name of "Worms" .

Vexx 2013-05-04 16:38

I'll ask ... what makes this a "Mexican" light novel? Is that a term I'm just unfamiliar with?

I'll applaud the cover art and first image plate. Did you do the work?

KebecMaslow 2013-05-04 22:45

Hello, thanks for asking...

Since I am mexican that makes it a mexican light novel.

The cover and the scene were made by a friend, I just write the story XD

Vexx 2013-05-05 11:46

Ah, heh. Okay, will look forward to more story then.

markhansaven 2013-05-10 20:30

It's very interesting. I'm sorry I don't have more to post. I like the art style, it feels more like an 80s manga almost...

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