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james0246 2013-02-13 01:54

[Manga] Naruto Chapter 620 Discussion Thread
Welcome to the weekly manga chapter discussion thread. This thread is created early to discuss spoilers and speculation about the upcoming chapter as well as discussion of said chapter once it has been released.

As per the forums rules, please don't ask for or mention about where to download the (licensed) manga. Also remember not to post or link to any translations of the manga, since this is illegal as well. Posting a synopses or summary is fine (and welcome) but please do not discuss scans, raws, translation groups, etc. Additionally, if you are posting someone else's synopsis (or their translation of a synopsis), then please provide credit were credit is due.

Remember that the manga is licensed, do not post significant parts of the chapter. This stands for pictures and direct translations. Summaries are OK, crops of pictures are OK as well if you want to illustrate your point but this is it.


I'm pretty sure there will be spoilers this week, so here's the new thread. Have at it...

Freya 2013-02-13 01:56

Wow. Pretty crazy chapter. Flashback time next week.

james0246 2013-02-13 02:00

Fun chapter. Too much stationary exposition, very much a transition chapter, but still well done. When finally collected, this chapter will flow quite well into the true flashback.

Nintendo 2013-02-13 02:16

the first broke out real quick. we just might get a chance to see naruto and his dad talking before oro releases them.

oro wanted to crush the leaf on a whim, now it seems he just doesn't care and just wants to hang out and form his own village again.

kk2extreme 2013-02-13 02:18

The current Orochimaru is looking like the one in Rock Lee SD :D

thermopyle 2013-02-13 02:26

lol was totally expecting the Nidaime to break out of the Edo Tensei. Smart of Orochimaru to have thought of transferring to a Zetsu body AND using them as the sacrificial bodies to counteract it though. Hashirama is a beast.

farhan 2013-02-13 03:06


Originally Posted by kk2extreme (Post 4552454)
The current Orochimaru is looking like the one in Rock Lee SD :D

did you mean "orochimy-di*k"??? :heh::heh::heh:

SeanQ 2013-02-13 03:17

Last chapter ended with Sasuke's questions...this chapter...question barely beginning to get answered...a very uneventful chapter...

ranchan13 2013-02-13 03:46

Nice to see the Fourth looking like a proud papa over Naruto.

And I have to say, this was a pretty good chapter, even if it trolled the hell out of us by teasing next week's chapter with the flashback. Epic Madara and Kyubi vs Hashirama moment to end, awesome. I'm stoked to see that fight

ImperialFlameGod8190 2013-02-13 04:50

this chapter was pitiful as well we learned NOTHING

~Yami~ 2013-02-13 05:44

waste of time...
They should already do the flashback.... not a random chit-chat...

during the whole chapter, I was like "start to answer the question, Hashirama!!!! don't need to show off your power"

Monster0 2013-02-13 06:47

This was the most uneventful chapter yet, it would have been better if they all said screw answering question lets go fight. I can't believe some people were saying this talking crap is more interesting then the battle that's taking place. I used to stick up for Sasuke now i can't he is officially boring.

Monster0 2013-02-13 06:53

What if orochimaru is kabuto in disguise. That would be great.

HasuMasu 2013-02-13 07:30

Just by standing there seemingly nothing happens, but there is visible damage to their surroundings.

I like it, also a good display of power with the wooden man.

Felt like a counterpart to Susano'o.

Sabaku Kyu 2013-02-13 07:35

Like others have said, these chapters aren't really covering new ground. It was cool to see Hashirama nearly wreck the room with his chakra alone. And Oro implies that he could even break free from Edo Tensei if he wanted, but he still decides to cooperate.

Sasuke's wishy-washiness is wearing on me though. He's already heard the truth from Itachi, Madara, Danzou...Sandaime. But he's still not satisfied, now he's questioning Hashirama about stuff that really doesn't even relate to what he's getting revenge for. This really makes it appear as if Sasuke is desperately seeking a reason not to carry out the revenge rather than searching for confirmation.

Enough already. Either destroy Konoha or STFU! :heh:

ronin myael 2013-02-13 07:39

the god of the shinobi indeed! as badass hashirama is, tobirama is still my favorite hokage simply because he reminds me of a strict military leader with great tactical skills. that's really all i have to say about this chapter. :p

Pentium 2013-02-13 08:23

This was like showing a fat kid cake then taking it away from them just as he's about to...

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2013-02-13 08:30

I think this chapter flows well. I like how the Hokages were trying to go out knowing that some serious shit is going on out there. In contrast, it would be really strange if they just obey anything they are ordered to without some semblance of resistance (considering their personalities are still intact). Due to that, they felt like true characters with different issues and motivation instead of just talking-heads who spout narrative whenever Sasuke or Oro want them to.

solidguy 2013-02-13 08:37

aaaaaah it is finally here! the most hyped battle of the series eeek

Xagzan 2013-02-13 10:23

It was pretty interesting that Orochimaru seems willing to let them go to the battle afterwards. Then again, I guess he doesn't want to be erased by Madara either.

For next week's flashback, I do hope we see some new jutsu used. That means for Madara, more than just Susanoo and the fox.

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